21st Century Security is Peer-to-Peer

I keep one in my car and one on my keychain. In an emergency, like being pulled over or witnessing an arrest, I press it and dozens of first responders are alerted. They instantly know my emergency and location.

This is 21st-Century security. With beauty and simplicity that seems inspired by Apple, the Cell 411 Panic Button might be better-named “the Relax Button.” Finally I can relax knowing that in an emergency, I don’t need ten types of hand-eye coordination to alert first responders. One press of a button is all it takes.


My friend Link posted about it to Facebook:

“One of the coolest features is that it’s drop sensitive. Do you know how many thousands of people pay for subscriptions to emergency button services so someone will come help them up when they fall down? And now they can have that functionality for free in a way that calls people they know and trust who won’t automatically take them to the ER and drive up medical costs just to cover their asses!”

The buttons can be purchased for $25 each, and they come with accessories for easy every-day carry. Here is how the retailer describes the device:

The Cell 411 Panic Button connects to your Cell 411 application running on Android or iOS smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth, providing users with a quick and easy way to alert your friends, neighbors, caregivers and loved ones in the event of an emergency. It can be carried in your pocket or bag or worn on the wrist or around the neck with the available accessories.
After pressing the Cell 411 panic button, an emergency alert will be sent out to the chosen cell or group of friends you configured. Your GPS location will be sent to your Cell 411 friends in real time, so they can come and assist you with turn by turn direction.

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  2. “First responders”?  First responders are people who are trained in Emergency Medical Service. They go to hours of training and refresher training. It’s sad when Derrick has to perverse a word that means life saving into childish, self entitled, BS.    Considering your long criminal history, you should get used to being confronted by law enforcement. No button is going to save you from tickets or jail.

  3. It is quite childish that you two are ripping on Derrick. I don’t know him, but this article is about Cell411 not him. This application is awesome and I cannot wait to try this relax button. Virgil is a great guy and is doing his part to make the world a better place. After all these incidents with cops murdering people, why would you not want to place your trust in your friends and family closer to you. Every second counts.

  4. BB SIZZLE What is this, Michael? No off-topic remarks about Derrick J’s sexual preferences? I wonder why Jacks isn’t in the least bit upset about this? He often takes issue with comments that are not within the bounds of what is being discussed. Yet here he is agreeing with you? I wonder what’s changed? Perhaps Jacks believes that pretense is a prerogative that extends only to himself and a few others.
    What do you think, Michael? Do you think that Jacks’s hypocrisy might be an unfortunate consequence of his crippling mythomania?

  5. rugbymaycry I disagree with you. This is just another app that the copblockers stole thinking it will get them out of a traffic ticket or arrest.  Seeing those people with a device like this just says to everyone they are self entitled children who think they are above the law.  I can bet it isn’t very reliable. It’s just a remake novelty of life line which is a real business.

  6. Jumping Jacks rugbymaycry Perhaps if you were a tad less self-righteous, Jacks, you could appreciate the idea that assistance does not always have to come in the form of government-approved credentials. You seem to be very easily provoked by arguments that presume to challenge this notion, Jacks. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why that is?

  7. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks rugbymaycry You continue you spew your brainwashed theories with no effect. I believe the serious head trauma your dad inflicted upon you is clouding your judgment.  I have never seen one video in which a freekeener didn’t receive a ticket when all of their friends show up.   Your pool side cocktail psychology only shows the limits of your comprehension of this subject.

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