Secret Service Takes Guns, Pony Away From Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme for President

Vermin Supreme or President, 2016

Finally! A candidate worth voting for has entered the presidential race. Vermin Supreme is back for 2016’s presidential primary, this year filing in the Democratic contest. On Friday the boot-wearing candidate, who advocates mandatory teeth-brushing, is promising to buy everyone a pony if he is elected, and will go back in time to kill Hitler if elected, filed for the office of President in Concord, NH with a $1,000 filing fee.

Before heading into the state house to file, Vermin exercised his right to open carry weapons and strapped on a few guns, including a pistol attached to the boot on his head. Sadly, the Secret Service had taken over the state house and were somehow able to temporarily destroy NH’s freedom to carry a gun. Vermin was disarmed, and they would not even allow him to bring in his pony doll or even a cigarette lighter. Apparently they were protecting some lesser candidate named Ben Carson with their ridiculous security apparatus. Here’s the full RAW video of his appearance at the NH state house:

Of course, the security is all for show. If someone were intent on hurting Carson, they could simply wait until he leaves the building.

It’s supposedly illegal for the government to deprive people of their right to bear arms in NH’s government buildings that aren’t considered “secure facilities” like jails or courts. Apparently these rules do not apply to the Secret Service.

The entire encounter was captured on video by Free State Project early mover and former CPS investigator-turned-good, Carlos Morales.

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  1. “If someone were intent on hurting Carson, they could simply wait until he leaves the building ” Wow, Ian Bernard if the Secret Service or FBI were already looking into your sham of a cult as a potential threat, they are going to be now. I’m going to be making a call to some authority figures to show them this. Thanks, that was easy.

  2. Stating a basic fact of logic (which anyone over the age of two could discover) is not a threat.

    Please get a recorder going when you make those calls (inform them that you are recording, of course). I want to hear them laugh at you when you make your “report.”

  3. Their already looking into Ian and his band of minions for a few years now. I just a matter of time when he is “caged” again for being a fraud.

  4. Ian, I believe you went off the path on this one. The guy is unstable at best. He has been arrested and kicked out of multiple rallies for the presidential candidates. This is how freekeeners are perceived by the citizens of Keene

  5. “It’s supposedly illegal for the government to deprive people of their right to bear arms in NH’s government buildings that aren’t considered “secure facilities” like jails or courts. Apparently these rules do not apply to the Secret Service.”

    You’re a fucking moron, Bernard. You’re making something out of nothing – again.

  6. Jumping Jacks, in their warped libertard brains Vermin Supreme is a god. To the average mentally stable human, he’s a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, so the rest of his followers are. It’s alarming and sad.

  7. BTW certain authority figures that I called today, we’re very interested in the info in this blog.

  8. Yelling up to your parents from their basement does not constitute calling authority figures.

  9. Wait… Vermin Supreme has “followers?”

    Sorry, but finding a comedian funny does not make one a “follower” of that comedian.

    You don’t seem to grasp humor. Let me explain. Mr. “Supreme” is engaging in a comedic behavior known as “satire.” He expresses one or more ludicrous positions, like “free ponies for every American” in order to point out that other behaviors by those in power are really not much less ludicrous, and are far more destructive.

  10. No KingOfKeene. Ian is correctly pointing out that the Secret Service had usurped the authority to break NH law. The State of NH should have obeyed the law and countermanded the Secret Service’s orders, but elected not to do so.

  11. Untrue. I have never been arrested in the great State of New Hampshire.
    True. Occasionally political operatives do not desire my presence at their allegedly public events and have escorted me out.
    I am not from Keene.

  12. I don’t have my parents with me anymore flint, so how is that working for yah. Get back in the hole you crawled out from.

  13. No, they live upstairs. You live in the basement. Yelling upstairs to them isn’t the same as calling “authority figures,” because no one with actual authority would give a hoot about the content of this article. Certainly not the Secret Service.

  14. Troll.

  15. verminsupreme – Your antics are well known to the freekeene activists. I looked at a couple of videos of you on youtube. It would appear you are just there to try and capture some limelight with weird and bizarre behavior. There is nothing serious about you. Your borderline personality syndrome is why you have been arrested and kicked out of these presidential campaign rallies. I predict during the next year, you will have more arrests and have been barred from these events.

  16. Yes, because in the three decades he’s been protesting, he’s done okay, but during the next year, that’s when he’ll suddenly fail. [/sarcasm]

    Somehow, I don’t think that prediction will come true, any more than your other predictions, which have all failed. You probably want to stop trying to predict things. Your lack of knowledge and basic reasoning skills prevent you from correctly deducing what will happen next.

  17. Holy carp! The free Keene anti-fan club must be some of the most uptight bunch of clowns on the planet! These were the people having a bad time at the original Woodstock! A five thousand milligram dose of mdma couldn’t make these turds smile. Holy cow. Vermin is great. And I’d rather brush my teeth with a pony than bomb another country these detox couldn’t spell or find on a map anyday! Keep up the good work! All of you! Except the grumps with with giant cactus’ in the tears. You suck turds.

  18. Screw you spell check. Who created this monstrosity anyway?

  19. “[S]ham of a cult”?!? Vermin Supreme is more real than GOD!

  20. You know the whole GOP clown car is widely considered profoundly insane by those outside it. Right off the bat Trump is undeniably a model of narcissistic personality disorder and Carson is schizo. In comparison Vermin Supreme is a beacon of reason.

  21. Please predict Trump wins the election.

    Flint, you must use people like this constructively.

  22. For goodness sakes, Jacks! More predictions for the future? And a medical diagnosis to boot? My you’re a hard-case! Since it’s been well-reported here by several others that your predictions never come true and that the medical qualifications you claim to possess are obviously a lie, don’t you think it’s high time for another change in alias so that you can make a fresh start?

  23. Turn in your fellow citizens to the the Authorities because you don’t like their point of veiw. What a good little progressive you are! Bet they will give you EXTRA rations at the camp!

  24. Clearly you have no grasp of Satire Bsizzle. Vermin is mocking the entire flawed system. We flock to the polls and vote for the person who has the best combination off presidential appearance and promises of stuff. They get elected and do whatever they want to do and to hell with Constituents. It is a farce and has been for a while. Vermin is just art imitating life.

  25. Hey flint the calls have been made, not up to my dead parents who live upstairs, according to what is in your delusional libertard brain, but to a couple of my good friends that are military, Dea, and a cop or two. They are aware of you libertards and the way you guys play the game. I’m told that it’s just a matter of time with the intell that they are privy to, that the keeniacs will pay for being “lazy” for the way your scamming the government. It’s chess not checkers with you asshats.
    I can’t wait it’s going to be great!

  26. This is quite hilarious. Yeah, they’re sharing “intell” with you. Riiiight….

    The more you post, the more you sound like some kid who lives in his parents’ basement playing video games.

    See, given that what was posted here would not even vaguely be considered a threat by anyone who is actually involved in responding to threats, and since you claim that they were “very interested,” that proves that you did not actually speak with any such individuals. Their reaction, as I noted above, would be to laugh in your face.

  27. “Right off the bat Trump is undeniably a model of narcissistic personality disorder…”

    Obviously this guy has never met Ian Bernard, the poster child for narcissistic personality disorder

  28. Ryan, run back upstairs from the basement – it’s time for Mommy to give you your pill.

  29. You have no idea who I KNOW. That’s just fine. “THEY” are very interested and know already of the “goings on ” of the law breaking keeniacs. I will not disclose names of my very close friends in uniform, however one name that the keeniacs now very well and I is a friend of mine is Sargent Short of the Keene police department, he is one of many. Sooo STFU
    Flint. Thanks, chew on that on for a while.

  30. No so hilarious now is it Flint?

  31. Knowing Barney Fife of the local police does not make you special. You claimed to know figures of actual authority. Who would have laughed in your face if you brought this to them.

    Ergo, you are just inventing fantasies.

  32. What’s not hilarious? Your delusions of grandeur are non-stop hilarity. You actually think you’re somehow important, because you know a low-level local cop.

    Hell, I’ve been on a first-name basis with the local police chief for so long that I have to think to remember his last name. And the regular beat cops… I probably never knew their last names. Which is not the least bit special; nearly anyone in a NH town knows numerous members of the local police force.

    It’s like you’re bragging about how you managed to microwave a frozen burrito, and you think others will be impressed by your “amazing” feat.

  33. Posted too soon…

    The added hilarity, though, is how you imagine others will be intimidated by this accomplishment. It’s even better. I’m imagining you showing up at a five-star restaurant and telling them they’ll soon be out of business, because your mad skills at microwaving burritos are going to steal all their customers. You actually imagine that you’re somehow threatening to others when you brag about the trivial nonsense you’ve managed in life.

  34. Nope, no delusions of grandeur here, just the facts. I would call Sargent Short more of an acquaintance, than a friend and yes he is a cop in a small town that you think I might be from. I am not from Keene originally, hence the reason why I am not going to reveal the names of the others that know the situation with the keeniacs. That being said I’m from a much bigger city, much bigger city, where it wouldn’t be as normal to rub elbows with the law as to see the future. It should be threatening to know that I know much more important people than a local small town cop, so shut the fuck up. I use the name Bsizzle, it might come off as a 80’s rapper who sucks, but it just the opposite of who I am. It’s funny how someone who is non- important, and grammatically incompetent can cause you asshats to keep responding to my pithy posts as you would call them, but it seems to get to you guys. The fact that you, and other libertards support this group of derilics, lumps you in with them flinty. Don’t worry about it though, all in good time, all in good time.

  35. While your precise psychological pathologies are unclear to me Bsizzle, boasting to others about your own significance in society is a clear sign that you’re a sociopath. So is the delusion that you have any really close friends. It’s not very wise to be revealing more of your weaknesses here, Bsizzle. It’s not helping your cause.

  36. Keep it coming. This is comedy gold. And yes, we’ll keep responding, because it’s, as I just said, comedy gold. You are so hilariously-pathetic that you put a smile on my face every time you post.

    Everyone is really “threatened” by all of the “important people” that think you know. Please threaten us some more. We’re all quaking in our boots.

    Tell us more about how these imaginary “important people” are going to handle the ominously-termed “situation.” If it goes on much longer, will it progress to being a “shenanigan?”

    (and no, no one would call your posts “pithy” – they’re actually quite the opposite of pithy)

  37. Let’s see, Bsizzle… In this one paragraph you’ve demonstrated the following weaknesses: impulsiveness, a grandiosity of self, pathological lying, remorselessness, and a penchant for drama. My, my Bsizzle! That’s an awful lot of weaknesses! And all those flaws sure do overlap a lot with those of Jacks, don’t they? I’d really like to see you two play poker! Do you think you can make that happen, Bsizzle? If so, please post it on YouTube!

  38. All in good time flinty, all in good time. Again it’s chess not checkers with you asshats. You personally are truly delusional if you rub elbows with retards like, Ian, Chris cuntwell, Rich Paul, Derrick J, Jprick Phillips, Cleveland, Edemo, all persons of very high moral value. STFU!
    You guys truly are the dregs of society! I’m so happy that I DON’T rub elbows with such scum! Flinty, do you think the same?
    Wait don’t answer that question, lol.
    Go back in your hole.

  39. I disagree, Flint. Bsizzle’s posts usually are quite pithy in that they’re both short and expressive. It’s that they tend to lack any intellectual substance that’s the problem.

  40. Dear Jesus Freak, I haven’t lived at home for 22 years. Try again “my life revolves around a fairy tale written almost a couple thousand years ago to enslave the dim witted.”

    Dear Bsizzle, your Snoop Dog name was cool, in the late 80’s. If you had real connections with anyone but voice mail machines and email round files, you wouldn’t be here, talking smack about satire activists, and small town funny guys with a mission to make the world a better place. You a pathetic internet tough guy troll that’s sad as all hell. I can’t even dislike you you suck so bad. All I can do is pity you. Now go take a laxative, and go back to nine gag. Wait, they ran you off already huh? What did you do? Threaten them with the nsa over cat memes? Is this the “I will back track you guy?” Lmao. Get hobby not wit.

  41. How, pray tell, would being near someone indicate that one is delusional? Usually, an assertion that someone is delusional would be followed with stating that some particular belief that individual has is delusional. For example, “you’re delusional if you believe that corporations use the government to further their own profit at the expense of the people, and that the best way to solve that is to have a bigger government.”

    Of those you listed (assuming I’m translating the infantile name changes correctly)… I can’t say that I’ve “rubbed elbows” with any of them. I’ve seen Ian and Rich at Porcfest withing crowds on a few occasions.

    I’m going to answer your question, regardless of your retraction: I do think that you are happy that you don’t rub elbows with them. You’ve have to come out of your parents’ basement to do that, and we all know how little you can tolerate human company.

  42. Substance is necessary to pithiness:

    “having substance and point : tersely cogent” (from Webster’s)

  43. “Get a hobby not wit”. Ryan, Mister Vermin’s butt buddy, I get it! Nice job with your retort. Lmao. This is not my hobby, my friends tell me back home that I shouldnt waste my time on you guys. But alas, here I am, the biggest asshole behind a lame ass name like Bsizzle, that would make all you libertards crawl out from whatever Hot Pocket, cum encrusted cave you guys came from. It like shooting fish in a barrel. Sincerely, someone who doesn’t get to you asshats…

  44. Bsizzle.

    Which hole? Your mom’s?

  45. I humbly stand corrected, Flint. Carry on.

  46. Vermin supreme needs to commit to design and building Metropolis, City of the future on long Island for a billion citizens with a billion seat parliament and demolish all the other cities so mainland usa can be declared fifty percent farm land and fifty percent national park.

  47. Libertards don’t have the capability to design anything of substantial worth, except for B.O. #stinky

  48. Bsizzles don’t have the capability to [sic] identify the political affiliation of candidates.

    Mr. Supreme is a Democrat, and has stated specifically that he is not a libertarian, and that he thinks libertarianism is unrealistic. However, unlike you, adults are actually capable of respectfully engaging with others, even when there is some level of disagreement.

  49. There is no level of disagreement, just me and everyone i show how much they agree that you are not capable of normal thinking. Thank you.

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