Dozens Attend “Free the Nipple” on Hampton Beach, Despite Cold & Rain

Free the Nipple Hampton

Free the Nipple 2015, Hampton Beach, NH

After making international headlines and despite a major facebook mistake and bad weather, approximately two-dozen ladies persevered and came out to Hampton Beach today to stand against the social stigma associated with women being topless in public.

Free State Project early mover Jessica Wardell traveled all the way from Henniker to join the topless ladies and their male supporters today and had this to say about the event, “It was lots of fun, there were about 20-30 girls participating, and I didn’t receive any negative criticism. Mostly people were curious about what was going on, and everyone that I talked to seemed to support the idea- especially when I brought up breast feeding.”

The event has already received coverage from the Daily Mail, which focused on the dozens of topless equality events taking place internationally, Reuters,, NECN, as well as in Manchester’s Union Leader. Seacoast newspaper “Fosters” was dismissive of the event in their article, calling it “a bust” (yuk, yuk) and claiming only a dozen women came out. How many actually attended? Wardell claims 20-30 ladies in her estimate, with 40-50 additional supporters, including topless males. While more than 1,300 had claimed they were attending on the facebook event, facebook event attendance estimates are almost never close to the actual turnout. Many will indicate they are attending on facebook simply to show support for the event.

Free the Nipple Hampton 2015

What day at the beach would be complete without sand boobies?

The ladies who set up the Hampton event, Kia Sinclair and Heidi Lilley, deserve a lot of credit for doing a great job promoting it and fielding media interviews in advance. Sadly, a major mistake was made early this morning when someone canceled the facebook event! The night prior, one of the admins posted a warning that they were going to cancel the facebook event this morning, but told people that did not mean the event was actually canceled. (Apparently, the FB event was canceled due to heavy trolling of the comments, however this could have been solved by only allowing admins to post.) Of course, only a fraction of the event attendees saw that post, so when the event was cancelled, EVERYONE on the event received a notice this morning from facebook saying the event was canceled with no explanation. This, in addition to the cold, rainy weather was likely a major contributing factor to the turnout. Two dozen topless ladies in bad weather actually seems really good, all things considered!

Organizer Kia Sinclair agreed, saying in a Free Keene-exclusive interview, “I am really happy about the turnout despite the weather. There were actually quite a few topless women around the beach at different times throughout the day. Because of the rain, a lot of women took shelter at the seashell stage. I will say that it was slightly intimidating being stared at and photographed by so many people. Its actually silly that just us being topless made so many people want to take pictures. If the weather was better I don’t think it would have been quite like that. But either way there were a lot of supporters despite the rain.”

Free the Nipple Hampton Beach 2015

Free State Project Early Mover Jessica Wardell, Graham Colson, and FSP Early Mover Matt Genack

Of course, all the mainstream media articles have been showing censored photos, or the ladies shot from behind, because the media are part of the problem. The social stigma against showing women topless runs deep, and mainstream media certainly won’t cross that taboo. Free Keene is not beholden to those rules. Share this article on social media at your own risk – you may get reported and banned for doing so.  UPDATE:  Facebook has targeted this article for censorship, so if you want to share it there, goto this link and hit “share” on it.  That will share a version with a censored pic that uses Graham’s breasts to cover Jessica’s.

Congratulations and thank you to the ladies who went out today despite the weather. Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on topless equality.  You can also join the “Free the Nipple” group for NH on facebook here.

Expected next is an as-yet-unscheduled civil disobedience event in Laconia where the city has illegally outlawed female toplessness.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Ashley Stoddard, Miranda Stoddard, Andrew Wardell

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  1. FreeTalkLive man that looks like molly shannon.

  2. Again, please don’t use freekeeners in your propaganda. The only support you will get is from Jenny Craig. People have been trying to get the “clothing optional” thing going for a long long time. It never pans out. It’s unfortunate for freekeeners who have never seen a woman naked before.  By the way Ian, underage children would not be able to do the “clothing optional” thing.

  3. Jumping Jacks Actually, it’s already the law in NH that women do not have to wear tops any place that men do not, so this is a battle that has already been won.  The event yesterday was just about raising awareness.  The ordinance in Laconia is patently unconstitutional, and there are already half a dozen lawyers ready to get that one killed.

    Of course, since nipples are not genitalia (for someone who claims to be a medical professional, it’s surprising that you don’t know that), exposing them is not nudity.  So, if someone had “never seen a woman naked before” and went to this event, that individual would still not have seen a naked woman.

    Oh, and there’s no age restriction.  Because, of course, laws don’t allow things, but prohibit them (you really seem to repeatedly fail to understand such a basic piece of civics – public school, right?).  So, it’s not a matter of “this is illegal, except for the following cases,” but rather “this is only illegal in the following cases.”  And since there’s no prohibition against exposing nipples listed in the law, there’s also no prohibition against exposing nipples if one is under some particular age.

  4. Thats hilarious

  5. FlintNH Jumping Jacks To me it doesn’t matter. But here are a few questions to think about. 

    You said, “The ordinance in Laconia is patently unconstitutional, and there are already half a dozen lawyers ready to get that one killed”. Tell me, which lawyers?

    Show me where in the constitution does it say women can go around in public topless. Show me in New Hampshire’s constitution women can go around topless. .

  6. This is great!! I don’t think it’s so much about be being a prude, but too overly sexual and not being able to accept a woman’s nipples in a non-sexual setting. It’s funny that society over sexualizes them because their main purpose, breast feeding, is not sexual whatsoever.

  7. Jumping Jacks FlintNH NHCLU has been looking at picking it up, among others.  No doubt you’ll hear about it soon enough, once it gets narrowed down.
    Article 2 of the NH Constitution:
    [Natural Rights] All men have certain natural,
    essential, and inherent rights – among which are, the enjoying and
    defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting,
    property; and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness. Equality
    of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state on
    account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.
    A law banning all nipples would not violate that, but a law which discriminates against women by treating their nipples differently from male nipples is unconstitutional.

  8. FlintNH Jumping Jacks Again, please post in the exact statements of the constitution or NH constitution that says women can go shirtless.

  9. And this would be why I won’t be going to NH any time soon.
    All the things going on in the world; all the things happening in NH, the US, and the world; the end of individual liberty in this country …
    And the best you jokers can think of is showing your tits.
    What a complete and utter waste of time. I will never be in NH. You’re a bunch of idiots.

  10. This is the type of activism that these particular people have chosen to engage in, William, and New Hampshire is in no way unique in this. “Free the Nipple” activism is being done in other states as well. It also isn’t the only type of liberty activism being done in New Hampshire. If you peruse through Free Keene’s web site history, you’re certain to find other types of activism being done in NH as well, possibly even some that you might find more agreeable.
    Remember, embracing freedom means wanting liberty for others as well, not just for yourself, William.  Complaining that others aren’t focusing on the issues that you find more important is neither efficient nor productive. You need to put some effort into it yourself to get anywhere. Show some initiative, William! If you want to engage in activities to enhance your own freedom, then why don’t you come to NH and start some of your own?

  11. Why would we want someone in NH who would collectivize all 1800 Free Staters here as though they were all the same? You don’t like the actions of a handful of us, so you’re not moving? I’d say we’re not losing out.

  12. Ha! You said utter.

  13. You’re absolutely correct: you’re not losing out and neither am I.
    The deal is this:
    For years, I’ve watched Free Keene antagonize local law enforcement. I’ve watched your members go to jail for the stupidest, most avoidable reasons.
    It was all so you could feel good about yourselves while simultaneously contributing precisely nothing to individual liberty.
    You’re courting law enforcement coming down on you — hard. When they come down on you, they WILL find drugs (either yours or planted) and you WILL do jail time because of it.
    I want no part of that. I need jail time over stupidity like I need a hole in the head.
    From half a continent away, it is utterly impossible to discern the difference between the idiots and those doing something effective. I don’t know who to throw in with: so I won’t.
    See, I’ve been there, done that. Recall that I’ve been championing individual liberty longer than a lot of the Free Keene morons have been alive. I can tell when something is useful and when it’s stupid.
    On the whole, what I see coming out of the FSP and Free Keene in particular is monumentally stupid. I will not hitch my wagon to a car that is absolutely destined to wind up in a police impound.
    You at Free Keene are CHILDREN. You actually think that showing your tits in public contributes to individual liberty.
    Well, I have news for you: there are places where this occurs all the time. They’re called “nude beaches.” You can find them near any significant body of water.
    Know what? Walking around naked has to date produced precisely nothing in the way of individual liberty.
    You’re foolish children whipping off your shirts and saying, “Look at me, I’m free!”
    No, you’re not free. You’re just standing there with your tits hanging out. Hell, there are whole African tribes that do that.
    Tits != liberty.

  14. Good riddance to prudes and whiners.

  15. Dude/tte, you have no idea who you’re talking to.
    Prude? The very notion is ridiculous.
    As usual with children of all ages, you miss the point:
    What you’re doing is stupid. Tits != freedom.

  16. This is hilarious.  To start off, what, precisely, are your contributions to individual liberty?  Let’s hear all about what you’ve accomplished…

    But then let’s continue with your apparently inability to understand that FTN isn’t something FreeKeene dreamed up – FTN is a movement involving thousands of people over the whole planet.  A handful of FreeKeeners choose to participate, and suddenly you act like it was organized by FK?  So, you apparently know nothing about the subject on which you are choosing to pontificate.

    And we’ll move on to the fact that female toplessness is no more nudity than is male toplessness, so there’s no reason it would have to take place on a “nude beach” (of which there are actually few or none, here).  So, again, you’re arguing from a position of complete ignorance.  Both of biology, and of geography.

    Finally, we can examine your position that this has produced nothing in the way of individual liberty.  Actually, we don’t even really need to examine it in any detail; your position is ridiculous, as the only reason men are able to walk around without shirts in public is because of these exact sort of protests, a mere 80 years ago.  Men did this same thing, and their nipples were no longer cause for arrest if exposed in public.  Now, men can walk around without shirts, and no one even comments.  So, these women are planning to do the exact same thing that already worked.  Hence, your notion that you know what is and is not effective is utterly without merit; this tactic is not just effective in theory – it’s been proven effective in actual practice.

    But, as Ian notes, we’re not losing out just because you won’t be moving to NH.  Good riddance.

  17. I hear someone whining about the activism of others, and further using it as an excuse to not join the best libertarian movement in the world.

  18. If showing your tits is “the best”, then no, I will not be joining.
    In fact, since showing your tits is “the best”, I propose a new hashtag so that those who know nothing of libertarianism understand.
    It is, after all, “the best.”

  19. This isn’t activism – this is a bunch of (severely unattractive) losers trying to stir up some controversy and trouble (again).  I’m sure no one paid much attention to them, considering no one was really at the beach that day because the weather was crappy.

  20. MikeAB Actually, there were quite a lot of folks there.  Not on the beach, itself, but all along the street fronting the beach.

    The story, of course, has been picked up all over the country – heck, the world, since this is a major, international movement.

  21. FlintNH And by this time next year, NH will have on the books a state law banning such nonsense.

  22. MikeAB FlintNH We already covered that.  The NH Constitution prohibits laws that discriminate on basis of sex (Article 2).  So, the only way to accomplish that would be to prohibit toplessness by everyone (men and women both).  There’s simply no way around that.

    It’s possible that some legislator would be stupid enough to put forth a discriminatory bill.  It’s remotely possible that it could actually pass.  It’s extremely close to impossible (but not absolutely impossible) that it could actually get the Governor’s signature.  However, there’s no chance it would be enforceable.  The Court would strike it down, completely and utterly.

    If you want laws like that, there are plenty of places you can move and enjoy such.  Iran comes to mind.

  23. “Best libertarian movement in the world ” is that factual. Do you have proof of that statistical?

  24. The actions of the handful of the keeniacs is the reason why the free state project is slowly backing away from you. Cut the cord to the demon children.

  25. i just so happen to know all the girls in the first 2 pictures


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