“Everybody loves what I’m doing. They love it.” – Boston Strong

The Chalk Warrior

Safe Driver, Good Neighbor, Deer Lover

Keene Cop Block’s Centurion was on his front porch the other night and caught Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt on video driving by and laying on his horn (as he has done countless times for months). The other night in a discussion with Rich Paul, Boston had claimed that “everybody” loves what he’s doing.

Here’s another reality check for all the trash-talking haters out there:

No, not everybody loves what you are doing. People are different. As delusional and crazy as you think liberty activists in Keene are, I’m pretty sure most of us are aware that people are individuals. They don’t have the same beliefs. That includes both libertarians and members of STOP FREE KEENE!!! – not all of them agree on things, either.

Recently, one local hater, alleged to be Steven Graves (UPDATE: Graves claims it’s not him), a Peterborough-based artist (originally from Boston!) recently said this about Boston Strong on the comments section of Free Keene, “He’s right, he’s awesome, and he’s kind of my hero right now. The town, the state, good people everywhere hate you people.

Sorry, Steven, but good people don’t hate. The people calling themselves the town, city, or state are doing wrong, but I don’t hate them for it. They’re fallible humans just like the rest of us.

Here’s Boston Strong’s idea of being a good neighbor:

Oh wait, he claimed on video the other day that he is just making sure there’s no deer in the road. No wonder everybody loves him – no one would want to see a deer get hit, especially by a man safely and gently accelerating down a neighborhood street. What a guy!

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  1. Ok so when you douchebags spew hate speech, harass and taunt public employees and private citizens it is “liberty activism”, but when other people turn the tables on you they are “haters”. Got it.

    You’re a fucking loser, Bernard. It’s just a matter of time before it all catches up to you and you’re sentenced to a long prison sentence. I look forward to that day.

  2. What an idiot lol

  3. The community is behind this man and his family. Perhaps you freaks picked the wrong fight.

  4. Got any examples of the alleged hate speech or harassment? If so, you may want to send them to the city of Keene considering they couldn’t show anything at trial last year to back their libelous claims.

  5. Most of “the community” is willing to engage in dialog, in my experience. Honking horns and shouting outside people’s homes isn’t very community-oriented.

    Even the times that activists have gathered outside of aggressors’ homes, they have been peaceful and quiet.

    Generally when someone engages in name calling (as you have done), hiding their identity (as you have done), shouting, and horn-blaring, it’s evidence they don’t really have anything intelligent to say.

  6. Yep – Your YouTube channel. The Colbert Report.

    The City of Keene’s case against your group isn’t over yet, shitstain.

  7. “Honking horns and shouting outside people’s homes isn’t very community-oriented.”

    Following parking enforcement employees around and constantly harassing and taunting them isn’t very community-oriented either, shitstain.

  8. That’s not what I or any Robin Hooder does, Alan. However, holding them accountable for their extortion of peaceful people is VERY community oriented. We are saving people in the community their hard-earned money, rather than having it go into the pockets of their oppressors, the state.

  9. Tell me Alan ,why do you support a man who wakes up little kids late at night . Support a man who has a spouse who has months of history stalking a ten year old boy , then threatens to kill him . Or supports Stop Free Keene who is run by a woman whos husband stole 10,000 dollars and got indicted for it and convicted as a Felon for righting a false check for his business , all this is well known . Tell me why a Lawsuit is filed against them for steeling private information and fabricating stories about people . Running a hate group calling people names and posting very combative comments will never work in your favor. I cant wait til all of you are defendants and get ripped into court for reporting false things about information you dont know how to handle . Your dealing with very strong minded people who will come out on top with a large check . Kim Demond fired for using her employers computer to run credit checks illegally , posting fake names to illegally discredit and or harass those who exercise free speech . The difference is Alan that we are not paid for by the Tax payer and are not subject to the 8th Amend of the NH State Constitution , we have an expectation of privacy as non government workers . Not all of activist agree on the way to do Robin Hood but the meter officers do not have an expectation of privacy . This SFK group is an angry bunch with retaliatory actions against people they hate , ridicule , lie about . Be ready and warn them the amount of illegal evidence against them is overwhelmingly crazy and it makes me sick that people would go to the lengths of this magnitude against another human . Everything they do is a fabrication of a very troubled imagination masked by hatred and manipulation . Your married to children abusers and Felons who steel money and people have lost their jobs digging for SFK . Its not funny at all because now children are getting effected by it and its sad. Now you have people involved who will use the state system to go after SFK and now they will learn that their illegal parade is about to end with criminal charges attached . A jury is going to have a field day with the hatred this group has spun out to hurt their fellow man . Im a mom and its sad to see this happen . Very Sad ..

  10. I love what he’s doing, keep it up Mr. Schmidt! Free-staters brought this on themselves, live with the consequences of your disrespect and criminality.

  11. You don’t know shit lady. All of this is a response to the chaos and disgusting behavior from the Free Keene/Free-Staters who are destroying a town. They deserve everything thrown at them. Most of the filthy creatures fled but the remnants are the worst of all. I laugh when Bernard talks about community, he hates the concept and actively seeks to rip it apart.
    So, take your fake outrage and sanctimonious bullshit and blow it out your ass.

  12. Holy crap, there’s wrong and then there is stupid. This is just stupid. I don’t like your group, I don’t like you either Ian. I DO think it’s great what this man is doing in defense of his wife and child. I DO really enjoy all the negative attention your group is getting. I don’t however quite grasp the content of your post. I received a call while we were out this evening telling me that you were using my name here. I have to say, I find it to be comical. I am more than willing to disagree with your tactics and ideas openly. I did this after the Colbert piece publicly on FSP ‘s page and probably yours as well. I don’t really remember at this point the extent of it all, but if a few posts relaying a contrary position warrants this then so be it. I wish I had the time you seem to have to dedicate to a volley of Internet nonsense, but I don’t. If you knew me at all, you’d know I have no issues with direct conflict. I am a pretty straight shooter. I am sure there are those who would inform you of this. I hope I made it clear that I think you’re an asshole, and an idiot. I hope this is straight forward enough for you. Happy Holidays.

  13. Yup, you peeps are just as crazy as the last time I was here. Serious drama, baby! Take life a little easier, learn to enjoy what you have and forget about this pile of horse shit. Life is too short.

  14. Steven, if it wasn’t you commenting as multiple handles with your website as the email domain for all those handles, then I apologize.

    Regarding what you think about me, you don’t know me, so I’ll be happy to forgive you for calling me names.

  15. Don’t kid yourself: You’re all a bunch of juvenile douchebags whom the community views as anti-community and a stain on the city of Keene overall.

  16. “Even the times that activists have gathered outside of aggressors’ homes, they have been peaceful and quiet.”

    Really? Singing songs outside someone’s home is “peaceful and quiet”? Do you actually view what people post on your YouTube Channel, you arrogant piece of crap?

  17. you must want the “Keene pd” to look like morons… because your talkin like one and using their names..lol

  18. They LOVE that my wife stalks 10 olds… they love that i annoy the neighbors…(not just the intended recipients) they love that I say supid shit

  19. question is will they love you so much to bail you or your wife out of jail

  20. Saying things like “I think you’re an asshole, and an idiot’, is considered an opinion. Calling someone a “Hater” and attributing statements to that person in a public forum is somewhat different. One is a personal opinion, one is libel. So that I understand you completely, you are saying that, I, alone am responsible for statements anybody makes while using an email address that derives from any of my 11 domain names?

    I’ll leave it here for now. I suggest you brush up on your constitutional law.

  21. This crazy person has nothing to do with Free Keene or our movement.

  22. Steven, I said allegedly they were your statements. I also said I apologize if it wasn’t you. Are you saying it wasn’t you?

  23. Yawn…your statement speaks for itself. The short answer is absolutely not. The long answer is none of your concern. I honestly can’t believe I’m answering this question at all. There are a lot of people who feel strongly about you and your group. I certainly can’t control the tool in which they choose to communicate their feelings to you, regardless of whether or not I own It.

  24. If they “love what you are doing”…why then dont they do it themselves? Know why? Because what you’re doing is moronic… And when you get arrested or a restraining order will they take over for you? No. Because they only love it when the other moron is doing it.

  25. quit changing your name moron

  26. Fair enough. Correction made.

  27. You got to help me lie David so I can win the lawsuit against stop free keene. I got Rich Paul to create falsified evidence, I need your help.

  28. You in on helping Centurion create falsified evidence to win the lawsuit against stop free keene for a nice cut?

  29. No one needs to “lie” to make SFK get in trouble…lol… all SFK has to do is open their mouths…They always give themselves enough rope … 🙂 al fk needs is a video camera aand screenshots… thats way more than enough rope for SFK to get in trouble..as we will see in court 🙂

  30. alan …you’re all blather… and your likers like your dumb blather…thing is … alan you arent that bright are you

  31. you are so dull…”the community” is FOR breaking the law? So….”the community” is for yellinng at houses and driving wrekclessly and blaring the horn… in a neighborhood where children play?…. thats what “the community” is for… How stupid are you… if the “community” is for him why then is he being prosecuted by the community?

  32. “Alan Jones”where was you when the brains was being passed out

  33. Whats it like to have the back of a person recognize by the community -by the courts;not bye gossip-as a child stalker? ` “yea hes with me” lol “so what if the court restrains him from being around a 10 year old”

  34. Really? A Volvo too? Lol


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