Cop Block’s Ademo and Brian Arrested While Chalking Noblesville PD

Ademo Freeman and Brian Sumner

Ademo and Brian shortly before turning themselves in.

Ten days ago, Free Keene blogger and Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman was arrested in Kansas on a warrant for chalking in front of the Noblesville, Indiana police department. In the latest salvo in the War on Chalk, Noblesville PD had issued warrants for both Ademo and Brian Sumner, who have been on the Cop Block MAC Tour (Mobile Accountability for Cops) for weeks. Now, Ademo and Brian are pausing the MAC tour and last night turned themselves in at Noblesville PD to clear up the warrants. Here’s their full explanation as to why they turned themselves in and do not wish to be bailed out.

Last night, accompanied by Cop Blockers from Ohio and Indiana, they arrived at Noblesville PD and began chalking police accountability messages with the same liquid chalk product they’d used several weeks ago that resulted in misdemeanor “criminal mischeif” charges for them both.

After twenty minutes of chalking, finally the police came out. Here’s the video of the arrests, recorded by Indiana Cop Blocker Miah Dalek Akston:

They intend to sit in the clink until they are released. How long will Noblesville hold them for this dastardly crime before they face trial? Will the charges be dropped before then? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to Free Keene and Cop Block for the latest.

Meanwhile, Ademo suggests you contact James Baldwin, the prosecutor in their case or (if you really want to let them know you disapprove) visit the Noblesville Police Department and exercise your first amendment right with some chalk. You never know, you might even be lucky enough to join the guys in jail.

James Baldwin (Ademo’s Prosecutor) & Brian Patrick Johnson (Brian’s Prosecutor): (317) 776-8595
Hamilton County Jail: (317) 776-9800

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  1. I guess if you are going to act like children, you will be treated like children. They were busted for criminal mischief. Just like all people, no one wants to see adults acting like children by writing all over buildings. Very very immature

  2. Thanks for the phone numbers, I’ll be sure to call up the men with guns that caged these childlike asshats and thank them for their devotion. Grow up.

  3. Good Job Guys! Keep it up! they had no right to put out those Warrants. Warrants are for Felony Serious Crimes not chalk that is water solvent and washes away in rain bull shit.

  4. What Ademo needs is to be taken out back somewhere and given an old-fashion beatdown; this is what one does to flaming assholes like this guy because it’s the only thing they seem to understand.

    If you continue to fuck with people (police or otherwise), eventually you get your ass handed to you.

  5. So it’s ok because – hey – they’re using chalk, right? It’s defacing public property and criminal mischief, asshole.

    I’ll tell you what: if I caught these retards drawing on my property with liquid chalk, they would get to experience what liquid chalk tastes like.

  6. I already taste tested the liquid chalk, its not good.

    Also they did this to PUBLIC property which is not a crime, it would be to do it to private property… get your ed head out of your ed ass.

  7. Liberty is not the problem, Bsizzle, it’s instead the myopic dullards (like yourself) who lack the courage to leave peaceful people alone. Be it in their cars, in their homes, when they travel, when they go to work, in their recreations, or even in their own family lives. Nothing is off limits. And because you have a pathological obsession with controlling others, you’ve been easily duped into believing that such intrusions must continue uninterrupted.

    You’ve certainly learned nothing from the past, Bsizzle. I wonder how many more tragedies will need to unfold in the future before you learn the lesson that the micromanaging control-freaks and the governments they create and adore are willing to stack the bodies of milksops and sycophants like yourself just as high as the rest of us?

  8. You lock children in cages for doing things that harm no one?

  9. What specific aspect of chalking on unowned property warrants physical violence in retribution?

  10. Exactly good point, you lock children up in cages for doing things that harm no one? You that video “girls gone wild”??? We’ll this is cops or law enforcement gone wild!!! To protect and to serve!!! Not to bully and beat up on trumped up charges!!! They are example of your tax dollars not at work!!! They took an oath!!! what oath?? to protect and defend the US Constitution the Highest law in the land. that means the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments. and that also does not give them elevated rights or higher rights. If anything they cops / Deputies / Highway patrolmans have less rights because they have to respect our rights our civil liberties. What was it Thomas Jefferson said?? those that are unwilling to defend freedom will neither get it or deserve it??? something like that…

  11. I think you need to get your own head out of your own ass first, Miah. You obviously can’t read correctly, because he stated “defacing PUBLIC property”. Yeah – that’s a crime. I know you freetards don’t understand that concept, but no one really cares if any of you do or not. If y’all want to come into communities and pull this shit, then there will be consequences.

    Nice look, btw … it is apparently what happens when you fall into a paint can head first … or you lose a bet.

  12. Because he richly deserves it? Just a guess on my part.

  13. “myopic dullards who lack the courage to leave peaceful people alone. Be it in their cars, in their homes, when they travel, when they go to work, in their recreations, or even in their own family lives. Nothing is off limits.

    Exactly what the Free Keene Douchebag Squad does on a regular basis – they refuse to leave peaceful people alone.

    You’re all a bunch of lying, lowlife hypocrites.

  14. I called and left a message for the judge asking him to throw the book at these assholes.

  15. Makes me want to move to this city. It’s obviously an incredibly safe place without crime if this is what the police get to spend their time doing, putting chalk into evidence bags.

  16. There’s nothing peaceful about government, Mike. Government is force, and when that force is unjustified the victims of it have a moral imperative to defend themselves from it.

    All you can do is cheer on the villains safely from behind your keyboard. You’re a physical coward, Mike, and you know it. It’s only because you agree with the villains that you’ve convinced yourself that you play an important role in their activities. Isn’t that the real reason why you kvetch so much about people who are courageous enough to refuse to allow lying bureaucrats and their agents to victimize them?

  17. JumpingJacks <– Champion of Evil

  18. You cannot blame the police. Adam and his “friend” posted graffiti on a police building which the DA ordered the charges. Not to long ago, the city of Keene had to hire a professional cleaner/restorer to fix the civil war memorial that was damaged from freekeeners chalking it up. The city had to pay for it. The bill should have went to the freekeeners. They deserve to sit in jail. I’m sure they are both used to it.

  19. Dracccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccçcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc… hormel! Your the dullard you old bastard!

  20. The city didn’t pay for the removing of the chalk jumping jacks. A local company that I know did, out of the kindness of there own hearts. They had to take all of the petena off the monument to get it back to its original form. They did the same to the fountain which is also granite. It’s sad. Childlike adults that think their entitled to do whatever they want, not realizing their causing more harm then good. Their kind of blindly dumb to reason, but I bet draccc vermin will still back up the keeniacs, even though he is obviously super intelligent! Sincerely Mr. Grammar.

  21. If you’re going to sign things, “Mr. Grammar,” you might want to work on your own. It should be “removal of the chalk” (not “removing”) and “their own hearts” (not “there”). “A local company that I know did” is poor quality, even if not wrong – “I know of a local company that did” would be smoother). “Petena” is not a word (“patina,” on the other had, is an actual word). “Off of the monument” is better than “off the monument” (while small, “of” can be important). “Original form” is wrong, unless they changed the shape of the monument; it should be “original condition.” Your placement of “it’s sad” implies that you’re sad that the fountain was cleaned. You again fail at knowing the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re” – the latter should be used before “entitled,” since it is a contraction of “they are.” Same before “causing,” and before “kind.” But I can’t help you much with that last sentence, because it’s just too incoherent, even when the first word is corrected; I’d suggest a complete re-write. Oh, and there should be a comma after “sincerely.”

  22. Get a clue. Flinttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…. I don’t care flinttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, butt buddy of dracccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc hormel!!!!

  23. So flint do you want to deface monuments? What about your butt buddy drac, because if you do that, that is lowering yourselves to the dregs of humanity that you should be used to. Answer? Sincerely Mr. Grammar lol!

  24. Hey flint!!! Do you poop like normal people, or do you keep it all in?

  25. Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Keep doing what your doing. It keeps me going!

  27. Am I to imagine that you were also sticking your tongue out at me as well while you were typing that, Bsizzle? Ho-hum. You just make this too easy.

  28. It’s rather obvious that you do care. Or you wouldn’t be posting here.

  29. How would one go about defacing Drac? Presumably, “defacing” a human being would involve permanently disfiguring them by some act of violence. Yes, someone who would do such a thing would definitely be from among “the dregs of humanity.”

    Not sure how that’s relevant to the discussion, since no one other than the cops and some of your compatriots have offered any violence.

    As far as your first question… personally, I have little interest in monuments. I do find many of them offensive (eg, monuments to Columbus, who was as least as evil as Hitler – lacking only the technology to kill quite as many – but somehow we have a national holiday and monuments to that scumbag), but if they are going to be defaced, I think it’s best when that’s done by the victims (or their descendants) of the particular monster who is being memorialized. However, may I ask your reason for posing that question? The second obviously makes sense, as it points out that cops and their supporters are from among the dregs of humanity, but since no one who is being discussed actually defaced any monuments, it seems to be a complete non sequitur.

  30. I can’t say that I’ve “pooped” since I was a very young child, in the same way that I use a “toilet,” not a “potty.” But perhaps you are of the age at which such terms are still used?

  31. I thought you derived most of your courage from that quaint 80s old-school rapper name you choose to identify yourself with, Bsizzle?

  32. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Libertards unite! Your answering unintelligent questions just kills me. Lol. YOU people sincerely are the dregs of humanity to stoop to answering poop questions. Good luck with life. Sincerely Mr. Grammar

  33. Wait for it, wait for it……

  34. Drac you child, these guys are not peaceful, they are confrontational and try to bait the police into doing something that they can get on video. I think the police handled these thugs professionally, much more so than I would have because I would have beat the dog sh*t out of them. As far as your pathological remark, the only psychopaths I see are the idiots with chalk. As for me, I like the police. I like to see the police out in the public doing their jobs. I want to see more police, the more the better because unlike yourself and the copblockers, I am a law abiding citizen. I have nothing to hide, nothing to fear. I don’t smoke dope and commit “victimless crimes” like these copblock idiots. As far as the guy making pig comments on the video, and accusing them of not being able to cut it in the military a combat vet I say this: what has this idiot done for this country? What kind of dirt bag leach of a jackass loser says crap like that? If there was ever a time the police would be justified in administering a Rodney King beating, this would be it. You copblock f*cks make me sick, riding the “black lives matter” movement and making hero’s out of guys like MIchael Brown and Freddie Gray, what a sham. Those two guys were thugs, plain and simple. Brown was shot while beating a police officer, I say he got what was coming to him. Gray was a drug dealer whose self-inflicted injuries resulted in his death. That’s right, self-inflicted. He threw himself around in the back of the patty wagon, what an idiot. He did that to himself, just like what Ademo just did, got himself thrown in jail for being stupid. Ademo just wants to be a martyr and his followers will continue to blindly worship him as if he’s some sort of god. He’s no god. He’d a dumb ass who writes crap on sidewalks that nobody wants to look at.

  35. @Bob A

    You missed my point, Bob. A government enforces its rules by relying upon the implication that violence will always be the ultimate consequence of disobedience. This makes government unsuitable in its role of offering services that can be easily provided through free-market means. Government should be protecting life and property, not regulating what sort of cars I may buy, what types of health insurance I should have, what foods I may eat, what drugs I may take, what businesses I may start, and which products I wish to sell.

    Your eagerness for more police instead of less highlights your own pathologies, Bob. Just like a child, you desire to be led. You crave acts of decisiveness, but only if they’re not your own. You prefer to surrender to a superior will, and you succumb to an almost orgiastic reaction when you learn that people who challenge your views are arrested, beaten, or killed. You want to follow orders. And worse, when your leaders fail, you want to be able to look back and blame those who told you what to do. After all, you moan, you were only following orders, you were just doing your job.

    I prefer to be the master of my own life and my own future, Bob. This freedom was already declining when I migrated to the US decades ago. It appears to me that the majority (you) now want the alternative that I fled from.

  36. Their probably not replying to this because their all together including Ian and stinky in one big circle jerk at keenevention. Ewww!

  37. Can’t speak for anyone else, but I wasn’t even in NH, let alone Keene – unlike you, some of us actually have a life, and may even travel to visit family.

  38. Oh don’t worry flint, I’ve got a great life and a great family that loves to laugh about the dismal lives of dirty libertards like yourself. Thanks

  39. Sure you do, Bsizzle. Sure you do.

  40. We just laugh, and laugh, and laugh at your dirty libertarian lives together, collectively, as a family. It makes my family, and many friends from all over the country laugh at what you guys are all about! Lmao keep it up!?!

  41. No children are not locked in cages but animals are. That is what these 2 guys act like, the myst gave been birn in a barn!!

  42. On the contrary Drac, I don’t wish to be led, I wish to be protected. I want my rights and my property protected from criminal acts. You, however believe you’re entitled to do whatever you want, whenever you want. I support law enforcement, I expect them to do their jobs, I expect to see them, lots of them, patrolling our streets on foot and in their vehicles. I expect them to make arrests, write tickets, answer calls, raid Phat Stuff, arrest idiots like JP Freeman when he lights up a joint in public, breakup fights, mediate domestic disputes, etc. You on the other hand want no police because you want to do the policing, and this is why we have a second amendment Drac, to defend ourselves and our property against people like you.

  43. One other thing Drac, you say you migrated here to get away from oppression, then you should know that the US is the best country in the world to live. I know this because I’ve been to over a dozen countries, some of them real shit holes. As far as the all the other things you said, yes I agree to some degree with you…..I’m against big government, I’m against Obamacare, I’m against government overreach. I’m not, however, against the rule of law. You on the other hand don’t like laws. You like anarchy.

  44. @Bob A

    In what way does writing tickets and arresting people for smoking pot protect property rights, Bob? Don’t those two acts instead constitute threats to property?

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