Free Talk Live’s Press Release About FBI Raid

FBI Raids LRN.FM Studio

FBI Raids LRN.FM Studio

At 6:00 a.m. on March 20, 2016, members of the FBI, New Hampshire State Police, and Keene PD executed a federal search warrant on our studio in Keene, NH. The search team was greeted without incident upon presentation of the warrant and the studio was secured by investigating officers.

According to the search warrant, the FBI ran an undercover TOR .onion child pornography website from their government servers in Virginia from February to March of 2015. This website was designed to deliver, besides the pictures of abused children, a piece of malware that breaks the anonymity of TOR and identifies the true IP address of the person attempting to access the website. Other information, including the computer host name, username, and MAC address were also supposedly captured by the FBI. Pursuant to an investigation into violation of 18 USC 2252 (child pornography), the FBI seized approximately 46 computer and electronic devices from our studio. No charges have been filed.

Although the seizure of our equipment was inconvenient and resulted in Free Talk Live’s internet network’s (LRN.FM – The Liberty Radio Network) audio feed going offline temporarily, we will have our studio back to normal operations within 48 hours and will continue serving the high quality, liberty-oriented shows our listeners love. No episodes of Free Talk Live have been interrupted.

We look forward to the results of the FBI’s forensic examination. Many people had access to the LRN wireless network and studio computers over the previous year. If someone accessed a child pornography website from our network, it is without our knowledge. However, we feel that in a country that has a free press, journalists should be allowed to investigate all aspects of society, including criminal ones.

Free Talk Live and all of its hosts, as if we should have to, officially denounce child pornography, child rape and child exploitation. We further remind everyone that the only organization that, at this point, is guilty of having anything to do with child porn is the Federal Bureau of Investigations, who admits to distributing pictures of exploited children, a crime worse than what they are accusing their website visitors of doing.

The search and seizure Warrants are, last we heard, sealed. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining them to contact the FBI.

If you have any questions about the FBI distributing child porn, see this story from VICE, and this one, and this one.

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  1. That’s it, Bernard: keep deflecting, denying, spinning.

    This investigation is obviously a lot bigger than just someone looking at kiddie porn. Tax evasion, perhaps? Some other criminal activities? One can only speculate.

    It appears your past and current activities have caught up to you, Bernard: soon it will be time to pay the piper and dance to his tune.

    I’m looking forward to the inevitable indictments.

  2. Why is it obviously bigger than child porn? Kiddie porn is pretty damn big.

  3. Ian, the IP address went to your computer. It’s you they are looking at. You chose to look at child pornography, Now every FSP and others will never allow you back into their groups and will not allow you to participate in their functions.

    I know the go fund me page was taken down. You are trying to buy replacement equipment. Go fund me was educated about what happened and why it happened. Go fund me pulled your fund raising because you are being looked at as a sex offender.

    You won’t have much of a “radio” show with out that equipment.

  4. What ever the FBI has on these asshats is going to great! Notice I said these asshats because you’ve got the likes of Rich Paul the waste of skin that lives on the other side of the shithole on Leverett. I hope the FBI will make another “visit” to these deviant assholes and string them up one by one! I think Rich Paul has got a poster above his bed of Jared from subway. Yah spank it to him every night don’t yah Richard?

  5. Can anyone on staff explain why Ian is off the air? Is he still part of FTL? Are there suspicions among the staff that the allegations might be true?

  6. I think FTL studios has a mole/infiltrator in their midst. Ian buddy you were too quick to make friends with people you didn’t really know. I don’t think there is any other way they could’ve achieved this crazy raid against you & your properties. Get your rest and start thinking clearly about who should and shouldn’t be in your inner circle.

  7. I think the case should be allowed to play out and Ian should be given the benefit of the doubt. Mud will be flung when the FBI is after you, and they have long expressed an interest in FreeKeene. The same allegations have repeatedly been made about the founders of CopBlock, with no arrests forthcoming from same allegations. It’s the easiest mud to fling, and will always be used when authorities are uneasy about a political or activist group. Let’s wait and see, and remember, innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Laura Thompson you are totally oblivious to the deviant thoughts and actions of this pitiful group. I sure do hope you dont have any children because this group shouldn’t be in contact with or bear their own children. They are a virus, and are all mentally unfit to be around children. Good luck to you.

  9. What a crude and unnecessary comment. You should really consider your own motivations for being on this forum, and what you are getting out of it.

  10. Well said, Laura. Allegations of pedophilia or child porn are indeed the most convenient mud to fling for anyone seeking to make a victim look bad. It’s the 21st century equivalent of crying “Witch!”

  11. Bsizzle you and your butt buddy Jumping Jacks are so full of shit I can smell you alls down here in Texass. lol

  12. With a name like Jesus loves you I would think you would be more holy in your comments. Well I’m sorry your sovereign, but I’ve been preaching that the day will come when the authorities will catch up with the keeniacs, and I was right.
    How’s that for full of shit? BTW stay in Texas, we don’t need anymore deviants in our neighborhood. Thanks.

  13. That’s your own ass you smell, Fucktard.

  14. Amen Brother…… Criminals always give themselves away, either by words or conduct…… What do you expect from “freaks” anyhow?

  15. I’ve enjoyed the You Tube posts for years; the likes of Ridley, “Freeman”, et al……… Anarchists cloaked as Patriots; confusing, obfuscating, and misdirecting propaganda disguised as Truth….. and now add “perverts” to their resume’…..
    Every freak with a cell phone suddenly became a “journalist”, harassment of innocent citizens was their forte’, bullying anyone who had the audacity to disagree with them was their object………..

    Goodbye: Phony Church, the Shire, “common law & articles of confederation”, Freemen, and other “baloney”…. The Citizens of New Hampshire are taking back their rightful place as the “true” Residents of their State……….

    Ian better find himself a really good lawyer, but I predict he will start trying to make “deals” to save his skinny little ass from federal prison; soon every Free Keener will be ratting each other out……. Good Riddance………

  16. That’s exactly what is going to happen Doc. The rats are going to rat each other out, and it will be a shit show. “I can’t wait it’s going to be great.”
    Quote from Kevin Spacey in the movie seven.

  17. The commenters are proving the point that “you can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.” When I was in a college criminal investigation class, the instructor showed a video of a man accused of child abuse being almost killed by other jail inmates because the inmates thought he was guilty. The professor, a former cop, said that it “turned out” the man was not actually guilty.

    Being happy that someone is being pursued by the government is proof of nothing. Proof comes from the evidence, not from the commenters. There is a jury instruction in all criminal cases that the complaint, information, or indictment is not proof of anything, but rather they are merely accusatory documents. The proof is in the testimony and documents, and the evidence is not coming from the the people jumping to conclusions or speculating about the innocence or guilt of Ian.

    It’s not paranoia that the police or FBI could set up Ian. It is extremely easy for a cop to set anyone up, especially when the charge is a “possession” offense, where the only thing necessary is to “find” the contraband that the cop (or someone else) happened to plant. There is even a special word for police lying, “testilying.”

  18. Ha-ha-ha………..typical FreeKeener response……… Psycho-babble and misdirection passing for actual relevant commentary concerning the whole Ian scam….. So your college criminal investigation class qualifies you to have the factual information concerning the FBI’s “probable cause” required to obtain a search warrant……and then determining, by yourself, that any “evidence” must have been a “plant”…….. You must have failed that class miserably………..

    Ian and his “ilk” (that includes you), try to confuse everything they do by passing themselves off as Experts in Law, when all they really do is recite, by rote memory, the same limited knowledge that is shared by the entire group. Oh all of you talk about: oaths, Constitutions, corporations, freemen, and other obsolete terminology and practices, but you fail miserably by not understanding legal reasoning or implementation……

    Like the children that you are (drawing pictures with chalk on sidewalks) or growing your hair so that you look like a giant mushroom walking down the street with a video camera, you immediately give the impression of “incredible” (meaning having absolutely no credibility) persons……. You are Anarchists, that is all you are (in the fictitious Shire Land)…… Soon it will be Ian, the “not so Free-man”, wearing lovely bright chrome handcuffs as he is led into an awaiting FBI vehicle…….

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