National Libertarian Party Attacks “Rogue” New Hampshire Chairman in Press Release

Darryl Presidential QuoteAs was reported previously here, Free Keene blogger Darryl W Perry was recently elected as chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. A member of the LP’s “radical caucus”, Darryl holds a supposedly “radical” belief: he does not support or advocate the use of the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.

That belief, which is still the statement one must sign to join the national libertarian party, has made Darryl into an enemy of many within the national LP. There’s a whole group of so-called “libertarians” who disagree with this “Non-Aggression Principle” and have called for the party to eliminate it from the membership requirements.

Darryl was recently blamed by these party-over-principle people for the Seacoast LP’s resolution to ask their representative on the Libertarian National Committee “to remove Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as the LP candidates for President and Vice President”. However, Darryl was not attending the Seacoast meeting. The motion was made by Rodger Paxton, who was recently elected to vice-chairman of the LP of NH along with Darryl being elected chair.

A couple of days ago, Darryl announced he is reviving his libertarian campaign for president, this time as a write-in candidate. He says people frustrated with the LP’s embarrassing presidential and VP picks of former republican governors of New Mexico and Massachusetts Gary Johnson and Bill Weld had contacted him asking him to run again to give true libertarians a choice. Johnson and Weld’s public statements since their nomination have frequently been unlibertarian and at odds with the party’s own platform. Weld has even appeared to endorse Hillary Clinton rather than his own running mate!

Libertarian Party Logo 2016

The sad, unprincipled Libertarian Party

Now, rather than do the principled thing and follow the Seacoast LP’s request of officially withdrawing Johnson and Weld as their candidates, the LP’s National Committee has issued press release attacking Darryl by calling him a “rogue” and saying further that they are, “committed to fully supporting the nominee of the delegates at convention and will continue to do so with all available resources.”

No one should be surprised to see the national LP double down on their unprincipled hack candidates. It’s the lowest point for the party in more than a decade of falling away from their principles. In 2008 I publicly resigned my life membership in the national Libertarian Party out of frustration with their lack of principle – then they nominated Bob Barr (another republican who has since re-joined the republicans) as their presidential candidate.

The LP of New Hampshire, long in a membership and activist slump, recently received an injection of much-needed new blood in the form of Darryl W Perry and Rodger Paxton’s elections to chairman and vice-chairman, respectively. This is the first real exciting news to come out of the LP of NH in the last decade I’ve been here.

Hopefully we’ll see the LP of NH separate eventually from the ridiculous national LP. Goddess bless those who have tried to save the national Libertarian Party, but the patient’s been dead for years. If you’re a real, principled libertarian, just give up on the national LP, move to New Hampshire and get active to help us achieve liberty in our lifetime. With the thousands of libertarians moving here for the Free State Project and Shire Society, you won’t want to miss the fun!

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  1. “Libertarians” that are attacking an actual Libertarian are confused individuals.

  2. He’s an Anarchist, not a libertarian.

  3. Fully-consistent libertarianism IS anarchism

  4. We don’t need a joke candidate. Vermin supreme has that tied up. And he has zombie power.

  5. Anarchist and Minarchists are the two types of Libertarian. Some of the Anarchists like to waste time attacking their allies. Dumb ones with no concept of strategy and tactics.

  6. Can’t complain about having more choice. If the national LP is a patient that’s been dead for years, then why run as a libertarian write in candidate as opposed to independent or liberty? Not a criticism, just a question.

  7. Well this is GREAT news!  I was really fucking disgusted with how the LP convention went down.  Darryl’s concession speech summed it up beautifully.  I wonder if there is a way to reach out to McAfee at all on this as well.  Darryl, as much as I love you and respect you, I really felt McAfee was the stronger national candidate operating on the world stage.  Either way, I’m glad you’re offering another choice, because after the LP debacle I was left with flirting with the idea of Trump… Now I love how he’s shaking things up and certain things are coming out into the open, but I just CAN’T get on board with him.  If I decide to vote, I can now do so with a clear conscience!

  8. A unknown little group of pissed of libertarians gather and scream at everyone.  Sorry but hobby clubs belong in high school.

  9. Jumping Jacks Yeah and jumping jacks belong in the exercise dustbin of history with Sweatin’ to the Oldies and the Mueller Exerciser Belt.  Actually your name fits you perfectly:

    “Worst of all, Pershing invented an almost foolproof method of
    hazing, and Rhodes suffered directly. The scheme got the name “jumping
    Jack” for obvious reasons, and few treatments seem to have affected
    plebes more lastingly. Origins of the technique are obscure, but
    Pershing’s plan had simplicity and adaptability. He would line up a
    group of plebes, order them to count off to identify odds and evens, and
    when he pulled on an imaginary string, all the odds threw their arms
    stiffly out at right angles to their bodies; then Jack pulled the string
    in the opposite direction, and the odds dropped their arms and evens
    jumped their legs out to make a V. Back and forth went the string, arms
    flapped, legs splayed, while upperclassmen howled at the marionettes in
    You stupid plebe…

  10. I like Darryl, I honestly do. He is honest and a calm human being. He just needs to move out of Ian’s sin bin, and cut ties with the scum that surrounds him.

  11. Integrals Jumping Jacks More rhetoric from a freekeener. This little hobby group has no power nor does it mean anything to anyone. Do you honestly believe a freekeener would be part of anything important? The answer is no. I suggest you get out of your basement a little more.

  12. Jumping Jacks Integrals Actually I’m not a freekeener.  Nor do I have a basement.  The LP might not mean anything to you and your lowlife buddies at Lab N’ Lager or the creepy guys that hang out at Cobblestone and ogle the college girls, but there is a growing number of people nationwide who have figured out that government is the cause of most of the issues plaguing people’s lives.  I suggest you get out of Keene a little more…

  13. wat is darrys plan of action   to turn this ship around?…doreshe got a like a 5 point plan to fix stuff?

  14. Integrals Jumping Jacks This little hobby group doesn’t matter to anyone except freekeeners and idiots. Freekeeners are the cause of most of the issues plaguing people’s lives. I suggest you crawl out of your basement for a little more sun.

  15. If you think peaceful people have  the right to self determine, the minarchist  idea of  “just a little rape” contradicts that belief.

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