Mayor Admits City Has Spent $78,000 in Legal Fees on Robin Hood Lawsuits

Sheriff of Nottingham

Hey, we’ve got legal bills to pay.

The last time we heard about how many taxpayer dollars the city of Keene has spent on their frivolous lawsuit to try to crush the rights of Keene’s Robin Hooders, it was December of 2013, the year they filed the suits against us.

Now, two years later, having lost at superior court in 2013, then mostly losing at the NH supreme court, and losing again at superior court this year, the city’s racked up a total legal bill of at least $78,000! This, according to mayor Kendall Lane in a recent interview on WKBK’s morning show.

Keene’s Robin Hooders were feeding expired parking meters in relative obscurity until the city filed its suit in May of 2013. That suit blew up into a huge storm of publicity, making Keene’s government the laughingstock of the world.

Charles Bauer

Attorney Charles Bauer is getting very rich from taxpayer dollars.

Determined not to show any good sense, the city gang continued to lavish tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on failure after failure in this case. They hired the go-to law firm for all NH municipalities, “Gallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell” (the same firm that lost the Gericke case, which upheld the right to record police). Hey, it’s not like it’s the city’s money – they stole it from Keene’s productive class – the people.

Now the case is going back to the NH supreme court on appeal, but mayor Lane claims the law firm is going to cut them a break on this appeal and do it pro-bono. How generous of Bauer’s firm! (Robin Hood attorney Jon Meyer has been pro-bono from day one.)

Will they successfully overturn the Cheshire superior court’s refusal to grant their requested injunction against Robin Hooders?

No date has been set for the hearing – stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this ridiculous saga.

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  1. Row faster slaves, I won’t dash this ship on the rocks, this time!

  2. Ian, you are still king turd of shit mountain! I hope Santa leaves a big lump of bituminous coal in your stocking this year! And you can tell I’m educated because I learned what bituminous coal is in the public schools you want to get rid of. I looked at the State of New Hampshire’s education budget. These good government employees spend over $13,000 per year per student educating our children. That means each one of those K-12 high school diplomas cost the Keene taxpayers over $169,000. If you think the City of Keene cares about wasting $78,000, you clearly did not learn anything in the government run school you went to. Lesson one is money is endless for the government because they have people with guns called police officers who will evict you from your house / church at gunpoint if you don’t give them your lunch money. Try doing something nice for a change, like making some nice pot brownies for our Keene government workers. That’s what I did to calm them down from dealing with your bull crap! They said “Thanks for these brownies, wow we need chips from the vending machine!”

  3. @Grinch: The median private elementary school tuition in NH is about $5000 and for high school, $8000. That’s $72,000 for a full education. Not just a full education, but a substantially-better education than is provided by the public schools. So, with your $169,000 number, what you’re actually saying is that the Keene government is currently wasting $97,000 per student to give them substandard education.

  4. The law suit shows the city stands behind it’s employees. That is a good thing. The city will not be bullied or have it’s employees bullied by a small group of people. Obviously the fight is not over yet.

  5. No Jacks. The lawsuit shows that the City of Keene is willing to repeatedly frivolously spend taxpayer dollars on losing ventures. Would you do this with your own money, Jacks? Remember, the CoK has no money of its own. It only has what it can forcefully take from taxpayers. This means that there’s far less financial risk to themselves (unlike the defendants of these lawsuits). This is a bad thing, Jacks, not a good thing.

    Also, who’s really bullying whom here, Jacks? Don’t bullies intimidate others because they’re stronger than their victims? Wouldn’t this make the real bullies the city employees who are using the power of the state to threaten their victims with fines and even the theft of their cars over what amounts to only a few pennies?

  6. At this rate, the city government will be bankrupt in no time, leaving a wonderful opportunity for voluntary solutions to the tasks that it performed.

  7. Taxpayers money at work! Thanks, what a waste of time and money. FREE KEENE IS A BUNCH OF FUCKTARDS!

  8. You entitled asshats created this.
    God your so blind and dumb!
    Hope you sleep well at night?
    Brought to you in part from the draccc and flinty show!
    Bring asshats into your community, one by one.
    Hey try doing this in heavily poor urban area, you won’t because you’ll get your ass kicked right the fuck out.

  9. @Bsizzle: Showing your true colors, eh? “You made me do this!” The disgusting refrain of terrorists and abusers.

    No, the only ones who “created this” are the ones who actually did: the ones who knowingly filed this fraudulent lawsuit, over and over again. Abusers – not their victims – are the ones who are responsible for their abusive behavior.

  10. No, you are wrong again. The city backs it’s employees. That is a good thing. That is why this lawsuit continues. There is no response you can post that refutes my statement. Your constant ramblings seem to prove your limited intelligence and immature demeanor.

  11. At what point did the city of Keene pause to consider the type of individual they’d like to see in their community? “Kind people!? Selfless people!? We don’t want to have a community full of people like that! Here in Keene we’d rather raise a city full of cynics. A crop of plebes so jaded by useless government that they begin to resent this city, its governing body, the people that enforce our wonderful laws, and ultimately…each other. These shmucks can take their selflessness to some other town.”

  12. @Jumping Jacks: You sound like some wife-beater saying that he had to break her arm because she “disrespected” his friend. “I have to back up my friend!” Sickening…

  13. I think I’ve mentioned this before but if the City failed to take any action after the City employees complained, the City of Keene would have been subject to lawsuits from those employees for a hostile work environment (whether those suits would have any merit or success is not particularly relevant since the City would have to defend nonetheless). Perhaps the $78K spent was a a business decision since the exposure from City employees to suits was a higher cost than the suit against the “Robin Hooders”.

  14. Flint – That is a real pathetic statement. Full of desperation and depravity. These types of comments are why you are never taken seriously or recognized as an intelligent person. How very sad for you.

  15. There is a part of the employee contract saying “you will have to endure disgruntled customers”, Richard, pretty sure that is what stopped any lawsuit… also isnt it unfortunate that employees can sue a company that wants to fire them,i guess thats only with state employees not private who can fire at will.
    And not only would the state not be able to fire them and have to endure a lawsuit, they would have used tax funds to pay for the lawsuit.
    PS. The “endure disgruntled citizens” part of the employee contract was also part of what made them lose in court

  16. @Jumping Jacks: Pointing out your desperation and depravity does not make the statement desperate or depraved. Any child who’s gotten to the point that they realize that a mirror shows an image of their own self and not another child should be able to comprehend that.

  17. The amount of ignorance and butthurt among the apologists for the city, and let’s be honest, the towing company that holds the city towing contract is employing most of the commenters against the Robin hooders, is astounding.

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