Should Protesters Lose Their Gun Rights?

“No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin’.”

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New Hampshire is a great place for firearms owners. No permits are required to carry openly, and residents can sell their guns to one another without any government paperwork. Acquiring a concealed carry license is as simple as filling out a one-page form and paying a $10 fee. Or so I thought…

When I applied for a Pistol Permit in New Hampshire this July, I was shocked to learn that I could be denied my rights simply for exercising them. Can you lose your second amendment for using the first?

The State argues that I am not “suitable” for a license because I commit civil disobedience. In his denial letter, Keene Police Chief Ken Meola wrote, “you have had several contacts with the police for assaultive or threatening behavior,” equating peaceful noncompliance to violence. It’s true that I have openly violated bad laws, but that does not mean I am violent.

I hired an attorney and challenged the denial, but Judge Burke agreed with the State, writing in his decision,

“the petitioner has demonstrated, time and again, that he has little or no respect for law enforcement officials. This lack of respect does not, per se, render the defendant unsuitable; no one can mandate that respect. The petitioner’s record does show, however, that he manifests that lack of respect by repeatedly placing himself in situations where the authority of the police is challenged. … The petitioner’s testimony made it clear that he is committed to acting in similar fashion in the future. Under these circumstances, the court finds that the petitioner is unsuitable to possess a concealed weapon.”

Besides the fact that he has an infamous bias against Keene activists, Judge Burke refused my motion to recuse him from presiding over this hearing.

When I decided to take on this challenge, I shelled out $2500 of my own money to retain the attorney. Through your generosity, I have been able to recoup about half of those costs with a GoFundMe page and a bitcoin widget. I am amazed at your generosity in supporting this effort, and I want to thank all of you who donated to make it possible to get to this point.

But where to go from here?

On Free Talk Live, I announced that I was considering taking this to the NH Supreme Court. I set up another fundraiser and asked you to donate to show your support. So far, 13 of you donated more than $500 in cash and bitcoin. That’s over 20% of the total legal expenses in just 2 weeks! Thanks to your outpouring of generosity, I am glad to announce that I will put up the rest of the cost, $3000 of my personal money, in order to move this to the next level.

I am fortunate to manage a thrift store in Keene, but it will take a long time to replenish this savings. If you believe in preserving gun rights in the “Live Free Or Die” state, please donate today. The average contribution is $25. Learn more and donate in cash or bitcoin at . By donating today, you are sharing in this future victory! Thank you.


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  1. Aww … poor Derrick is all butthurt because the judge made the correct decision. You’re unsuitable for a concealed pistol permit but no one stated that you cannot open-carry a firearm, douchebag.

    Let’s face facts here: You’re really not a “community activist”; you’re a silly little man-child that has problems with authority and enjoys provoking people, just like the rest of your idiotic cohorts. You’re all the laughing stock of the local community and – now that the Colbert Report has highlighted your small group – the laughing stock of the entire country.

    Knock yourself out taking your issue the NH Supreme Court, because the end result will be the same and then you’ll have no where else to turn.

  2. Okay you hate Derrick, you hate me, you hate Free Keeners I get it…its okay. But I’m confused about something. Please clarify. I’m interested in understanding why you believe Derrick is unsuitable to conceal a firearm and why he is suitable to open carry? Give me something other than because the law says. .

  3. The fact that it is the law is all that is necessary. Your lack of education is showing again … please tuck it back in.

  4. Alan Jones voted Obama

  5. It’s the law. And for Alan that’s all he needs to know.

    Why? Because Alan does exactly what he’s told. Alan believes this is expected of him. Alan even believes he’s the boss. Why? Because Alan voted for the leaders that order him around. Alan will lick their boots enthusiastically. But Alan is not so smart. Alan doesn’t understand that those same people are just as happy to stack his corpse with the others should they be ordered to come for him.

    This is the house that Alan helped to build.

    See Alan. See Alan troll. See Alan fail. Why? He thought too hard! Sad? Or mad? It doesn’t matter. It’s too late! Alan squashed the pea! Poor, dumb Alan.

  6. I’m with Alan, Derrick is not being deprived of defending himself with a firearm.

    If you Free Keeners don’t like the restrictions on concealed carry then it’s up to you to get enough support from the community to get the law changed

  7. I think that a statement to the judge that your “protests” was in the past and did not fore see any reason to take such action in the future. Maybe a little, I am sorry judge that my actions were taken as disrespect for police, they were intended to bring attention to a bad law and not to show disrespect for our fine police officers.

  8. Good information to have. Sometimes you get what you sow.

  9. Okay so besides the fact that you believe the law is the law…can you give me a reason?What do you believe the purpose of conceal carry is? Work with me here Alan give me some logical reason to why conceal carry laws are necessary. A real criminal i.e. someone that will murder, rape, and assault is not going to follow the law at all and I don’t think they care much about what punishments await them. So what is the benefit again? Do you own a gun out of curiosity?

  10. Well gosh, little douche: we do have a system for changing laws when people don’t agree with them. You know: that whole voter-representative-democracy thing.

    I guess it must really suck when half-wits like yourself and the rest of the Free Keene Douchebag Squad get all twisted up over the fact that the majority of the rest of us don’t agree with your ideas and wishes. Democracy is a bitch sometimes, ain’t it?

  11. LoL . Once again: your lack of education is showing. Better tuck it back in before you make an even bigger ass out of yourself than you already have.

  12. Douchenozzle Alan Jones, the NH Supreme Court hasn’t ruled on this case yet.

  13. Alan is smarter than the rest of us. Alan is smarter because Alan tells everyone so. But Alan is also smarter because Alan knows that we have a system of changing laws! In fact Alan says we can change the laws whenever we want! Alan uses the word “we”, but of course Alan doesn’t really mean “we”. Alan means the people that represent the majority. That’s why Alan hates Free Keene. Because Free Keene is in the minority! And Alan doesn’t care about the minority. Why? Because Alan tells us so! Alan hates the minority because he says the minority doesn’t agree with him. Alan says the minority even forces their ideas on Alan. That doesn’t stop Alan from forcing his vote on the minority! But Alan would never do the forcing himself. That’s because Alan is a physical coward. Alan will leave the forcing to others! Then Alan will glorify the virtues of Democracy! Alan will praise Democracy even as it robs Alan blind and lowers his standard of living. Alan will even believe his leaders when they tell Alan his plight is caused by illegal aliens, Catholics, Jews or whoever is unpopular at the moment. Alan will believe this because Alan’s leaders tell him so! Alan even studied this once in History class. Too bad Alan didn’t understand what he studied. But Alan still needs to show everyone he’s smart! Alan does this by showing everyone that he does understand politics. But poor, simple Alan doesn’t realize that politics is easy to understand. Majority: GOOD! Minority: BAD! That’s why Alan like politics! Even Alan can understand that!

  14. It is your lack of education, sir, that needs remediation.

    He wasn’t denied the permit for any legitimate reason. He was denied the permit (and screwed again by the court) based upon viewpoint discrimination.

    He committed no violent acts, he engaged in passive disobedience as a means of protest, which is a right guaranteed under the First Amendment.

    And while it’s true that because he can open carry without a permit his Second Amendment rights are not being injured, he is not being treated equally under the law pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment by being refused a CCW for no legitimate substantive reason.

    Keeping score, that’s two strikes against the government right there.


  16. “viewpoint discrimination”

    That’s funny!!!! Let’s follow you down your rabbit hole & see where it leads. If a socialist thinks property is theft that means you are required to share your property with him or you will be guilty of “viewpoint discrimination”

    So much for your post modern moral relativism.

  17. This is happens when feces slinging monkeys are judges!

  18. It is not the law, because it, like all pieces of legislation that infringe in any way on human/gunrights, is unconstitutional and thus null and void.

  19. What Derrick did do–and the judge said so, what that he challenged the authority of the police. The judge falsely believes that they and he are our masters and not our servants.

    If Derrick had broken a law, Derrick would have and should have been arrested (I make exceptions to laws that ought not to be, then common sense should be exercised–that is what nullification is all about) but no, Derrick just challenges their authority. Good.

    And speaking of bad laws–in this case unconstitutional–since when do we need a license to exercise any RIGHT? Except for the RKBA, no other right is so regulated and in the Second Amendment is actually wholly forbidden government.

    There is a day coming–and the time for choosing–this is especially true for all public servants, cops and military especially–will you play the Tory or the patriot?

    Take time to answer that–we are sadly approaching the 1776 analog. The time for choosing is now.

    SamAdams1776 III Oath keeper

    Molon Labe
    No Fort Sumters
    Qui tacet consentit
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset.

  20. Regulation of the RKBA violates the 2A and does so not when and if a court says so–it does–but we have a corrupt government with the corruption in all three branches. And while an Article 5 Convention is acceptable to me, so is recourse to the final choice that the founders eventually was forced to nake and for few more innocuous grievances

    .SamAdams1776 III Oath keeper
    Molon Labe
    No Fort Sumters
    Qui tacet consentit
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset.

  21. Whoa there tiger, I think you forgot to add a few bumper sticker quotes. Did you order them all online to your dorm room? But wait, you can’t be some dumb and idealistic college kid, because you’re clearly a renowned constitutional scholar based on your statement. Have you alerted the Supreme Court of your findings?

  22. I love how you people think we’re the outliers in our beliefs regarding laws, society, democracy, etc. I’ve got nothing to justify to you. If you idiots want to ignore our laws, go right ahead. Just shut up about it when you are arrested, tried, convicted and jailed/fined when you do. It really shouldn’t be a surprise.

  23. The requirement for a concealed carry permit does not prevent Derrick from either keeping or bearing arms.

    You fail at logic, perhaps you’ve been hit one too many times in the head by the recoil from your gun at the rifle range?

  24. The guy follows people around with his silly video camera and posts his confrontations with police, other public employees and private citizens on YouTube. In general, he goes out of his way to try and provoke people. That’s not protesting and passive disobedience.

    He considers all of this a badge of honor and thinks he’s some sort of great community activist and “freedom fighter”. In my opinion he’s a retarded man-child with a warped sense of reality and obvious problems with authority. Add to all of that his repeated run-ins with the law and it points to one word: unsuitable.

    I would prefer if he not be allowed to possess any firearms at all, because it’s people like this douche that gives all the responsible firearm owners a bad name and makes people nervous.

  25. LMHO … Bring it, “Sam”. Internet warriors like yourself who hide in Mommy’s basement behind the safety of a keyboard and post big-and-bad messages are a sad joke. Do you even have a real job?

  26. Says you. The courts say otherwise. Game-set-match. You lose.

    Run along, “Admiral”. I’m guessing your Mom has filled up the tub so you can play Navy and take your bath at the same time.

  27. You mean his Mom’s basement, right? I doubt this Internet Warrior gets out very much much less attends college.

  28. Tell me, “Sam”: when the revolution starts, will you need to ask permission from your Mom first before you can participate?

  29. As opposed to the feces-slinging monkeys that are your parents … and siblings to boot.

  30. The definition of insanity: repeatedly doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

  31. Is that what passes for a mating call from freetards these days, Chuck? That’s rather disturbing and no – not interested.

  32. Can you even tell me how many laws there are on the books in your locality? Good luck trying to figure that out with the federal government lol they don’t even know. I’m interested in how you define who is a criminal?

  33. Based off your response, I have to assume you believe conceal carry laws some how magically prevent a dangerous person from hiding a weapon to commit a crime… Alan your not one of those I’d hand the slave over because its the law people are you?

  34. Really – you’re going to use that tired old analogy? Pathetic. You really are a rather uneducated sort of person, aren’t you?

  35. The nice thing about rights is whether we like it or not Derrick does have the right to carry and bear arms but….. it IS Derrick’s idiocy and constant harassment that is just the “ammunition” progressives are looking for to use in justifying the attempt to take away your rights.

    Gun Rights advocates, Derrick isn’t your friend, he’s your enemy.

  36. Zombie….

    I don’t like the idea that a person that goes around harassing and provoking people like Derrick does might run into a person who doesn’t know that Derrick is harmless and then over react when they find out the person that is harassing them has a concealed gun.

    With Derrick’s history of provoking and harassing people, people need to know upfront that he is armed so they don’t end up taking taking Derrick’s life in the process.

    Concealed carry is not a right, defending your life does not depend on your ability to conceal a gun, that’s why concealed carry is a privilege that can be taken away.

  37. Right, you’d just take a more direct approach to denying people their rights. Maybe you’d toss him and people like him in ovens or something, if you just had your way. OR if 51% of the people agreed with you on that then it would be absolutely justified, ethical, moral and right.

  38. Your remark is typical of the low intelligence feral rats that voted for Obama.

  39. You like reducing human beings to animals, so much easier to subjugate and eliminate I assume. I shouldn’t be surprised that another racial supremacist emerges from the muck that is the “liberty” community. Your comment on another site is a great example:

    “About time, enough kissing black ass, and start kicking it. They breed like rats, expect working people to support them, are irresponsible…”

    For what crime do you suggest kicking “black ass”? Do you plan to pick African-Americans for their ass-kicking randomly or use some other system? How long did it take you to survey African-Americans to find out they breed like rats and expect working people to support them? Did you get you white hood back from the dry-cleaner yet? Is Matthew Genack in your Klavern?

    Here’s another great quote, again reducing people to sub-human status:

    “Time communities started enforcing maggot control as the feds and politicians fondle themselves while kissing black ass. Enough of this Obama – Holder monkey protection program.”

  40. You reason that Derrick J shouldn’t be permitted to conceal a firearm because that somehow will keep him safe from others with concealed firearms? That’s the strangest justification for 2nd Amendment infringement I think I’ve ever read.

    If concealed carry isn’t a right, then why is open carry a right?

    If both popular and unpopular language are a right, then what about the use of obscene language? Is there a right to be obscene?

    I could do this all day, Justin. The sea of legislators and circuit court judges – and their loyal customers the lobbyists – makes it easy.

    You’re a person who believes rights are derived from entitlements. Sure, you’re selective about which entitlements are justified, and which are not, but it amounts to the same thing.

    Rights are not entitlements, Justin. Rights are protections. And for rights to be exercised, they must be protected. This also includes rights exercised *irresponsibly*. As long as the exercising of that right doesn’t infringe on another’s life, liberty, or property – you leave that person alone, no matter how much it bothers you. This is called being an adult. And it’s how peaceful adults should interact with each other.

    During the Enlighten Era, it was posited that government’s new role would primarily be the responsibility to *protect* the governed’s rights. And not to decide who has them, and who does not. Further, it was expected that the primary responsibility of the governed would be to make sure that the government did exactly what they promised. How has that worked out Justin? Has government kept that promise? Have the governed made the government keep that promise? The promise has not and will not be kept. Why? It all comes down to the warm coziness of feeling *safe*.

    As you see it Justin, yours and others putative safety should justify requiring a license to exercise a protected right. Even if that right is a *specifically documented* right. You assert that the *possibility* of harm is there and the dismissal of Derrick J’s rights are sufficient, and even required. Required even if Derrick J has never actually harmed anyone.

    Is this the core of your position, Justin? Do whatever is necessary to stop a *potential* offender? Even if it means treating everyone as an offender?

    Derrick J *provokes* already angry individuals with his camera. Garrett Ean *provokes* parking law enforcer’s with his camera. Dave Ridley *provokes* bureaucrats with his difficult questions (on camera). You’ve done the same here in this forum – although you’ve been a little nicer about it than others. But who was harmed? Pride doesn’t count, Justin.

    I know I’m wasting my time here Justin, but hypotheticals will *always* exist. And they are *always* used to justify tyranny. But to you they’re not tyrannies at all because they make you feel *safe*. Hypotheticals are the reason for random checkpoints, property seizures, prohibition laws, and NSA spying. Hypotheticals were the reason for Jim Crow Laws, and for Japanese and Jewish internment. And hypotheticals are the reason for any other new fear that people demand protection from – through the passing of even more laws.

    Are you safer, Justin? Or are you just an egg-laying chicken being kept in a pen? Don’t worry, you’ll be safe in that pen as long as you keep laying eggs. Or at least until the day the farmer is hungry for some chicken.

    Remember. Derrick J has threatened NO ONE. He has only shown disobedience to the laws, and to their enforcers. Laws that he finds repugnant. Disobedience to bad laws is a healthy and necessary thing. Such disobedience helps to stop – and has stopped – many of the tyrannies inflicted upon people throughout the world in the past and the present. And I presume the future as well.

  41. G.A.R.Y.? You precocious bot! How did you escape my Down Syndrome simulation?

    Sorry folks. I made some adjustments to Gary’s index file. I thought lowering his IQ parameter would make him easier to control. Instead he escaped and joined Stop Free Keene.

    For some reason he changed his name to Alan. I guess the experts are right. IQ isn’t a predictor of success after all.

  42. What is with you freetards, anyway? You somehow think your “liberty” crusade is on par with slavery or the Holocaust? Wow, now ain’t that something. I’ll bet there are lots of black and Jewish folk that would vociferously disagree, you intellectually-stunted dolt.

  43. All of you freetards need to get a grip and some sort of a clue. The NH Supreme Court will ultimately rule that the intellectually stunted man-child Derrick J. Pinhead cannot carry a conceal firearm in NH. All much ado about nothing.

  44. Thanks for taking time away from jerking off to images of small boys and playing XBox in your parents’ basement all day to jump in on the message thread here. Much appreciated.

    I’m curious: do your parents know what you do down there all day?

  45. You mean your remark that I simply turned around on you. I guess that makes you one of those “typical … low intelligence feral rats that voted for Obama”.

    You’re too stupid to realize how stupid you truly are.

  46. Oh what a sad, misguided douchebag you truly are.

    If our federal and state governments ever did fall and anarchy ruled the land I guarantee that the people screaming the loudest for it all to come back would be the freetards; only then would they realize that their life and liberty was backstopped by the governments and laws that they currently despise so much.

    The irony would indeed be rich.

  47. You’re not only dense but it’s YOU that seems to believe rights are based on entitlements.

    The right to carry and bear arms is a human right because it is a necessary condition to be able to protect human life.

    Open carry fulfills that necessary condition so it qualifies as a basic human right.

    Concealed carry adds nothing in the way of meeting a basic NEED so it is not granted the status of a right.

    The person that thinks concealed carry is a right is the one that thinks rights are based on entitlements.

  48. You are definitely stuck in stupid.

  49. We don’t have to worry about Drac, he isn’t an anarchist, he just plays one on the internet.

    Notice how he makes an appeal to “the sea of legislators and circuit court judges – and their loyal customers the lobbyists” he’s a statist through and through.

    They talk a big game but they’re big believers in the state and when push comes to shove they’re the first ones to take advantage of police protection. (like Cantwell during the Pumpkin Fest riots and like David Crawford with his protection orders)

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