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This morning I was on the radio with WFEA’s Jared Goodell on his Manchester morning talk show to discuss the arrest of state representative Kyle Tasker.

If you haven’t been following, Kyle was arrested this week for allegedly soliciting an undercover cop posing as a teenage female on facebook for sex and later hit with drug dealing charges for drugs found by police in his home.

While most libertarians would defend Kyle on the drug charges, the sex “crime” has divided the liberty community between those who are rational enough to realize that cops lie and someone should be considered innocent until proven guilty and those who throw their supposed principles to the curb when underage sex is the issue. It’s sad. Here’s the interview from this morning’s Jared Goodell show:

As I reminded Jared and his audience, it’s too early to be coming to conclusions. All we know is what the police are claiming. There’s no evidence that has been presented besides an unsigned affidavit with alleged quotes taken out of context. Tasker has yet to have the chance to present any defense from inside his jail cell on $150,000 bail.

Unfortunately, many people lose all sense of rationality when sex with teenagers is the issue. Kyle may as well already be guilty in their eyes, merely because the police have accused him. This rush to judgement is contrary to the founding principles of this country and even if it turns out he did what he’s accused of doing, Kyle STILL did not create a victim at any point.

He’s facing 60 years in prison for a thought crime and possessing some drugs. No victim, no crime. You may not like Kyle Tasker, but he is at worst tacky. That shouldn’t be a jailable offense.

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