“Evolve or Die” — Portsmouth Uber Documentary Features FSP Early Movers

An amazing short film released today by local independent filmmaker Zach Cusson chronicles the Uber in Portsmouth saga, including the Free Uber campaign. Footage of one of our Free Uber rallies, with multiple Free State Project early movers, begins around ~9:00.

The film concludes on an optimistic note with a great synopsis by the narrator and some smack-talk by yours truly.

But for Christopher David, this goes beyond just a $25 fee and Uber. As technology continues to advance, he believes that the role of the government is going to become more and more obsolete. More peer to peer networks like Uber and AirBnB are going to continue to pop up, and we won’t need the government to regulate so many aspects of our lives. The heart of the issue is technology moving faster than the government.

“…that this is the future, that people should have the freedom to connect. And you government, you dinosaurs, you’re in the way. So evolve or die.”


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  1. The taxi owner that declared Uber drivers were “stealing from every taxi driver…” apparently believes that he owns the choices of his customers and is willing to use threats of violence to keep free choices from occurring.

    If I’m ever in Portsmouth and need a ride, I will be sure and check out UBER. If I use the services of an UBER driver, should I also be forced to pay that Taxi company? Sounds like extortion to me.

    Imagine if grocery stores operated the same way… I make a willing choice to do business with Market Basket and Hannaford’s sends armed men to my door because I failed to pay them.

  2. I’m a big fan of Uber and think its miles better than the shit cabs in Portsmouth. But this video makes Christopher David look like a giant d-bag, and actually sympathizes with the Taxi drivers. Not surprising because David clearly has a history of douchebaggery.

  3. In addition, it makes Assistant Mayor Splaine look like the sane one. If its that easy to be a legal Uber driver in Portsmouth, why havent more Uber drivers done it? That might be the future of Uber in Portsmouth. Oddly enough, this video shows why Christopher David still hasn’t complied with the ordinance. He clearly has criminal issues in his record that would come to light the moment he tries to go legal.

  4. The video seems to highlight crimes being committed. David seems to enjoy breaking the law despite the seriousness of what will happen to him when he is busted. He has a significant criminal history.

  5. Flapjacks always complaining (and fibbing)

  6. If people want to offer somebody a ride and both parties agree to the arrangement how is it the business of anybody else?

    It seems like having to ask a third party for permission (and pay them money under threat of force) to interact with a person that wants a ride is alot like extortion.

    It would be extortion if I did it, why isn’t it extortion if other people that annoint themselves “authorities” do it? Do harmful acts like extortion somehow become “not harmful” when authorities threaten to do them? That sounds like magic.

  7. Jumping Jacks, are they ANY laws you would ignore?

    Also, those Taxi owners said that money was being taken from them….they were right, it’s being taken from them by the “authorities”. The cowards want the UBER drivers to be equally oppressed.

  8. Bob Constantine – You said, “jumping Jacks, are they ANY laws you would ignore”? Why should I? Why would I lower myself to freekeene’s level and start a criminal record? If you don’t like a law, lobby to get it changed. A taxi company is an established business.


  9. You’re right Jacks! Why should you lower yourself to the likes of Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin, Phillip and Daniel Berrigan, Susan B. Anthony, Henry Thoreau, William Parker, and Dorothy Day? If only they had spent their hard-earned time and money bribing politicians instead of disobeying them. Then they could have avoided all of that pesky violence at the hands government thugs just like you have!

  10. And we all know that “established” businesses must be protected from competition; even at the point of a gun if necessary, right Jacks?

  11. No, that’s not what the taxi drivers are saying. They played by the rules, did everything they are supposed to in regards to licensing, insurance, etc., – and then some carpet-bagging douchebag like David comes along and thinks he doesn’t have to conform to the same rules that taxi drivers do. I don’t blame the taxi drivers for being upset.

  12. Drac – If you are going to compare freekeene’s antics to Rosa Parks, ect….. Then you are as messed up as I thought you were. You should be ashamed of yourself for even considering such a statement. If you want a law changed, then lobby for it. Just remember most people in Keene do not agree with freekeene’s political views. Freekeene is not taken seriously and they haven’t changed anything.

  13. Seriously, Drac? You’re comparing a pissing contest over taxi rules between a bunch of freetards and the local government to civil rights?

    You have got to be kidding. That has got to be one of the more retarded things you have posted in quite some time.

  14. Jumping Jacks, would you have told a runaway slave to “lobby” for the law to change or would you have encouraged him to disobey the law and to flee to freedom ?

  15. @Jumping Jacks@Eddie

    Shame? No Jacks. I think the word you’re looking for is “inspired”. Rosa Parks, et al., disobeyed laws that were discriminatory. Their disobedience was nonviolent, and were even righteous acts because they opposed tyranny. Yet they were violently dealt with by enforcers of the law anyway. Their acts are no different from Free Keene’s acts of disobedience. You reject this comparison because you’re unable to identify with the activists and their complaints. But your objections to this are emotional arguments, Jacks, not ones based upon reason. This has been a recurring theme with you.

    You also don’t know what the opinions of most of the citizens of Keene are, Jacks, so why do you presume once again that you speak for them? Free Keene has been making no such presumptions here. They merely oppose individually any use of unreasonable force being legitimized by law. For example – public transportation, parking, and taxi services are clearly entrepreneurial ventures. These services can be made available to paying customers just fine without government interference. Usurpation and regulation of these services by force of law is illegitimate and discriminatory because they infringe upon others rights to earn a living and do so at the expense of others. This is why Free Keene opposes them.

  16. @Eddie

    Yes, Eddie, I am. Rosa Parks (a paying customer) engaged in a pissing contest with local authorities over which seat (on a public bus, mind you) that she could sit in. Those same local authorities had declared that only certain seats could be made available to paying customers of darker complexion. Customers were even forced by law to give up their seats to other paying customers of lighter complexion. That was discriminatory. Portsmouth is engaging in a similar pissing contest with Uber drivers, but in this case the law is declaring that ride-sharing services are illegal, while established taxi cab services are not. Portsmouth has declared that only established taxi companies can do business in Portsmouth. Competing business models are outlawed. Portsmouth says that ride-sharing services aren’t needed. Uber’s customers are being prevented the opportunity of making these decisions for themselves. This is discriminatory. There’s no tangible difference between Uber activists and Rosa Parks other than the fact that the Uber drivers’ acts of disobedience makes you angry while Rosa Parks’ does not. That’s not being very reasonable, is it Eddie?

  17. Bob Constantine – This isn’t the early 1800’s. The use of “slave” and your ridiculous question is racist as best. Comparing a ridiculous Uber driver to slavery is beyond pathetic.

  18. @Jumping Jacks

    No Jacks, Bob’s use of the word “slave” wasn’t racist in any way. You know better than that. He was making the point that there is such a thing as a immoral law and that, from a moral standpoint, such laws should (on principle) be disobeyed. Bob’s scenario has been posited to you by several others in the past, yet you’ve always pretended that you’re unable to answer it.

    You are right about one thing Jacks – this isn’t the 1800s. But there are lessons that can still be learned from the past. I wonder why you’ve never managed to learn any of them yourself? It’s not because you’ve been too busy counting all of that money you’ve been earning, is it Jacks? You know, from your four drug addiction clinics? Or is it five now? I haven’t been keeping up. Ah, Jacks… the stories you tell…

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