Alstead Boy, 11, Shuts Down State Trooper’s Speed Trap

A little courage, a video camera, and a handmade sign was all it took to defeat a state trooper’s speed trap in Alstead recently. Eleven-year-old Mikey captured this video of him handling a state trooper like an experienced Cop Blocker. Ademo has the full story here at CopBlock.

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  1. Little punk! His parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising such a little a-hole! There’s nothing wrong with what the Trooper was doing.

  2. He has the right to film cops whether they are actively brutalizing people or not. Screw you.

  3. I understand he has the right to film but to stand out there with a sign is a bit rediculous. Don’t you have a blunt to go smoke and a dungeons and dragons game in your mother’s basement to get back to?

  4. My parents are in Michigan, and my old room was converted to a sewing room decades ago, but thanks for your concern.
    As for “there is nothing wrong with what the Trooper is doing”, bullshit. He is a road pirate looking for a victim to rob of their hard earned money. They fact that this theft is sanctioned by the State does not make it better.

  5. The state is a Crime against Humanity.

  6. Don’t like the rules scumbag…… move

  7. so, i read the comments before i watched. i kinda expected the kid to be a bit of a smart ass. he did perfectly fine. he was well spoken and polite but direct. another american hero for peoples rights. BUT, who wrote that sign? a 5 year old? yikes. Well done young man!

  8. Btw- being a fat, balding, pot head is a crime against humanity.

  9. here ya go mr. gidley. thanx fer participating.

  10. And another useless a-hole heard from.

  11. The person who resorts to calling people a holes is probably the closest one here to meeting that description. Also pot is legal for thousands if not millions of people in the states, referring to all people who smoke it and are bald or fat is probably a lot of very decent people. It’s kinda like saying all people with blond hair who enjoy pears are scum.sure 1 or 2 guys might be scum but millions are not. Basically It’s not nearly direct enough of an insult to be effective, instead I think it just makes you seem like an a hole.

  12. You know what else shuts down speed traps? Not speeding.

  13. I know you are but what am I nah nah

  14. I know I’m an asshole and I embrace it. Yes, pot is legal to millions in “other” states and I’m all for it being legal here but until it is, its illegal which makes him a criminal and I have no respect for criminals.

  15. And it was a crime to be a Jew in Germany.

  16. Oh Jay Currie say it isn’t so!! We get along so good and because I have the utmost respect for you I’m going to discontinue this argument and just agree to disagree. Lol

  17. So road pirating is ok with you Craig? Fucking Statist pig!!

  18. John Williams if that’s what you want to call when they enforce the law, then I guess I am. I’ve got nothing to hide.

  19. John Williams emotive harangue and ad hominem are not a rebuttal.

  20. For all of those bitching about cops enforcing the law, take a minute and think about this before responding. What would this country be like without the law and those who enforce it? Hell, what would driving be like without any rules or consequences? Does that sound like a place you would want your kids to grow up? Yes, there are some LEO’s out there who became cops for the wrong reasons and abuse their authority. I won’t argue with that, I’ve come across a few like that myself. But the larger majority became LEO’s because they believe in what they are doing and they are doing it to help people and protect those who cannot protect themselves from the evil pieces of shit who would take advantage of them. How many of you would be alive today without the law? It’s not a perfect system but without it most of you pansies would become victims of those who are held at bay by that thin blue line.

  21. It’s sad when parents push their children into disrespecting law enforcement. Children learn from their parents. Obviously this child’s parents choose to teach these inappropriate behaviors. You can barely read his sign. His arguments with the officer made no sense because the child doesn’t drive. He is out there by himself. Where are his friends?  This is pathetic

  22. what a little douche

  23. BenRist Unfortunately he was taught this by his parents.  I’m sure his disrespecting will eventually catch up with him when he gets older.

  24. Jumping Jacks BenRist In no time he will be smashing car windows in a riot.

  25. BenRist And you’re a boot licking faggot.

  26. Says nothing about the Jews or the rouge pirating, typical.

  27. I said nothing because comparing a cop on speed patrol to Nazi Germany is rediculous.

  28. Dude your background has ‘I love boobs’ and you don’t have a picture of yourself. I’m guessing the last time you put a boob in your mouth was when you were suckin on your moms as a baby.

  29. Lol, lmao, hahaha, you’re a riot but I believe it was your wifes.

  30. I gotta give it to you tho Charlie Birger, your wife I’d pretty hot. It’s not surprising that she’s stepping out on you.

  31. Jumping Jacks The kid is 11, chill out. He’s not doing anything wrong, in fact he was respectful and honest with the officer when he did talk to him. Let him do his thing — If I saw him in the street, I’d thank him. He’s having people slow down on a corner that is definitely dangerous, and he’s saving people money that the cop would be charging them for tickets. You go Mikey

  32. I love boobs too.

  33. Rude and disrespectful on ALL levels !

  34. StephanieLage Respect is earned, and serving The State is unworthy of respect.

  35. Jumping Jacks Why is law enforcement worthy of respect?

  36. BenRist Yes, people who enforce arbitrary predatory laws and get paid for it with stolen money are little douches.

  37. In Canada (Vancouver) they announce on the radio where the speed traps are. Why? Because the point is to drive slower – not create revenue. Nor do I like these undercover highway enforcement. In Honolulu Police are required to have a blue light on the top of their car on all the time. Police should create a presence. Like the officer sitting in the medium of Melissa Texas when I drove through it – huge deterrence.

  38. Boot licking faggot? Are liberal democrats allowed to say that? Maybe I’ll pass your feelings about gay people to Rachel Madow. Is that ok?

  39. A sign that says children ahead, slow down. And 25 miles per hour is arbitrary?

  40. What’s the term the kid was using….passive aggressive. That was learned. From his parents. Do you really think he will respect law enforcement when he gets older? Do you really think he wants the officer to “have a nice day”? You would be the first to blame police for not enforcing speed limits when a child gets run over by a speeder.

  41. Serving the state or for that matter, your country is not worthy of respect? Please explain why. Seems to me, when an officer. has to respond to a 911 call at 3 am when gun shots were reported and he or she is rushing TOWARDS the gun fire, earns that respect.

  42. Lol. Good one. A black man killed another black man today. Obama is black. Therefore Obama is a black killer.

  43. The boy was respectful. He did not have a negative tone not did he raise his voice. If our founders would have had the kind of respect that you folks are looking for, we would still be sending money to the queen of England. What h has happened to the American spirit of independance?

  44. Um the cop was not shut down by this child, he merely left the area because this child was starting to slow down traffic as you can see in the video. Nice spin Ian Bernard. Spinning is what you are all about, and soon your life will be spinning around in a jail cell. “I can’t wait it’s going to be great.” I love that quote it’s Kevin Spacey in the movie seven. It works well with you.

  45. not only are the state trooper watching for speeding but also text, cell use…ect…..the kid has no respect…and probably will be in jail himself later in his life.

  46. BenRist Jumping Jacks I agree

  47. What was the state trooper doing that is so awful? Keeping kids safe from speeders? How awful.

  48. vicwalker95 Jumping Jacks No, 11 year old children do not need to stand on the edge of a busy road waving a sign that his parents told him to make.

    Have you ever heard of Jacob Wetterling?  He and his friends were biking on the edge of a road and he was taken by a stranger. in 1989. He has yet to be found. 

    The parents are not very good and their child’s actions prove it.

  49. People don’t understand what entrapment means in the legal sense. In order for it to be entrapment the officer has to be doing something for which your only choice is to break the law. You choosing to speed and then being caught isn’t entrapment. You are free to choose not to speed.

  50. JacobTothe Jumping Jacks What does a child of 11 know about law enforcement? Obviously what his mom and dad tell him. When the shit hits the fan, law enforcement is there. Not once did I see an activist diffuse a hostage situation or even run into a burning home to save someone. How many activists are shot by the police every year? None. Police officers are shot at and killed doing their duty.  I have never seen an activist stop a bank robbery. I have seen police do that.

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