No Charges For NH Police Chief Who Threatened Teenage Girl

David Seastrand

David Seastrand, Former NH Police Chief

Though New London’s now-resigned police chief David Seastrand is no longer able to be a police officer and the town gave the victim $70,000, Seastrand will not face criminal charges for his threats and intimidation of a teenage girl.

After arresting Janelle Westfall, 18, for underage possession of alcohol, Seastrand allegedly told her she could avoid charges if she went into the police station basement with him and did a nude photo shoot.

Of course, none of the money being given to Ms. Westfall is coming from Seastrand – it’s the taxpayers who are on the hook for his actions. He is protected from responsibility by the system. Prosecutors will not prosecute him. You can bet that if any gun-toting non-cop threatened a young lady and demanded nude photos that person would be fully prosecuted. It’s good to be in the government gang!

The big question is – how many times has Seastrand pulled this move and gotten away with it prior to this incident?  I doubt it was his first time using his power to intimidate girls into taking off their clothes.

Oh, and he also gets to keep his pension – what a deal!

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  1. More of that protecting and serving coming your way.

  2. If you want to help the young lady, notify your NH Reps like Mark Warden.
    Her lawyer and father are pushing for two things from the legislature….

    “But as she sat down with her father and lawyer on Friday to begin a push for new legislation to improve state laws…….

    They later explained that the only law applicable to the case was ….. a misdemeanor

    Westfall and her attorney, Richard Lehmann, say two things need to be changed by the legislature: the language of the law needs to be rewritten so prosecutors can more easily prosecute police in a case like this, and the penalty of the crime “has to be more than a misdemeanor,” Westfall said. It would also be good if all police were required to have on-body video cameras, she said.”

  3. imangjne if the leadership
    does this what the lowly patrol cop does ?

  4. As NH transforms into a state for the people by the people,
    and a place where statism and corrupt protection of government enforcers is going to be eradicated,
    this kind of government behavior that happens with impunity everywhere else must be stamped out in NH.
    It is routine and accepted elsewhere, but should NOT be tolerated here.
    We must set an example to all other states and countries, that a clean government that truly is for the citizen without special treatment to privileged government workers, is to be the norm not the exception.


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