SHOCK! Judge Burke Upholds KPD Decision: “Unsuitable” to Concealed Carry

burkeLocal government bureaucrats in Keene are infringing on my right to bear arms.

In July I applied for a concealed carry license. One man, Ken Meola, denied it. I appealed, and this week the news came back: Judge Burke denied my appeal.

Judge Burke’s decision means that while it is perfectly legal for me to carry a firearm openly, it is a crime for me to conceal that firearm, for example by putting on a winter jacket.

The next step is to move on to the State Supreme Court. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to do that, but I’ll give another update when I speak with my attorney.

I’m disappointed about this decision, but I’m not surprised. The State is a many-tentacled beast, and the different facets of it protect each other. First the legislators did their part by camouflaging a restriction as a right: they call NH “shall issue” but ultimately leave the power of permission to one man working for the police. Then the police did their part to deny my rights, essentially arguing that they are restricting my freedoms because I don’t respect them. Finally, appeals are made to lawyers who also work for the State.

For those who missed it, here is a link to video of the full hearing.

Read Burke’s decision here. (PDF)

Read the Google Doc Version

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  1. Yeah what a shock. The next step is finding you too unbalanced to own any weapon at all. You’re really creepy, that is all.

  2. This is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I wouldn’t even expect this out of Burke. This is as big a fuckup for him as when he lied to get Ademo arrested for asking him a simple question. This is a major fuckup. At this point, I’m surprised he’s still allowed to sit the bench. I’d hate to say it, but he’s definitely a person that the NH JCC needs to have a very close look at.

  3. If he denied Derrick his rights (under color of law) and attributed it to Derrick being “too unbalanced”, it would be a much better thing for Derrick, than the judge (legally speaking).

  4. Stay well Derrick J. You’re an inspiration friend…

  5. On the bright side, Burke wrote that “a challenge to police authority is not always inappropriate.” That’s a start, but then he goes on to say “the petitioner’s chosen method of doing so is
    to do so in ways, evidenced by the record of convictions, that led almost ineluctably to physical
    confrontations with the police.”

    It seems Burke is a bit out of touch here. Can anyone give me an example of a method of challenging police authority that DOESN’T lead almost ineluctably to physical confrontations with the police. I can think of none.

  6. You have to understand the difference between bearing arms which is a alienable right and possessing a concealed weapon which is a privilege given by statute.Concealing something is an act of dishonor, illegal unless granted by the state; it can be given, taken or denied.
    Arms are objects of defense.
    Weapons are objects of war used for offensive purposes.
    It is only natural for them to deny you the privileged to conceal a weapon when in their eyes you demonstrated willingness to disobey other statutes.

  7. Privileages…. your public educators must be so proud of you.

  8. Many read “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” to mean regardless of our manner of keeping.

    The problem with concealed carry being a “privilege given by statute” is that the State is biased against anyone who may rise up against it, as demonstrated by Burke’s ruling. Saying “yes, you can concealed carry, but not if you have physical confrontations with police” defeats the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, which is to prevent tyrants from being the only ones with arms.

  9. That’s bullshit! What is it about “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” that you don’t understand?!

  10. You all don’t seem to grasp the differences between the law of the land and statutory law. Read your damn NH constitution and pick up a law dictionary. Then look what RSA is.

    look what words mean in law English versus standard English vs slang English.

  11. Thank you for your observation. Got any other grammar mistakes you wanna point out?

  12. Worth close Reading of The decidion -poor judge tied himself up in knots. He clearly Is not Used to Innocent Americans standing up to The state.

  13. Ha! The little fuckwad gets his comeuppance. Good for judge Burke.

  14. Small boys … they must all be frightened of you.

  15. The little fuckwad can open-carry a gun. He just cannot carry a gun concealed.

  16. Alienable is right, synonym with inalienable and unalienable. They basically mean the same thing: unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor, the ownership of something can’t be transferred.

    The most moronic thing in all this, is that none of you can see I’m on your side. I was trying to help the guy see something and understand his opponent, and you guys jumped on one grammar mistake. Im a moron for trying to have a decent exchange of information and ideas. My bad…

  17. Like I said, I’m a moron for trying to have a decent exchange of ideas. Sorry my English is not up to your satisfaction. I see where your priorities lie.

  18. I hope you move this forward to the State Supreme Court. Until then, you need to open carry and piss them off that way.

  19. I feel safer already.

  20. I would disagree. Arms is a synonym for Weapons. If what you said were true then “small arms” and “nuclear arms” would never be used for anything other than defense. as we have seen from history that is not the case. small arms have and are used by terrorist organizations and I hardly see a legitimate way to claim that nuclear “arms” are only for defensive purposes. Not to mention the fact that nuclear “arms/weapons” are interchangeably used all the time. The fact is arms and weapons both are designed to do damage by their very definition. What determines whether that damage is defensive or offensive is the context of when, where and why the damage is dealt.

  21. the only change would be that rights can be waived. which is foolish but a possibility the individual may choose.

  22. alex jones where was u when the brains was being passed out? in the crapper?…i think so

  23. the law is its your ass and no one will protect it better;the law is to live…self preservation…. if someone or some law tries to infringe on self preservation……..thats what gun laws do…gun laws say”no you cant protect your life” imo that means that’s a law to be flouted

  24. Arms is a synonym for Weapons they refer to the same objects. However, in law they have different definitions depending on the color and context of that law. The powers that corrupted the republic are using this to take away our rights. If you notice they do not pass statutes and codes banning the ownership of arms, because it can be struck down by the constitution. They ban “assault weapons”, “automatic weapons” etc. The peaceful way to end the madness is to repeal those laws from within just like they did. Not many seem willing to put in the work and run for office, educate your fellow man and fix the problem. Everybody wants instant gratification and play Rambo with the cops.

  25. I’m sorry, but could you explain your comment in actual English? Thanks.

  26. Derrick, you sound like precisely the sort of crack-pot that proper gun control aims at keeping from bearing arms. They should send you a bill of the public’s tax money you wasted. Then again, you probably would have defended Brinsley’s 2A “rights”.

  27. And I’m sure because some freetard douchebag like yourself says so, the NH JCC will get right on that.

  28. David is one of Bernard’s boot-and-ass lickers who has roughly the IQ of a squirrel. Grammatically-correct English would be difficult if not impossible for him to produce.

  29. See, here’s the problem: your operative phrase “Worth close Reading of the decidion[sic]” is humorous, simply because you would be unable to comprehend any of the decision given your obvious inferior intellectual capabilities.

  30. Why would he “piss them off” ? He is completely within his rights to open-carry a firearm; no one has ever tried to restrict him in that regard, although I am concerned given the nature of this pinhead’s predilection for provoking people.

    My belief is that someday he’s going to mess with the wrong person and a firearm will not make any difference to the outcome, which will mostly likely end badly for him.

  31. If I were to file a formal complaint about it, they would. That’s their job.

  32. Go for it, freetard douchebag … go for it. Your “complaint” would be laughed out of the building.

  33. Alan,

    amusing since I have 2 adavanced degrees from elite schools and run a business and more

  34. Sure you do, Sparky … sure you do… “adavanced”[sic]. LoL.

    Like the saying goes: On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog.


  36. alex jones…if that is your name….suck off…can you read that or is it too grammatic for u ….lmao….dont u have ANYTHING ESLE TO DO BUT LIVE TO COMENT ON HERE ALL DAY LONG….DONT U WORK?

  37. You first … do you work, douchebag? It’s amazing you have the time and permission to remove your tongue from Bernard’s ass and post messages.

  38. Wow your public educators must be really really proud of you…that total went right over your head. Concealing a weapon on your person/body is not a privilege its a natural right. I can do it with or without the governments or your permission.

  39. That’s how you,George Washington and I think it should be. However a administrative magistrate you call judge might not agree with this. You see, The US corporation along with all the states are in bankruptcy since circa. 1931, under Marshall law and managed to pay off their investors. The US and States constitutions were suspended 84 years ago. You may think you have rights, but the bankers and the courts think otherwise. You go and carry where big daddy government says you can’t, see what happens. You gave up your rights when you applied for that, SSN, driver license, passport… are a citizen responsible for paying the debt of the town, county, state you reside in, and the national debt; almost 100k worth per citizen. Your ancestors sold you to the bankers a long time ago. Public educators didn’t teach you that, did they?

  40. Are you really as obtuse as you make yourself out to be or are you just pretending and acting as an agent provocateur. I cannot believe that someone as brain dead as you appear to be can still breath. Ooops…it appears that breathing is an autonomic response. You don’t even need to have the ability to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time in order to breath.

  41. Inalienable rights…cannot be transferred to another person or surrendered except by the individual having those rights. Civil disobedience is an obligation for a moral man in the face of repression.
    What’s being bandied about here is closer to the rights of individuals to have access to courts and laws with equal treatment from both. Equal protection of the law is similar to the right to due process of law, but specifically applies to fairness through equal treatment.

  42. Alienable…able to be transferred to new ownership

  43. Gun control is a dead issue. With the cessation of lead smelting at Pigeon Forge, almost all lead used in the manufacture of ammunition, is imported. He who controls the importation duties levied on the imported lead controls the street price. Checkmate…


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