Portsmouth Police Threaten Charity Drivers Offering Free Rides on New Year’s Eve

Christopher David of Free UBER

Christopher David of Free UBER – Graphic Courtesy Coin Telegraph

Free UBER‘s Christopher David is making headlines again for his latest announcement where he and several other drivers are offering free rides to people on New Year’s Eve in Portsmouth, NH. The drivers are accepting tips, and Portsmouth police chief Frank Warchol said in an interview with the Portsmouth Herald that accepting donations would still place them under government control and means they’d be fined if caught operating without government permission slips.

Chris’ announcement has really put the government gang in a ridiculous spot that shows their true nature. Prior to this, the controversy with UBER in Portsmouth has been that UBER’s background check requirements aren’t as stringent as Portsmouth’s ordinances demand. There’s been endless debate and discussion in city council meetings about who should be allowed to drive other consenting adults from place to place, with the town government agents acting concerned about “protecting” the passengers from potentially criminal drivers. However, no one in the Portsmouth government would care if a felon takes someone from point A to point B for free, but if they accept a dollar for their effort, then the regulations apply! What’s this scheme of theirs really about? Perhaps money, control, and protecting the old cab companies from competition?

Frank Warchol, Chief of Portsmouth Police

Frank Warchol, Chief of Portsmouth Police – Photo Courtesy SeacoastOnline

The Portsmouth gang is threatening the charity drivers with fines of $500 to $1,000 if they are caught accepting money for rides. How police will catch them is another question entirely. With UBER, police could use the UBER app to monitor the locations of the UBER cars (whether they have, I don’t know). However, UBER is not involved at all with the New Year’s Eve charity, so police would have to run a sting operation by scheduling a ride, then pouncing on the driver when he or she accepts a tip from the undercover cop.

Chris says that his reading of the Portsmouth gang’s “ordinances” and the state gang’s “statutes” lead him to believe there are virtually no restrictions on limousines. The Portsmouth transportation ordinance defines limousine services as those which, “provide designated luxury or specialty vehicles by prior appointment for discrete functions or transportation to locations outside the City or the reverse”. Chris says the vehicles on New Years Eve will be specialty because they will have fun games in the passenger seats.

Will anything go down on New Year’s Eve between city cops and the charity drivers? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest, and if you’re looking for a ride on New Year’s Eve in Portsmouth, sign up for yours here at Chris’ new project, Arcade City!

Also, for more about Christopher David, check out his interview conducted for bitcoin news publication Coin Telegraph.

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  1. I suppose it wouldn’t be a “donation” if the person receiving the ride bought something from the driver, say like a book of matches, a liberty pamphlet etc. or even a piece of candy… Just saying.

    Hate to see people’s voluntary, peaceful and charitable choices be limited or altered by an intrusive mercenary thug who gets paid via forcibly extracted means.

  2. This is the epitome of stupidity. Let people drive drunk then cause accidents and let the city government live with that… Seriously government, get the hell over it.

  3. id give a donation in exchange for a candy. the ride would be incidental.

  4. Everyone should have dash cameras and a sticker that says “Video in Use” prominently displayed.
    The Russian population has done so in response to the same type of gang activities and now their gangs behave!
    Ebay has them for $20 and less or more if you want.
    Worth it

  5. I brought this up yesterday. If the Uber drivers accept any money, they are acting as a paid service and subject to arrest. I would think these “drivers” would concentrate on something productive instead of getting arrested and fined.

  6. Yeah, helping to reduce the number of impaired drivers is unproductive WTF.

  7. A few points here:

    Bob: seriously, get a clue. If by “forcibly extracted means” you mean taxes, then I have a solution for you: move somewhere else where this is not a problem.

    Heidi: considering your escapades over the summer, your comment “epitome of stupidity” is dripping with irony and hypocrisy.

    Chi: Russians put video cameras in their cars because of the frequency of hit-and-run accidents and insurance fraud that occurs there; it has nothing to do with “gangs”.

    So, lets get to the heart of the matter here: currently, Uber is banned by an ordinance in Portsmouth – period. No one cares if a small group of societal pariahs disagrees with this ordinance.

    If David and/or his other cohorts try to skirt the ordinance by offering “free” rides and then accepting some sort of gratuity, then that is considered a ride for hire in the eyes of the law and they would be violating the ordinance.

    See? Simple.

  8. “How police will catch them is another question entirely.”

    That’s easy: undercover cops posing as semi-intoxicated people looking to take a “free” ride home. Once the driver inevitably implies a “donation” is gladly accepted and the transaction takes place: bingo, the trap is sprung and the driver gets fined.

  9. Aaah Porcupine Guy and Jumping jacks, where would we be without paid shills, (trolls), inventing nice “rational” non arguments against rights, freedom and the laws of nature? Surely you must commercially benefit in some way by the penalization of humans for expressing themselves and (God Forbid!), perhaps even helping another human and making the world a better place. Remember, after they are done with us, they come for you. I hope you are getting paid enough…

  10. The Russian thing was somerhing related to me by a number of Russian friends.
    I believe them.

  11. Chi, exactly whom do you believe is paying the “shills”? Perhaps your russian “friends” are the paid shills. Seems far more likely since it has been well documented that Putin uses RT, other media and paid commentators to swing public opinion.

    Don’t you know people around here would line up in a snowstorm to berate the freetards for free!

  12. Surely the Driver can ask every rider before the journey begins if they are a cop.
    Don’t discuss money. Offer water for them to purchase at your price.

  13. Perhaps you have no children and value not even your own life. This is typical among those who are driven to do what you do. Don’t feel bad, even such a you are a part of the big picture. Those who are driven to represent lies and bullshit sothat we others can sharpen our souls against such madness. You too will have your time to do so, but only after learning what we think of as stupid lessons. Time and tide….

  14. No victim, no crime! The drivers should ask each passenger if they will prosecute them or cause them to be prosecuted for giving the ride & record it. If they are told no then the driver is protected because it’s entrapment. Asking if the passenger is a cop doesn’t hold the same water legally. Best of luck to all these kind hearted drivers & passengers attempting to be responsible this NYE!

  15. Ah, Anthony and Java are clearly human, as they seem to have a natural grasp of natural law. Something we are all born with, though some few have it bred out in return for greed and power over others.
    George Bull- your military / corporate background is clearly evidenced by the term “freetard”. I gotta give it to you, the IQ limits they are putting on the military and police are really working! You have fully qualified for the highest position!
    I expect to see you as president of the usa / professional wrestling champ any day now.

  16. These N.H. forums seem to be the deadpool of the most uninspired and unimaginative troll groupings. The guys that can’t find anywhere else to fill their quota of bile spilled per day for their paycheck. Lonely bizness for sure

  17. “Paid shills” ? Who the fuck do you think would be paying people to post on this shithead’s site? Seriously funny.

  18. “The drivers should ask each passenger if they will prosecute them or cause them to be prosecuted for giving the ride & record it. If they are told no then the driver is protected because it’s entrapment.”

    Ah, Tony, Tony, Tony: you obviously know very little about case law. It has already been settled that a LEO does not have to answer that kind of question truthfully when conducting a law enforcement operation (hookers ask that question all the time, and yet still get busted and prosecuted).

    Dumb ass.

  19. Wow … we’ve got a really live freetard with Chi here. He looks like he would make a fine member of the Free Keene Douchebag Squad.

    Tell me Chi: if you are trolling on a site complaining about trolls … what does that make you, exactly?

    Don’t forget to ask your Mom to turn the basement light off so you can go to sleep.

  20. “aah Porcupine Guy and Jumping jacks, where would we be without paid shills, (trolls), inventing nice “rational” non arguments against rights, freedom and the laws of nature? ”

    The “laws of nature”? And WTF are those, exactly? This should be good.

  21. @ Porcupine guy, what makes it wrong for me or you to use forcibly extracted means, but okay for a group of people to use those means?

    If you have no right and I have no right to use those kinds of means, how can we add our zero rights and come up with a positive sum from the aggregate of our zero (rights) ? Is that some kind of “new math”? Could you please explain how it works ?

  22. if they can’t get the money through DWI prosecution i suppose they have to get it elsewhere….correct?

  23. PorcupineGuy. No one said that it wouldn’t be a violation of the ordinance. I think we all are saying that the ordinance is ridiculous and shouldn’t be there in the first place. If someone wants to pay an uber driver for a ride to avoid killing someone or themselves after drinking. Good for them. That should be encouraged. If I call a friend or family member if I need a ride. I would give them gas money at least. So you think that should be a worthy of a fine of $500-$1000? Stupid

  24. Bob… You’re a fucking moron. No wonder you people have no real political power.

  25. they would probably put an undercover in one of them just to catch them because they have nothing more to do. FTP

  26. An old friend of mine used to hang out with the PPD and I asked him why do you hang out with police? He said there my friends!! His fiance left him for his so called friend. I aint saying no names but “Na Vre Malaka!”

  27. This is not acceptable. They should earn a tip theres no promises you will get one why make uncle same get his cut?He aint doing the good deeds. Beat it crooks! Govt is a bunch of greedy pigs take take take take sometimes give.

  28. @MikeAB

    Haven’t you figured out yet that licking another’s boots doesn’t make you their equal, Mike; it just makes it obvious to everyone else who’s really in charge?

  29. Go to bed draccc.

  30. @DracDouche … As opposed to licking Bernard’s ass like you do? I you insist that l lick things then I’ll stick with boots, you useless tool.

  31. You’re not being very assertive are you Mike? Wouldn’t self-determination actually be the best option in such a scenario? Then you wouldn’t being forced to lick anything.

  32. Here yah go ladies and gentlemen, draccc the gatekeeper getting in the last post so that he can sleep well at night.

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  34. I know Anthony Tolda…All I can say is he is a kind hearted yet extremely paranoid missed placed soul

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