Here He Here He Announcing the Execution of that Dastardly Fellow Robin Hood

35e6df80-e0cc-11e3-8847-391b35944c9b_robin-hood[1]Come one come all you’re invited to a fantastic show. We’ve finally captured that evil fellow Robin Hood and am going to punish him for his devious acts.

Last June he was filming the police and was arrested by our heroic kingsmen.

We will surely get him this time!
Trial shalf be 12/15/2015 at 9 AM.

The scoundrel has this to say for himself:

“This court experience will likely prove very entertaining so I invite all who wish so to attend.

There will even be a field trip taking all the court actors (judge,
jury, state, defense, security, etc) to the “Crime Scene” apparently so you can see where the evil deed transpired (maybe not as fun as a ghost tour but still fun none-the-less).
In theory I’m facing 1.5 years in jail for operating a video camera and refusing to be bullied but none-the-less I will stand on my convictions and suffer whatever consequences the king imposes (unless the state drops the case).

Yours in liberty,

James ‘Robin Hood’ Cleaveland
PS – Boy these state agents really got a hardened criminal this time!

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