Four Liberty Shows now being produced out of The Rebel Love Studio


I am happy to announce that there are now four liberty shows being produced out of the Rebel Love Studio in Manchester NH. All of these shows air live on the Liberty Radio Network which is based out of Keene NH. The Rebel Love Show, Flaming Freedom, Anarchy After Dark, and Off The Air Live all broadcast live out of the Rebel Love Studio. Ann Leverette aka The Rebel Mistress and I are the hosts of the Rebel Love Show. The Rebel Mistress also has full-time hosting responsibilities for Flaming Freedom. Anarchy After Dark is the latest hot new late night show which consists of Renee Kate and recent new mover for the Free State Project Cody O’Connor. Cody has also brought with him to the Shire his long-time late night libertarian comedy show Off the Air Live to the Rebel Love Studio.

The Rebel Love Show airs Tuesdays, Flaming Freedom airs Thursdays, Anarchy After Dark airs Friday, and Off The Air Live airs Saturdays. All four shows broadcast live on their perspective days at 10 pm EST. Plus, each of the shows take Skype calls. If you want to call in and talk to people living in the Shire, use Skype username RebelLoveShow. For a full schedule of all the live shows being produced out of the Shire, check out

RLS 050: Derrick J’s Cannabis Crime Spree


Derrick J joins us in studio to celebrate our 50th episode! Topics this week include Derrick ending his THC cleanse, does poly “demean the relationship”? reviews of Shire Dude finale, Karaoke in Manch, taking parking tickets to court, Shire Dude joining as cohost of Flaming Freedom? RLS is to poly anarchists as Flaming Freedom is to gay anarchists, Shire Dude rejects labels, whats the greatest number of porcupines? Gay or Poly? thoughts on Liberland, #dickgate, beef squashing, Shire Dude/Rob drama with the artist formerly known as O girl, when is it appropriate to go public, why mediation is important, plans at porcfest, and cop blocking in Manchester. The Rebel Love Show is live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM.

RLS Episode 45: Polyamorous Crime Spree


Derrick J and Cecelia Fairchild make both of their second appearances in the Rebel Love studio this episode. Topics this week include the Feds stealing bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht, fsp media slactivism, Shire Dude season finally, Shire Dude destroys his brand by shaving his beard, snap chat activism, multiple 420 events happening in the Shire, Rob’s chest hair at Porcfest, costume ideas for the Big Gay Dance Party, Derrick J discusses his love for podcasting, new mover parties, more Porcfest stories, Cecelia goes #FullManch, difference between #FullKeene and #FullManch, RLS goes full #FlamingFreedom, Derrick updates us on his conceal carry case, and recording in the court room in NH. RLS broadcasts every Tuesday night on LRN.FM at 10pm EST.

Rebel LOVE Show ep 38: Rebel Flaming Love


Dale from Flaming Freedom and Ann from the Seditious Sirens join us in the Rebel Love studio to pre-game before Liberty Forum. Topics on this week’s show include Liberty Forum updates, Tinder activism, good vs bad publicity, new movers, Flaming Freedom resurrected, entertainment for the liberty community, living life on the fringe of society, closet libertarians in the LGBT community, being open about your sexuality in the Shire, we reminisce about Keenevention and Porcfest, and porcupines helping out other porcs in emergencies. The Rebel LOVE Show broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM.

Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2013

In case you needed more proof that New Hampshire is the place to be around the coolest liberty activists in the world, here’s an epic half-hour video of footage from Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2013!

Bonus cool points that it was shot and edited by liberty-loving state rep Mike Sylvia.

If you’re LGBT and love liberty – you are welcome in this awesome movement. Join the Free State Project, and get to New Hampshire ASAP!