RLS 050: Derrick J’s Cannabis Crime Spree


Derrick J joins us in studio to celebrate our 50th episode! Topics this week include Derrick ending his THC cleanse, does poly “demean the relationship”? reviews of Shire Dude finale, Karaoke in Manch, taking parking tickets to court, Shire Dude joining as cohost of Flaming Freedom? RLS is to poly anarchists as Flaming Freedom is to gay anarchists, Shire Dude rejects labels, whats the greatest number of porcupines? Gay or Poly? thoughts on Liberland, #dickgate, beef squashing, Shire Dude/Rob drama with the artist formerly known as O girl, when is it appropriate to go public, why mediation is important, plans at porcfest, and cop blocking in Manchester. The Rebel Love Show is live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM.

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