EXCLUSIVE: Former NH Cop Becomes Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition!

Joe Lachance

Former Bedford Cop Joins LEAP as a Speaker!

The excellent group of mostly retired law enforcers who now fight against the “War on Drugs” known as LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) has added another former New Hampshire cop to their speakers bureau! Joseph Lachance is a former police officer in Bedford, NH with a decade of experience under his belt. Now he serves as a state representative from Manchester who received a “B” rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance in their 2016 rankings.

Lachance recently announced the big news privately to his friends via his facebook profile, which included photos of him in uniform from his days as a Bedford officer. Then, after a final confirmation from the LEAP board late last week, he authorized Free Keene to break the news. He will have his first speaking engagement at the upcoming NH Hempfest and Freedom Rally happening at Rogers Campground August 25th through 28th.

When he started his career in law enforcement, Lachance was totally brainwashed into believing in prohibition. It didn’t take him long to realize that arresting drug users was only making their lives worse. In an email Lachance told me he, “saw first-hand how the war on drugs is a failure…Arresting someone for a small amount of cannabis or controlled substance only adds to the problem. The war on drugs encourages the cartels to make a black market for banned substances and creates a huge profit motive for the underground.”

Rick Naya, NH Hempfest Organizer and Joe Lachance

Rick Naya, NH Hempfest Organizer and Joe Lachance

Lachance isn’t the first speaker that LEAP has had in New Hampshire. Cheshire county jail superintendent Rick Van Wickler has been speaking against prohibition for many years now. There are other LEAP speakers who are former cops from Concord and Durham as well. The more, the merrier! More police coming out of the closet against prohibition means we’re getting closer to ending the insane “War on Drugs”, which is really just a war against our friends and family.

Lachance gets why prohibition doesn’t work. He points out, “Drug violence isn’t a reason to fight the war on drugs…it is a reason to END the war on drugs. Take away the cartels’ main source of revenue and they too will go away, much like in the 1920s with Al Capone.”

Congratulations, Joe!

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  1. The guy just voted for Granite Hammer, the largest prohibitionist government crackdown in recent NH memory. He’s no friend of liberty, not by a long shot.

  2. Voted for Granite Hammer, so he’s not anti-prohibition at all. LEAP should drop him as a speaker.

  3. So what drugs should be legal and which ones shouldn’t?

  4. This looks like it’s true.  Just cuz someone poses as a LEAPer, kinda reminds me of DREAMer, doesn’t make them legit.  Granite Hammer is authoritarian as fuck and if one took the time to look into Mike Gills accusations one could easily conclude the disingenuous nature of this vomit inducing bill.  Keep dealing the drugs and running the jails and “treatment” centers.  Hey they don’t call it a “circuit” court for no reason!

  5. Boy if that’s not a loaded question.

  6. When people pick and chose which substances another person may or may not consume, they are acting as if they own that person.

    They don’t.

  7. Amusing. He came out about his fight on facebook and told a few friends. I find it very hard to believe freekeeners are on his “friends list”

  8. Jumping Jacks

    Maybe you could check with your friends at the NSA and they’d let you know who his facebook friends are?

  9. Jumping Jacks So what’s so controversial here, Jacks? Are you startled by the realization that you don’t actually speak for everyone else, orr that some of your heroes might have opinions that are different from your own?

  10. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks It sounds more like you are worried because in your response to me, it is easy to see all the immaturity and low self esteem not to mention how scared you are of your sexuality. You try to come off as a man but everyone knows there is some twisted child molesting freak that lies just below your shallow personality that is ready to come out. I’m sure prison isn’t far away for your future.

  11. http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/nhgcrollcalls/rollcallsbylegislator.aspx

    June 16, 2016  HB 1000

    Another interesting bill voted on that day was HB 512  which is a bill to prohibit the confiscation of firearms during a state emergency.  It was originally passed, but guess who VETOED it?  Jumping Jacks’ favorite governor Maggie Hassan.  At least Lachance voted to override the veto.  Hassan wants to confiscate firearms and leave people helpless to the whims of the state.  Jacks and crew seem to love this kind of thing being surrogates of their masters and all…

  12. My sediments exactly Jacks. But of course you know that Drac Vermell is a flamboyant 90 year old Romanian that knows EVERYTHING!
    He is all knowing and above everyone’s intellect. Lmao.

  13. BB SIZZLE Sentiments…  If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence, at least be correct in your spelling and verbiage.  It will help your cause immensely.

  14. Sorry talk to text asswipe, I HAVE a life!
    Good day.

  15. BB SIZZLE You’re life seems to be trolling this board incessantly.  Some life.

    Good day.

  16. Integrals BB SIZZLE I’m sorry that you’ve been having such a bad time with Michael today, Integrals. As you can see, Michael is very frustrated about the fact that there are people in the world who don’t share his viewpoints. He retaliates against that sort of discord by posting a temper tantrum here once a day. If you think these outbursts of his are resentful, you should have seen the fit Michael threw when I snookered him into revealing his full name to me. My, my, was that one a doozy! You know, Integral, if you still want to try making friends with him, maybe you could ask Michael to tell you about that story some time? I’m sure he’d be happy to reminisce.

  17. All drugs should be legal. That’s how you have freedom.

  18. BB SIZZLE I hope you plan on posting another one of those marvelous little raps
    of yours sometime soon, Michael. That one in the last thread about Ian
    was absolutely top-notch. I especially liked the way you compared Ian to
    “Bit coin.” My stars, that was such a powerful metaphor!
    Oh, and
    Michael, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what exactly is the purpose of
    that extra “B” in your moniker? Are you trying to convey the idea to your fans
    that you carry a BB gun instead of a Nine? You might want to rethink
    that decision, dear. Turning a BB gun to the side won’t look nearly as
    menacing on an album cover.

  19. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, why is it that whenever you’re confronted with any sort of disagreement from me you inevitably respond with an allegation describing aberrant sexual proclivities? Do you seriously think that such pitiable efforts at blog entry psychoanalysis will have any chance of diverting my attention away from your long history of impostures, Jacks?

  20. Integrals BB SIZZLE And it’s such an exciting life that you lead, isn’t it Michael dear? Swinging a hammer and hanging dry wall all day while you distract yourself with speech to text trolling! You don’t suppose that such distractions might end up being a recipe for disaster, now do you sweetie?

  21. Integrals Hassan doesn’t want to confiscate firearms. That is a lie. Of course that doesn’t surprise anyone.

  22. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Your lack of gender is the first thing people encounter when you start with your usual BS.  The second is your lack of intelligence.

  23. Jumping Jacks Integrals

    If Maggie is elected a Federalist Senator, and Auntie Hillary bakes her a cake and tells her the cake is good for her,  she will obey Auntie Hillary. 

      “I just love cake, yum, this cake is the best, Auntie Hillary” !!   Hey can I get a piece with LOTS of frosting?

  24. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, always with the personal attacks, hmm? When will you learn that this is not an effective method of substantiating your opinions, especially the ham-fisted way you do it? Since you keep insisting on falling back upon these puerile superficialities, Jacks, I’m going to have to run with the conclusion that you really have absolutely no idea why you hold your opinions in the first place..You’re not simply parroting the viewpoints of your heroes because you’re unable to comprehend what’s actually being discussed, now are you Jacks?

  25. Jumping Jacks Integrals It’s not a lie.  I provided the link for anyone to fact check that it’s not a lie, which you obviously didn’t do.  Of course that doesn’t surprise anyone.

  26. “All drugs should be legal” like the ones that were confiscated from your sin bin of a house, Ian? OK, well why don’t you do us all a favor and take a little more of a taste of that heroin your buddy Rich “almost” OD on. No, how bout dropping that kickass molly that your buddy Mark took, then his heart exploded and he kicked the bucket. Go ahead BE FREE! PLEASE!

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