Bitcoiners Educate, Enlighten NH House Committee

Unlike other state houses across the United States, libertarians, voluntarists, and even anarchists are frequently seen testifying on various issues here in New Hampshire. With at least fifteen Free State Project participants having been elected to the state house in 2014, liberty activists are there as legislators, lobbyists, and average folks testifying in favor of freedom!

This week, the Keene contingent shared their thoughts with a house committee hearing a bill that would offer protections to bitcoin-transacting businesses from being regulated as “money transmitters”. Chris Cantwell, me, and Darryl W. Perry all testified with Cantwell and I being asked many questions by the interested committee members:

Cantwell went first:

Then I testified:

Finally, Darryl:

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  1. What this post, and videos, completely fail to mention are the other friends of liberty who were there and who delivered the brunt of the testimony, especially the coherent testimony. No mention whatsoever of Reps Murphy and Lambert who cosponsored the bill, and other reps echo testified? What about Lamassu’s team, who actually run a real Bitcoin business? Does their expert testimony amount to nothing?

    This is like Soviet airbrushing of executed former party members. Big faux pas.

  2. Ian has no obligation to report on everything. It’s amazing that he got this blogpost out just minutes after finishing a 3-hour live program that airs on over a hundred and fifty radio stations across the country. Too busy to blog about your own activism? Sounds like sour grapes. You are a blogger here, too, yet your post is noticeably absent.

  3. No one’s obligated to do anything. Decent folk, however, care about the truth. I was there and posted pictures etc. of EVERYONE across multiple networks. I testified at the coconcealed carry hearing, yet specifically lifted up you and your testimony. I have a commitment to accuracy and truth, and I wish Ian would have the same.

    Don’t pull the “time” excuse. I was present at both hearings this week, and had content out far before Keene people, but still represented them. One sentence saying “others were present and testifying, including friendly state reps and Bitcoin businessmen” is all it would’ve taken. The omission of the truth was deliberate.

  4. Yes Joel, and good job on getting that content out. I enjoyed it so much that I shared your Instagram as my “Story of the Week” on The Bitcoin Group: However, my point still stands: you are free to blog at You haven’t done it. Ian is not responsible for this. Get to work or stop complaining. He didn’t do you any harm.

  5. What the hell. I’m gonna don my Carla gericke hat and say you stop the infighting. Spit out the real personal grudges and let the readers decide if you are behaving this way.

    You turn people into concern trolls

  6. He isn’t responsible for reporting on everyone’s activism. He is, however, responsible for deliberately censoring the truth to make Keene look like the only show in town. This movement has no room for untruth. That’s the domain of the state.

    As for posting my own content here, I will refrain from doing so from here on out. I value honesty, truth, and journalistic integrity.

  7. Your last blogpost at FK, “Back to the Front Lines of Liberty”, is dated Dec 12, 2014. The post before that was from August. I hope that giving up on FK means you will be posting *something* somewhere again. FreeKeene doesn’t have a monopoly on reporting news from the Shire, but few step up to do it.

  8. I would refer you to The Desert Lynx, the Free Thought Protect, the Free Starter physical magazine, Freedom Outpost, the Western Center for Journalism, the Rights Brigade, and a bunch others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  9. Considering we have had this conversation multiple times today in multiple venues, ( here’s one: ) it’s pretty clear you had plenty of time to write a more detailed story, but instead you’ve monopolized your afternoon by complaining, Joel. Then you resigned your bloggership rather than just doing a better job. Best of luck to you.

  10. Free Keene has always been about the promotion of Ian and his “crew”.


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