Free State Project Reaches 99% of Goal, to Complete This Week!!

Will you join us?

Will you join us?

It’s been fifteen years in the making – the official move for the Free State Project will be kicking off this week! With fewer than 150 signers to go, the FSP has reached 99% of its goal of convincing 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire and get active.

Once 20,000 is reached this week, the early mover phase ends and the official move begins. The 20k will have a five year window to get here and get active.

I’ve you wanted to wait until the last minute to see if we’d make the goal, it’s now the last minute. It’s clear now at around 50 signers per day, the FSP is happening! Don’t miss out on helping make history. If you love liberty, you should join the Free State Project now and start planning your move!

If you thought the activism here was awesome and record-setting, you are right, but just wait until thousands more join us! The fun has just gotten started. As shown clearly in the excellent documentary, “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“, we have a liberty community unlike anywhere else in the world.

Questions still remain. What will happen to the FSP organization after the 20k goal is reached? Will they continue to recruit signers past the goal? Will the organization dissolve after five years? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the coming mass migration of liberty activists to the Shire.

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  1. Too funny, 95% of those people who signed will never move to NH. I also know of a few who signed it as a joke. But hobbies are just that, hobbies.

  2. @RunningWolfKenpo

    You don’t sound very confident .

    Are you prepared to eat your words of 5% or less moving? (Why did your friends lie with their signatures by the way. Are dishonest people the kind of company you keep?)

  3. @RunningWolfKenpo Your quote….”A couple of friends of mine signed…. I also know of several more who signed ” Jumping Jacks January 8, 2016 at 10:12 am

  4. Lol, laugh it up, Jacks! Over 8% have already moved as early movers. Oops.

  5. Wow … a whole 8%, ftlian? That’s what – 1600 people over the past 15 years or so this foolishness has existed? It’s a regular mass exodus.

    80% or more of these people will never move to NH, mostly because they’re uneducated and/or don’t have the resources to do so.

    The other odd thing is why does Bernard constantly harp about how many people have “signed” like he’s some sort of FSP insider? A lot of the true FSP people want nothing to do with this tool from what I understand – they consider him and his retard followers a detriment to the “cause”.

  6. It will be nice having more peaceful neighbors move to New Hampshire.

  7. It’s not going to happen Bob … so fuck you and your freetard friends.

  8. Hey Ian what about the people that sign up, then find out you guys are delusional, do their names come off the list? If not that is misleading.

  9. I signed the FSP a while ago, but I do not ever see myself moving to NH. I’m perfectly happy in ME.

  10. @MikeAB

    And how do you propose that such a migration can be stopped, Mike? Are you finally deciding to put a little more skin in the game? If you are, then I have a suggestion Mike. How about you utilize a variation on the theme you practice here? For instance, you could set up a lawn chair on the NH border and stick your tongue out at every U-Haul that crosses it. That type of activism would be just perfect for you, Mike. You can remain sitting down and the only thing you’d have to give up would be your keyboard.

  11. Ian Bernard seems to be unfairly stretching the numbers here. I’m not surprised coming from a mentally delusional narcissist.

  12. ftlian – Again, the FSP is a hobby. As far as 1600 people have moved to NH. I sincerely do not believe it. Not even .8% will move to NH. I’m sure most of freekeene signed that form. lol

  13. 5 more years of butt hurt for the trolls HAHAHA

  14. This is hilarious. And when fsp members continue to get elected into NH office, these same folks will just keep on denying that its happening.

  15. Um, how many actual FSP “members” have been elected? I’ll bet I can count them on one hand.

    Keep dreaming, princess. Never going to happen.

  16. 16 as of now. How big is your hand?

  17. Let’s see … 400 reps and 24 senators makes that 424 … 16 is 3.7% of that. My gosh, you FSP people are just tearing it up!

    LoL … give it a rest, Jimbo. You dipshits aren’t ever going to amount to anything in NH or anywhere else.

  18. there should be a ticker…techies get on that

  19. Maybe if they legalize cannabis in NH like CO,WA,OR or AK then maybe there will be a hell of a lot more movers.
    I had seriously thought about it, BUT…. things changed here in the Pacific NW, and I’m cool staying where I am 😛

    sorry guys, NH is a beautiful place, used to vaca up there as a kid all the time, grew up in NYS, but … I’m a 15 min walk from a rec cannabis store. I’m sure many can understand.

    Good luck though, I’m puttin my money on somewhere in the 10%-15% range who will actually move.

  20. Hey look it’s David Crawford ( David in Keene ) please move your fruity ass back to West Roxbury mass, where you belong!

  21. Ohh, is that a statist I see saying any amount of elected officials are unimportant? Who would have thought. Give it some time. Soon it will be 20 then 50 and you’ll continue to deny it and be wrong just like you were when you probably said it wouldn’t happen at all.

  22. Jumping Jackass: “Too funny, 95% of those people who signed will never move to NH. I also know of a few who signed it as a joke. But hobbies are just that, hobbies.”

    Dude, 1900 have already moved. That is just shy of 10%. Which means that your 95% number was wrong a year or so ago … Herp-Derp.

  23. LoL … “Soon it will be 20 then 50 and you’ll continue to deny it and be wrong just like you were when you probably said it wouldn’t happen at all.”

    Right. You douchewads have been spewing this nonsense for 15+ years now.

    20? That’s 4.7%. 50? That’s 11.7%. Do the math, Jimbo.

    Let’s say if all 20,000 freetards moved to NH … that’s only a 1.5% increase to the population of NH (1.327m as of 2014).

    Tell you what, slick: when your elected reps reach 20% then maybe people will start to take y’all somewhat seriously. Until then: ineffectual and irrelevant.

  24. Wow … between ftlian and Rich the number went from 1,600 to 1,900.

    None of you actually have any idea how many people moved to NH as part of the FSP; it’s all conjecture and wishful thinking on your part.

    Maybe 15 more years from now that number will double to 3,200. Wow.

    Hey, Rich: what’s the over/under for how many months until you get tossed back into jail? It’s just a matter of time before you hit the jackpot and graduate to prison, don’t you think?

  25. Rich Paul – Again you are lying. Prove 1900 people have moved to the state. Post their names, addresses, and phone numbers so I can check. This is why you are a fake pastor. You lie and then some. You childish name calling only proves that more and more.

  26. Rich Paul your a fucking cancer in the Keene community, and hopefully cancer my befall you. You are and will accomplish nothing in life. Do us all a favor and jump off a bridge!

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