Third NH Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in North Country

Twin Mountain Country Store BVM

Bitcoin Vending Machine at Twin Mountain Country Store

Many a liberty activist have made a pilgrimage to Twin Mountain Country Store as it has long been known as the only place in NH one can buy gasoline with bitcoin.  It’s also a shrine to liberty – the store is decked out with various liberty propaganda and signage.  Looking at all of it would take some time.  It’s a fun trip to make when in the White Mountains and now you have one more reason:  it’s the third public location of a Bitcoin Vending Machine in New Hampshire! (Keene and Manchester being the others.)

Store owner Bill Bochynski decided to install the “General Bytes” brand BVM, the same type found at Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester after seeing the unit in operation there. He cited the Keene BVM, operated by the Shire Free Church, as his original inspiration for adding a BVM to the North Country. When asked for comment, he quoted Black Swan author Nassim Taleb:

Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.

Bochynski thinks its important to bring easy access to bitcoin to the impoverished North Country, where the financial freedom bitcoin can bring could have a real positive impact.

You can visit the Twin Mountain BVM seven-days-a-week from 7am to Midnight. NH is still the only place in New England to feature a Bitcoin Vending Machine open to the public – and now we have three! NH’s bitcoin community just keeps getting better – when are you moving here?

Twin Mountain Country Store BVM

The “General Bytes” Bitcoin Vending Machine at Twin Mountain Country Store in NH

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  1. These bitcoin machines are such a joke. Bitcoins used in business is not catching on as much as you say it is. Since you are buying gasoline, there is tax associated with the gasoline. There is no way around it so you are still paying tax. So driving up north only to pay gasoline tax doesn’t seem any different then driving the same distance and paying for gas with real money.

  2. Jumping Jacks except that if you don’t have any cash you are fucked?! That is the whole point of why people buy fuel with Bitcoin it is money they didn’t have before. Imagine yourself at the end of the month, being dead broke and having to make an emergency trip somewhere- what would you do to get the fuel- sell something, beg, borrow? I would use my Bitcoin. Heck I don’t even need to go to a Bitcoin ATM I just use my Xapo Visa card and swipe anywhere they accept VISA!

  3. Jumping Jacks I don’t think you understand what bitcoin is.   It has nothing to do with evading taxes or anything like that.  Bitcoin is an anonymous currency, like cash, but with many other advantages.  Nobody knows where a dollar goes when it leaves their hands, and they have no way to prove they made a payment in cash.  With bitcoin there is a blockchain that cryptographically proves every bitcoin transaction that has ever occurred.  Bitcoin is also outside the control of world governments.  People in venezuela and greece are or were under currency controls, which means you can only convert so much local currency to dollars per day(it’s a trick to prop up a failing currency).  With bitcoin those people can(and are, forbes had an article about venezuelan bitcoin miners) protect their assets by converting to bitcoin

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