A Grandmother and Uber Driver Cited in Portsmouth Crackdown, Promises to Keep Driving (Video)

The crackdown on Uber (check out the first installment in this story here) has escalated in Portsmouth, as the first Uber driver has been issued a $500 citation for peacefully attempting to drive people home after a night of drinking. The target of police aggression in this case was Stephanie Franz, a 63 year old grandmother and bus-driver who has been driving for Uber in her spare time.

This story was first reported by Seacoast Online, who got a great quote from Franz when they called to interview her:

“I can’t speak for what Uber’s going to do,” she said. “It’s up to them. But I hope this gets worked out so I don’t have to keep playing cat-and-mouse with the police.”

Do you hear that, city of Portsmouth? You haven’t even managed to scare Stephanie Franz. She and the other Uber drivers will continue to play your cat and mouse games, and liberty activists in New Hampshire will continue to shine light upon your protectionist scheming.

Here’s a video from the leader of freeuber.org – activist Christopher David – who catches a little bit of the stop, and provides some context as to what’s been going on in Portsmouth recently.

After watching the video, the question remains – why are the Portsmouth police sending multiple police cars to stop peaceful people from helping their neighbors get home from a night of drinking in exchange for a smaller fee than the local taxi cartel?

Christopher David Threatened by Snitching Bouncer from Daniel Street Tavern

According to David, the police officer recorded in his initial video called him to say that the bouncer who snitched on him for offering Uber rides is upset and “threatening to press charges” because Christopher allegedly didn’t get his permission to record their interaction. We’ll keep you updated as that situation progresses.

If you want to support Christopher in his heroic efforts to nullify the Uber ban in Portsmouth (and perhaps lay a groundwork for nullifying these ridiculous bans worldwide), head over to FreeUber.org and get involved.

For additional coverage of the Free Uber movement in Portsmouth, check out Rights Brigade, a New Hampshire based activism group that has been assisting Christopher in canvassing the city with flyers to raise awareness for the city council’s protectionist schemes.

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