First Brexit, Now NHexit!


Move to NH and help us secede!

Now that the voters of Britain have voted to leave the European Union, the world is abuzz with talk of secession. Other countries in the EU may now also hold similar referendums and here in the US, the Texas secessionists (long the most noteworthy independence movement in North America) have been garnering press coverage for a “Texit”. New Hampshire activists have been promoting secession for a few years via the Foundation for NH Independence and the NH Liberty Party. We’re ready to move ahead with #NHexit if some politicians can show enough backbone to get behind the idea and put forward a serious proposal to the people of the Shire.

However, in both Texas and NH we have a long way to go. I think we need a little friendly competition between Texas and New Hampshire to help move things along. While the Texas secessionists have been at it a while, they are not advocates of freedom. Many of them want a theocracy and are xenophobic, so if they were to get their way, it would likely lead Texas to being even more of a police state.

NH, on the other hand, continues to have liberty-minded activists move in, many of whom are very interested in NH leaving the United States. We have the most principled, pro-liberty secession movement out there and it will only get stronger.

Secede Sign

Secession NOW!

Here’s a message from Dave Ridley, the founder of the new NHexit group here in the Shire:

If UK can do it to EU, why can’t NH can do it to DC?


In 1788 New Hampshire tried to become part of a dream…a Federal system which made to her many of the same kinds of promises which the EU made to Britain. But many New Hampshirites, like Britons, have experienced growing disillusion with the ever-bloating central government they joined. It has become a bloodthirsty empire to which they now find themselves tightly bound.


Faced with a more humane government at Brussels than the Washington regimes have ruled us, British voters nevertheless chose to walk away. How much more justified New Hampshire’s departure would be…from the murderous wannabe globe-rulers in DC.


The success of the Brexit vote offers a reminder that “unions” do not have to be “perpetual.” And our state would benefit if it were not part of something which has had a run of so many years, providing so much time for so much rot to run so deep. In contrast with the unreachable Washington system, the New Hampshire government is generally accessible, changeable by unremarkable individuals. It’s a still-functioning representative democracy with possibly the best design of any state or national government on Earth. To the extent that it still falls short, the blame often lies with its membership in the Union and the corrupting outside influence of Party and Federal manipulation.


Imagine a future where there were no layers of government above it, none to imprison you or your friends, none to tax you, none to impose over a million pages of law and regulation upon your actions (that is the actual Fed number)! Achieving it would be a daunting task. It’s a Hail Mary pass in one sense…but unlike that particular play…it can partially succeed even if the ball is not caught. Central governments treat restless regions more cautiously if they have strong independence movements. London and Ottawa had to provide major concessions to Scotland and Quebec because of their (technically unsuccessful) separatist drives. We need to spark that same phenomenon here in the “free state,” if we want it to maintain even the limited freedoms it still has.

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