Men Donning Badges Steal Property from Free Talk Live Studios

The Free Talk Live studio and home of Ian Freeman were ransacked this morning by men who left carrying their plunder: computers and other electronics. These uninvited strangers had not engaged in a consensual interaction — say by compensating Ian Freeman, the owner of the gear — but stole it.

So brazen (hubristic?) were these criminals that they acted in broad daylight and displayed no visible sign of shame when questioned by a concerned friend of Freeman. At this time the identities of those responsible is unknown, but their gang affiliation includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New Hampshire State Police, and the Keene Police Department.

Just why did these thieves target Freeman? While that question has been guessed at elsewhere online, this author has yet to hear an answer by someone on the scene. When that changes this post will be updated. UPDATE: Freeman disclosed details on Free Talk Live the night of the incident, March 20, 2016, which is embedded below.

What is known that Freeman was not kidnapped and that his audio equipment remains. Also, that gGang members of the same criminal outfits involved today have in the past sought to target Freeman because the ideas he espouses (namely, not to blindly obey those who claim arbitrary authority) threatens their racket.

UPDATE: Freeman has written, “the FBI stole thousands of dollars in computers that were critical to the ongoing 24/7 radio network I program.” If you appreciate the tireless efforts of Freeman and other co-hosts, help them to move forward by becoming part of their AMP program. Your financial support will be used to “rebuild [the ability to broadcast] the ideas of liberty and peace seven-days-a-week.”

Stay tuned to for updates.

unidentified as of yet criminals responsible for the theft of property from 75 leverette st keene nh on march 20 2016 ian freeman freekeene free talk live pete eyre

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  1. the big question to me is:On what did they get a warrant. Public opinion can go crazy with gossip but ,i think,the government is suppose to have more than that to blst into ones home

  2. It was only a matter of time. Have you paid your taxes, how about your position on children having sex with adults.

  3. I was on scene and the reason for the seizure was alleged child pornogrophy that had been accessed from that specific IP address

  4. Ian is a pedophile. The FSP isn’t about letting adults rape children. Fuck Ian. I hope he gets the Subway Jared treatment

  5. Hey flinty, draccc, and Bobby, I told you time and time again the the KPD, FBI, state police, and the IRS was, and is looking into your deviant friends, free keene.
    Good riddance to you Ian Bernard and company!

  6. Ian would have seen the warrant. Eyre’s just being coy because whatever was in that warrant isn’t going to play well with the public.

  7. there will be many people saying all kinds of slanderous things in this thread…smart people will look at the warrant when it is posted…

  8. Specific ip…wow…..i can use your ip bruh

  9. Ian is not a “pedophile”,he basically has the same views of the vast majority of people…he just has foot in mouth disease

  10. davidinkeene – You are right. Ian is not a pedophile. He is a predator. He actively seeks out relationships with under aged children. He has endorsed that kind of behavior for the last time. It would be outstanding if he along with a few of the other freekeeners are locked up for a very long time. Do you know what inmates do to child molesters in prison

  11. Looks like the GANG are also commenting on this thread.

  12. “…how about your position on children having sex with adults.”

    Really? Are we arresting people because of their political beliefs now?

  13. Just like everyone else, they will plant some false stuff on there, just like my local neighbor’s, the brainless angry people of SFK. Fear filled sheep. Violent lot you all are. Go elsewhere. This is my home too.

  14. Are you sure it was not planted on their devices?

  15. Serves this pedophile right. Hopefully they’ll take him off the streets.

  16. He’s a pedo… Why defend him?

  17. Today is a good day. Thanks Ian.

  18. You saying it doesn’t make it true…. some people just like to call people horrible names…I will wait for the warrant and the results of the search before I say what people are or are not.. You dont KNOW that ,you are just SAYING that…which really just means you slander people

  19. and if they had anything on him he would be arrested…

  20. why don’t we wait for more information to come out before jumping to conclusios

  21. Lol should title that…cops school copblock…rofl…kiddie porn…how disgusting

  22. You guys should just delete the obvious troll comments from the pigs. They already stole your shit, why let them sully your comment section with their filth?

  23. Let ’em gloat…and THEN, let ’em whine and cry, because the money to replace the equipment stolen by the Feds has already been mostly raised by a GoFundMe account set up for that purpose! FTL will NOT be silenced! So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, haters!

  24. LoL … STFU, Pete. Why don’t you run along and go back to playing with your toys and pretending you are an adult?

  25. Buh-bye, Bernard. Have a nice time in prison. I hear prison inmates just love to make friends with people like you.

  26. It always amuses me to no end how ex-con and all-around general shit-bum Rich Paul talks tough when police are walking away, but when confronted by them shuts up and looks like a puppy with its tail between its legs.

    All talk, no action Rich Paul. LoL. Looks like you’re going to have to find a new place to live pretty soon, Rich.

  27. It’s hard to buy new equipment when you’re in prison. So, take your head out of your ass and wake up, dipshit.

  28. The federal mafia are serious business, democide is no laughing matter.

  29. It really is a shame how quick people are to demonize someone over unsubstantiated allegations when it comes to certain witch-hunt-prone topics like pedophilia, especially people who should know better. Of course it makes sense to expect thuggish, know-nothing behavior from government stooges and their apologists, but I am very disappointed that some members of the Free State Project would buy into such a narrative instead of standing for freedom. Long live Free Keene!

  30. It takes a certain kind of despicable to taunt someone with the possibility of being assaulted and raped in prison while hiding behind a screen name.

    Feel free to try and pretend that’s not what you’re doing here, if you think anyone will believe you.

  31. Good question, SnowDog. Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past some of these haters to want to arrest people for their beliefs.

  32. Looked at from another perspective, Ian has the courage to speak out and say things that most people know but are afraid to say because of the witch-hunt atmosphere.

  33. Unlike Ian, you “JumpingJacks” are a coward. I’ll bet you wouldn’t be so quick to make libelous allegations and implicitly condone people being assaulted and raped in prison if you weren’t hiding behind a screen name.

  34. Bill – Is it your belief that uniformed gang members always show their warrants and give people time to read them when invading homes and confiscating property?

  35. In one sense it’s not surprising to hear of this outrage. It stands to reason that authoritarian elements including some in government would desperately like to try to shut up an outspoken and effective dissident like Ian Bernard, and it makes sense they would try to dampen the community backlash that going after him on would naturally cause, by finding some rationale which they hope will minimize public sympathy for their victim.

    What better tactic to play into public fears and prejudices than to make accusations of pedophilia or having child pornography? In all the websites that a radio host looking for show material and defending liberty is likely to visit, finding some images of individuals they can claim are underaged and being viewed for prurient purposes shouldn’t be too hard for a diligent team of investigators with plenty of your tax dollars to burn.

    What images might be on YOUR hard drive? Can you prove you aren’t a pedophile?

  36. Don’t lie, Shylock dear. It wasn’t the fact that investigations were occurring at all that I found incredible, lamb. It was you purporting the ridiculous fantasy that you were in some way playing a role in these investigations that I found unbelievable.

  37. Run along like a good little loser, Stardouche.

  38. Hey Starflake……….. your FreeKeeneManiacs organization is unraveling, this Kiddie Porn support from Ian is just the most recent incident…….. now the cameras stuck in people’s faces will be of the “Recently Indicted”………………

  39. Could you point me to an example of where the FBI set up a liberty activist and framed them for having child porn? Surely if it happens to “everyone” there will be dozens of examples.

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