Shire Society Website & Forums Remodeled and Revamped!

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The Shire Society

The Shire Society website has gotten a facelift! The site now has a responsive design so it will work on mobile browsers and desktop and still has all the features from before including the Shire Society Declaration that you can sign, the Shire map, immigration information, and useful tools and links. Drop in and declare your independence by signing the Shire Society Declaration today!

Perhaps more important is there is brand new software running the Shire Society Forum now. We’ve switched from SMF to the more-modern Vanilla Forum. That means a few major changes – now messages post instantly to a thread without having to reload the page – using the forum is a lot faster as a result. It’s also easier in general to compose a message, plus, there’s social networking sharing options on every thread.

While it’s true that a lot of activists are on Facebook, the Shire Society Forums have continued on despite the mass-exodus to Facebook. It’s important to keep alternate communications methods alive. The Shire Society Forum does that and has long been a destination for new people who are not on Facebook or don’t know where to find NH activists on Facebook. There are new people signing up every month at the Shire Society Forum, so please drop in and welcome them.

There is a world outside of Facebook and the new Shire Society Forum will help connect you with that world. If you’ve never been, come by and post an introduction to get full forum access.

Now you can subscribe to Free Keene via email!

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