Jennifer Schmidt’s Husband Threatens to Make Kids’ Lives A “Living Nightmare”

Matthew "Boston Strong" Schmidt

Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt

Irregularly for weeks, Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt has driven by the intersection of Leverett and River streets in his Amari Plumbing work truck and personal vehicles, laying on his horn and screaming “Get a job!” at the top of his lungs. Rich Paul, who lives in one of the homes at the intersection, decided to go down and confront Boston yesterday after he again drove by honking angrily.

To be clear, Boston has been engaging in this un-neighborly behavior long before his wife Jennifer Schmidt was recently issued a temporary stalking order for allegedly threatening to kill a 10-year-old boy with a knife. WMUR covered that story after it broke here on Free Keene, but WMUR did not mention any names in the case. WMUR also said that Jennifer Schmidt would not talk to the media until they speak to their attorney. In the video of Rich’s confrontation taken by activist David Crawford, Matthew broke the family’s silence in the case, alleging the boy in question was a bully, presumably towards their daughter.

When informed multiple times that his honking had disturbed children from their slumber, Boston was unapologetic. In fact, he further promises to, “make their lives a living nightmare.”

Despite seeming to have some grievance against what he calls the “shithole” on the corner, the Shire Free Church-owned LRN.FM studio and Keene Activist Center, Boston seems to think that all the neighbors who aren’t liberty activists really appreciate his loud honking and screaming. At one point he even claims, “Everybody loves what I’m doing. They love it.”

This delusion is typical of the local hater – because the people who they are close to appear to agree with them, they believe that “everybody” agrees with them. The reality is that people have different opinions. Some people in Keene dislike some things activists do, but like others.  Some people like some activists but dislike others.  Some love what we do.  Some hate what we do.  Anyone who’s not in an echo chamber of hate would understand that.  Of course if any of his friends or acquaintances actually disagree with him, they probably keep their mouths shut for fear of his wrath.

Regardless, Boston continues on his self-proclaimed campaign of “aggravating the shit out of people”, despite the fact that his antics seem to provide entertainment for people more so than anything else.  Here’s video of the confrontation from last night:

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  1. Looks like Gomer Pyle. Can’t believe Amari Plumbing likes his advertising by way of making him (and them) look like douchebags.

    Boston Loser.

  2. where da josh irksen non-wool vegan friendly crocheted sock puppet commenting accounts be on dis post?

  3. I hadn’t see that she had made “obscene gestures” toward the child… He was 10 years old? That seems to add a new dimension of sick to the situation

  4. Doesn’t he have freedom of speech?

  5. Not a fan of defining boston by the actions of this guy.. Hes from a some outlaying area as I recall..a suburb or further…. I was actually born and raised in Dorchester and Roxbury… didnt leave till i was 29

  6. Hey guys the matriarch morlock hates white ppl. Why is she in catholic memorial a catholic institution

  7. The only losers live in the house he’s driving by. He’s right, he’s awesome, and he’s kind of my hero right now. The town, the state, good people everywhere hate you people.

  8. no

  9. Wait, so Ian has literally said that it’s not his business if an adult has sex with a six year old, but he cares if an adult threatens to harm a child? I mean, uh, both are totally fucked up, but maybe the Free Keene Fan Club shouldn’t act like Ian is the voice of morality and Stop Free Keene is the antithesis of that just because he made a post condemning someone for threatening a child. You’re all falling for his bullshit. This guy has no morals – if it wasn’t a member of SFK, do you really think he’d post it? That’s the only aspect of this story that he actually cares about. Not children.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about above:

  10. Also: not a lot of people in this thread seem to be fans of Free Keene, I guess I’m mostly thinking of people in the older thread.

  11. Perhaps you should be more concerned about your fearless leader and him screwing up kids lives. He is a really sick person, a victim of abuse himself who carries it forward. It’s textbook psychology.

  12. Stabbing or killing a child certainly harms them.

    Is there always harm, without exception, to a 6-year-old who consents to sex with an adult? I don’t know. Apparently not according to some experts. A google search came up with a USA Today article on the subject

    We can still find it morally reprehensible, as Ian stated on that show 5 years ago. But without a victim, there’s no crime.

    I do think Ian would have posted this even if Matt weren’t a member of SFK. It’s enough that so many try to defend his outrageous behavior as being acceptable, while condemning things like chalking.

  13. Oh god, I didn’t really post this in hopes that someone would agree with me, but I certainly didn’t expect anyone to defend him either.

    Yes, threatening to kill a child certainly harms them, I guess I worded that poorly. But you seriously think that having sex with a child never harms them either? How is the emotional damage of threatening a kid worse than the emotional abuse caused by sexually abusing them? That is a fucked up attitude. I don’t care about studies, a six year old is too young to be sexually active with an adult, if they feel they’re consenting, it’s due to coercion. Many adult victims of sexual abuse are coerced into sex and believe they’re consenting, it can often be a form of Stockholm Syndrome. The grooming that goes into having sex with a child is calculated carefully. The child is always a victim. There is evidence of severe psychological damage – and I have heard from victims of child sexual abuse themselves about the trust issues they have. So even if there are exceptions, which I don’t truly believe they are – risking causing emotional damage to a child just because you have disgusting fantasies makes you a disturbed predator who should stay away from children. Hypothetically, we’re talking about a SIX year old. Not a young teenager. There is absolutely no grey area, unless you are a sick person who doesn’t care about children. I can’t believe anyone would use “no victim, no crime” here – I understand that for marijuana, but for child sexual abuse? The child is always a victim here, and I’m sorry, but you are absolutely sick if you don’t agree with that.

    If Ian cared about children, he would care about victims of child sexual abuse. Saying “I may find it personally reprensible, but it’s not any of my business” – implying we shouldn’t to anything about it – and saying that children can in fact consent is basically condoning it. You are both condoning pedophilia and child sexual abuse. I’m not a libertarian, but even if I was, the fact that Ian is essentially the leader of Free Keene and the fact that you all support (and often worship) him despite his views on this subject is enough for me to not want to support the movement. Free Keene and fans of Free Keene are all Ian’s puppets. You’re all just as pathetic as he is.

  14. But Kris, is there always harm, without exception, from a child being stabbed? Most children heal from minor puncture wounds quite easily. We can still find it morally reprehensible, but without a victim, there’s no crime.

    Obviously, I’m being facetious, and I can only hope you are too. While children are certainly rational, sentient people, they cannot consent. Any adult that takes sexual advantage of them is a predator and a monster, plain and simple. I really can’t fathom why you would try to argue that point.

  15. I am a libertarian and I think Bernard, Freeman, whatever his name is today is a sick bastard. Don’t judge the FSP using this imbecile as your guide. He is an outcast and a pariah.

  16. You sick, stupid soul. You are making a case as to how sex with minors is not always harmful? This just turned into a thread belonging on a Pedophilia website. Children are not capable of giving consent….period….asshole.

  17. oops sorry, last comment directed at Garret ….oops I mean Agent Kris

  18. You sick, stupid soul. You are making a case as to how sex with minors is not always harmful? This just turned into a thread belonging on a Pedophilia website. Children are not capable of giving consent….period….asshole.

  19. This comment directed at agent Kris obviously.

  20. Agent Kris is the afrochist? That explains so much. He has done some things that I would classify as “morally reprehensible” – posting a video of someone’s suicide online just to support your own agenda and refusing to take it down at the family’s request is also pretty fucked up.

    It’s a shame that some of the worst people are the leaders of Free Keene, although I’d say anyone who supports these guys are probably just as morally bankrupt. If anyone doesn’t know much about Free Keene and thinks they’re harmless, these are the people you’re considering supporting. You are entitled to your political views and you’re free to become activists if that’s what you choose to do, but you can do that without supporting these people.

    The members of Free Keene are so quick to call the rest of us sheep (despite the fact that not being a libertarian doesn’t mean agreeing with the government), but they should take a look at themselves. They’re lucky the Colbert Report, the “corporate comedy show full of liberal propaganda,” only made a joke of them and didn’t expose them as the fucked up people they truly are.

  21. You’re demonstrating again how this is an emotionally-heated issue where things are easily taken out of context.

    I point out there are experts on both sides, which is true, and then I’m told I’m sick and I don’t care about children.

    I expected to be called a child predator after that post. It doesn’t affect me but you’re just doing a favor to actual child predators by giving that label to some who are well adjusted and have never hurt a child in their lives nor wanted to.

  22. You’re a liar. Libertarians want a freer society. You want to defend the status quo.

  23. I am not Garret Ean. I’ve never even met him or Ian.

  24. I wasn’t making the case. Experts make the case, and other experts disagree. I stated I don’t know.

  25. I think consent is the issue. Did the child consent to being stabbed? If so, then there may not have been harmed. Also if we’re going to debate something, we have to agree on definitions first. We may be meaning slightly different things when we’re talking about “consent” or “harm” or “victim” or “crime” etc. That’s why we must be careful when we choose to demonize someone over one statement they made 5 years ago.

  26. Perhaps you should reread what I wrote. But I knew I’d be called a predator/pedophile when I wrote that, so fire away.

  27. Children can consent to being stabbed? So, if a child says “stab me!” and someone does so, we shouldn’t condemn them for it because the kid asked? And they can somehow be unharmed despite having a stab wound?

    Please, never have kids. You don’t seem to have any idea what is and isn’t harmful to them.

  28. This is an emotionally heated issue because it’s about child sexual abuse and those of us upset about it aren’t sociopaths like you and the rest of Free Keene. Sorry, I guess you’d probably rather have a passionate discussion about marijuana legalization.

    I called you sick, but I feel like you’d probably get along with a lot
    of child predators. You might be one of the only allies they’ll ever

    Anyway, I am physically sick thinking about this subject and would rather not keep talking to someone who is so apathetic about something that should totally disturb them. You know, if they had a conscience and cared about kids.

  29. This is the most absurd rationalization I’ve ever heard. I’m not demonizing anyone over anything said five years ago; I’m calling you for out your characterization of child molestation as a potentially harmless practice. You’ve cited one article, from USA Today, alleging that maybe children can consent to sexual activity, a sentence it sickens me to even type. You’ve used this to defend your “neutrality”, but to borrow another man’s words, you can’t be neutral on a moving train. You must have an opinion, and from the fact that you’ve chosen to play devil’s advocate and argue that both sides have merit, I can only assume the worst about you as a person.

    This leads me to believe that, yeah, you’re probably one of those assholes they had on The Colbert Report. You’re probably also required by law to maintain a certain distance from schools and parks.

  30. Clearly, anyone who disagrees with you simply cannot be a Libertarian.

  31. Child molestation by definition is not a harmless practice. I’ve never characterized it as such.

  32. You’re taking me out of context again.

  33. Some are able to put their emotions aside to discuss a difficult subject in the interest of understanding without flying off the handle.

  34. It depends what the disagreement is. If you don’t agree that government is the problem and not the solution, then indeed you simply cannot be a libertarian.

  35. so you’re admitting your a hater…


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