Manchester Drivers Mobilize With Cell 411

Yesterday, I needed a ride.  Looking to test Cell 411’s new “ride hailing” feature, I requested a ride across town, expecting to sit on my hands for the next two hours.

(Free Keene has already reported about the Cell 411 app, as well as the app’s new ride hailing feature.  If you are unfamiliar with Cell 411, check out this video.)cell-411-ride

I set the request radius to 15 miles.  According to the app, there were 100 drivers within 15 miles.

Within a couple minutes, I received a driver’s offer.  It’s a reasonable price, but I don’t immediately accept it.

A minute after that, my neighbor (who lives in my building, across the hallway) undercut that price by $1.

A couple minutes after that, my friend sent a Facebook message: His girlfriend saw my request.  She’s not available to drive, but he is.  Even though he hadn’t set up the app, he became part of Cell 411’s ride hailing experiment.  I got the ride, paid my friend and I even tipped him with a double almond milk latte.

Have you tried hailing a ride with Cell 411 in your area?  You may be surprised with the results.

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  1. This means what? You called for a ride and got one. Did they give you a lollipop afterwards?

  2. Jumping Jacks You know Jacks, you’re always getting yourself completely bent out of shape over even the most innocuous of articles. I wonder if it’s because you’ve been living a lie for so long? A full confession might help relieve this burden you have weighing down upon your soldiers. What do you think, Jacks? They say it’s good for the soul.

  3. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks You apparently assign your emotions to what I say that were never there. That shows you are a freekeene troll. You see, you are trying to cause conflict for something that was never there. That makes you the troll on this article. How very sad for you. Don’t you have any friends to play with?

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  5. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Again, puting your emotions and twisting what I say around only goes to show you have nothing to contribute and you are the freekeene troll. The rest of your rants and raves are quite pathetic at best.

  6. Jacks, like others in the past that have voiced their opinions here, I’ve noticed that Mr. Vermell cannot let them express themselves. I’ve also noticed that when someone states the truth, real facts, and a honest opinions about the troubles that Free Keene has caused and are still causing, he jumps at the chance to twist and manipulate people’s posts. So that being said I think it’s best you just let him look silly, which is the case here.

  7. Milwaukee I’m sorry Milwaukee darling, but your explanation here perfectly illustrates the extent of your indolence. I can no more manipulate yours nor Jacks’s posts then you can do mine. Haven’t you both always been perfectly free to express yourselves here, and in any way that you wish, without fear of any censure or restraint? The same can’t be said of SFK message boards, now can it dear?
    Oh, and snowflake? I shouldn’t have to be the one to explain to you again that you should always prepare yourself for challenges each time you present a dishonest argument. It isn’t my fault that you and Jacks are never adequately prepared for such eventualities, now is it dear?

  8. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell My goodness, Jacks, that’s quite a treasure of Jacksisms you’ve brought for me today! I trust that this isn’t because your mind is preoccupied with the impending threat of Winter Storm Argos? I think you can relax, Jacks. It doesn’t look like that storm will reach NH, and it’s not like you live in NH anyway, right Jacks?

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