4 Years of Victimless Crime Spree

I could technically still be in jail today for the “crimes” from the movie.

Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, a full-length feature documentary about my five arrests in Keene, New Hampshire, unleashed itself to the world in Keene Cinemas four years ago today. It’s been viewed on YouTube over 175,000 times.

The world has changed since then. Recording law enforcers is now commonplace. Enforcers in a dozen more states now leave peaceful pot smokers alone. The top series on Netflix is a show about prison overpopulation. Everyone knows that the people calling themselves “the government” spy on their computers, emails, phone calls, and texts, but digital privacy is now possible for all thanks to new apps and devices with built-in encryption. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are now beginning to come into wide use.

There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful. Now more than ever, the world is ready for you to question your obedience. Dozens have told me the movie inspired them to move to New Hampshire. That’s the most rewarding part of the experience. In the end, I was facing 9 years if convicted of all charges (none involving a victim). I was sentenced to 540 days in jail, and I ended up serving 60 for my “crime spree.”

Friends made it possible: Ian Freeman (producer), Beau Davis (editor), and the people of the Shire Society who inspire action. I hope Victimless Crime Spree inspires you to achieve more freedom, peace, happiness, and the object of your dreams.

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  1. Five years of victimless crime spree and where has it got yah? You are not able to have a license to carry concealed. Good job asshat!

  2. BB SIZZLE Michael dear, why do you advance the notion that a consitutional right may only be exercised as long as the government provides a license for it? You don’t hold this opinion because you read it at Daily Kos, did you kitten?

  3. Go back to Romania, dear.

  4. BB SIZZLE Are you evicting me, Michael dear, or are you implying that I have an obligation to leave? Either way, your argument is faulty, kitten. By your reasoning, if I had bought a car with a bad transmission, instead of fixing it I should just make do and push it wherever I need to go.

  5. Her goes drac again here trolling, and not talking about the topics on these blogs. He can’t stand to have his friends get pulled apart here or exposed for what they are, idiots. Keep it up Derrick J, keep being a dumbass. Your proving my point.

  6. I went to Walmart the other day and I never saw this video for sale. It sounds like you are trying to sell your most ridiculous moments to the idiot freekeeners and copblockers.  Running out of money? Totally idiotic

  7. BB SIZZLE Michael dear, Jacks has been exposed as a liar in multiple threads. Since you’re so enamored with the notion that one should always take the action to withdraw support for statements or opinions made by those who you’ve concluded lack moral principles, shouldn’t you be doing the same to Jacks? While the real answer to this is of course no, you’ve made it clear, Michael, that you believe otherwise. So why aren’t you standing up for these principles of yours in this one case, kitten? Is it because it doesn’t suit your needs?

  8. Jumping Jacks The video can be viewed for free on YouTube, Jacks. Or would you prefer that I address you as runningwolfkenpo?

  9. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks You must have missed the memo. He was trying to sell this ridiculous “movie” on amazon and Walmart.  It must be tough to find out your not Derrick’s top butt-buddy.

  10. Grasping at straws, eh drac?

  11. Jacks is saying that you cannot go to a regular chain store and get these videos yah dumbass. Next time why don’t you try to not hurt yourself by over thinking things drac.

  12. BB SIZZLE My, my, dear, talk about grasping at straws! You’re not seriously contending that Amazon isn’t a popular store for purchasing DVDs now are you Michael? I mean really, aren’t books and DVDs what they’re known for? Honestly, Michael, perhaps you should consider recruiting a few more trolls to help you dig Jacks out of this hole that he’s dug for himself! You’re certainly not going to be of much use to him all by your lonesome!
    Oh, by the way, Michael, seeing as how you’re referring to yourself as “Mr. Grammar” again, I thought that it would be nice if I gave you a short lesson on such. Did you notice how I used the word “you’re?” That apostrophe in it designates the word as a contraction. That particular contraction is meant to shorten the phrase “you are.”
    “Your,” on the other hand is the possessive form of the personal pronoun “you.” In case you didn’t know, possessive pronouns are used for determining possession or association of the noun that the writer is addressing.
    Now that I’ve explained to you the difference between these two words, Michael, I wonder if you’ll be able to stop randomly interchanging them? Only time will tell, right kitten?

  13. Drac that was a waste of time, and I don’t give a fuck how I type. It’s the message. The more you defend yourself here, the more you expose of your deviant thoughts and thinking, and how you approve of Free Keene and their friends.
    Your a fraud, and a failure.

  14. BB SIZZLE Michael dear, I think you’re confused again. If you’re using speech-to-text, then you’re talking, not typing. It’s really very simple. Perhaps if you actually paid more attention to what you were talking about, you wouldn’t make so many errors. By the way, Michael, you made another grammar mistake in your second sentence. You don’t really talk that badly in person, now do you kitten?

  15. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks I’m sure the video has hardly been checked out.  I’m glad he put himself into a video that clearly shows him breaking the law. The evidence will keep him from getting a carriers permit and shows his criminal record for years to come. Maybe you can make a video of your crime sprees and see how you stack up against your butt-buddy

  16. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, you’re steadfastly determined to dispute anything that hampers your calumny of Derrick J, aren’t you? Still, I think it’s safe to say you’ve finally figured out that your argument has no credibility. You wouldn’t be resorting to sexual slurs otherwise.
    So let’s summarize what we know, shall we Jacks? Derrick J’s video has an audience. How do I know this? Because YouTube has recorded over 175,000 views for it. Amazon sells the video and also offers it as a rental. How do I know this? Because I searched Amazon’s website for it. I know that you wish these facts weren’t true, Jacks, but preoccupying yourself with wishes to the contrary really is a bootless errand.

  17. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Looking at youtube, the video has more thumbs down then thumbs up. There are a lot more negative remarks then positive. So, how many copies of this video has Amazon sold?   Amazon will sell anything.  The rest is freekeene failed history.

  18. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell  Wonderful!, Jacks I see in your third point that we are in complete agreement! You’re quite correct, Amazon will sell most anything, including Derrick J’s video. It seems then that people are buying it. Now if you’re curious about the number sales receipts being generated for it, Jacks, I would suggest that you ask Derrick J directly. Leave out the sexual slurs, though. Insults tend to scupper a person’s willingness to cooperate.
    As for your other points, a little arithmetic is in order. Out of over 475,000 viewers, Jacks, 2.7% of them voted. Assuming that the act of voting on a YouTube video was a random act, one might be able to assume that the sample space considered here could be representative. However, the act of voting is not a random act, so the truth is, no one knows what the other 170,000 or so others who viewed the video think of it. So why presume to speak for them, Jacks?
    The same reasoning can applied to YouTube comments as well. As you’re well aware, Jacks, trolls can be very purposeful; but do their opinions necessarily reflect those of everyone else viewing the content? If they did, then trolling campaigns wouldn’t be a thing, now would they?

  19. BB SIZZLE Now Michael dear, while I’m singularly impressed that you’ve managed to keep up with the trendy terms that are of all the rage with leftist trolls these days, this meme of yours could pretty much describe any sort of argument, now couldn’t it? Understanding this, don’t you think this malignment loses much of it’s power when anyone could be deemed are narcissist by it? After all, many of your own posts have similar characteristics to them. That doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist, now does it Michael?
    Michael, perhaps you’d be better served sticking with matters that better fit your area expertise, like hanging drywall, and leave the psychiatric jargon to more educated individuals like Jacks here. He’s figured me out you know.

  20. “He has me figured me out you know”?
    Try to slow down when your typing feverishly so, to prove nothing. It sounds kind of “you Jane, me Tarzan”. Drac you really are a narcissistic knucklehead.
    Sincerely, Mr. Grammar

  21. BB SIZZLE  Michael dear, I wonder if you realize what an unwise strategy it was to be critiquing grammar using a paragraph replete with sentence fragments? Doesn’t this make it easier for me to point out that you rely upon speech-to-text transcription to articulate your own ideas? I surely hope that this isn’t an accurate representation of the way you normally speak, Michael. You might want to consider taking some communication courses at your local community college if it is.

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  23. BB SIZZLE No Matthew darling, it’s the other way around. Since you clearly don’t understand simple sentence structure, I guess I’ll have to explain it to you.
    A complete sentence is one which expresses a complete thought through use of a subject and a verb predicate. The subject and verb must also agree in number. In addition, the sentence must start with a capital letter and end with a period, exclamation point, or question mark.
    Since the sentence you’re criticizing meets all of those criteria, kitten, I have to ask why you’re seeking praise for an error that isn’t there? You’re not fishing for compliments, are you Matthew? Because if you are, I can’t help but find it ironic that a guy narcissistic enough to call himself “Boston Strong” would need an empty compliment from me. The “Strong” portion of your nickname doesn’t perhaps refer to another kind of strength, does it Matthew?

  24. A complete sentence blah, blah, blah. How’s that for complete? I did not name myself Boston strong, that name was given to me so adoringly by you friends here. Rich Paul, Garret Ian, and Ian Bernard came up with that little gem of a nickname. They were too stoned to realize I lived right down the street from them, and could easily figure out my name. All they knew is that I was from the Boston area, so the name stuck. Wake up drac, they are a virus in this community.
    Sincerely, Mr. Anti-activist
    P.S that’s another nickname that was given to me by Ian Bernard. It’s dead on!

  25. BB SIZZLE Your first sentence wasn’t complete, Matthew. It didn’t contain a verb nor did it express a complete thought. However, it does convey the idea that you’re an extremely immature man. Those videos I’ve come across of you on YouTube indicate the same. I can see why others make fun of you, kitten.

  26. Wake up, drac, wake up!

  27. BB SIZZLE Matthew dear, perhaps you should stop to consider that I would be much more amenable to persuasion were you capable of advancing a valid argument.

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