Men Donning Badges Steal Property from Free Talk Live Studios

The Free Talk Live studio and home of Ian Freeman were ransacked this morning by men who left carrying their plunder: computers and other electronics. These uninvited strangers had not engaged in a consensual interaction — say by compensating Ian Freeman, the owner of the gear — but stole it.

So brazen (hubristic?) were these criminals that they acted in broad daylight and displayed no visible sign of shame when questioned by a concerned friend of Freeman. At this time the identities of those responsible is unknown, but their gang affiliation includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New Hampshire State Police, and the Keene Police Department.

Just why did these thieves target Freeman? While that question has been guessed at elsewhere online, this author has yet to hear an answer by someone on the scene. When that changes this post will be updated. UPDATE: Freeman disclosed details on Free Talk Live the night of the incident, March 20, 2016, which is embedded below.

What is known that Freeman was not kidnapped and that his audio equipment remains. Also, that gGang members of the same criminal outfits involved today have in the past sought to target Freeman because the ideas he espouses (namely, not to blindly obey those who claim arbitrary authority) threatens their racket.

UPDATE: Freeman has written, “the FBI stole thousands of dollars in computers that were critical to the ongoing 24/7 radio network I program.” If you appreciate the tireless efforts of Freeman and other co-hosts, help them to move forward by becoming part of their AMP program. Your financial support will be used to “rebuild [the ability to broadcast] the ideas of liberty and peace seven-days-a-week.”

Stay tuned to for updates.

unidentified as of yet criminals responsible for the theft of property from 75 leverette st keene nh on march 20 2016 ian freeman freekeene free talk live pete eyre

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