Liberty Lobby – Week 3 – Videos

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and his fellow libertarian activists once again drop in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full hearings and a bunch of clips:

HB 436 would carve out an exemption for bitcoin and other virtual currency users from the money transmitter regulations, but there are some problems. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 377 would give the state a monopoly on selling cannabis (the liquor commission), should it be legalized. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 427 would allow people to distill their own liquor, not for commercial purposes. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 214 – The nanny statists came out in force to support continuing to put drivers in greater danger by having them look in their laps instead of toward the road. Here’s the full hearing video:

Darryl W Perry spoke on various bills in front of the election committee:

Finally, a follow up video to HB 287, the bill to create a study committee to look at decriminalization of sex work. This is the full subcommittee hearing on that bill (you can see the first committe hearing here):

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  1. All these people are doing is pacifying a couple of freekeeners. Nothing has been granted to Darryl Perry and his along with the rest of them whining aren’t going to go anywhere in this process.

  2. it seems like even the legislators thought hb377 was a  stupid bill,  about half of them bothered to showup for the meeting.   People opposed to cannabis were against it and people for cannabis were against it…. Darryl was for it  and  douchebag Ian was against it…..= dumb bill….just the state  trying to get their grubby hands on $ thats not even been made yet

  3. Boy that lady at the end of the session where the state was trying to expand their monopolistic drug empire was sure annoying eh?
    I hate to say it,  but if she’s sexually frustrated maybe she should just get into the whole whips and boots thing and satisfy her control needs that way and leave cannabis consumers alone. 

    Kudos to Matt and Ian for both giving good testimony.  Thanks for your service guys.

  4. deid think the committee to create a commission was good though and… the girl that did it  is doing good work and ….videoing it is  good work too……….in that video i have good things to say about the legislators…. … that lady  with the greek name even was seemed open minded ….  this is encouraging…… ,to a degree ,like her too in not caring to discuss …  seedy stuff that  people lower them selves to

  5. WEEDA CLAUS You don’t hate to say it. Your whole reason for posting was to try to sound manly and clever. 

    You failed.

  6. DavidCrawford4 Speaking of sexually frustrated and wanting a spanking. You are desperate for Ian to put you over his knee.

  7. DavidCrawford4 Can you afford hookers?

  8. powertool WEEDA CLAUS Now, now powertool. That word that you think wins the argument for you every time isn’t any more scathing when you’re shouting it at your little friends during your late night video game marathons. So why would you bother with it here, sweetie? A better man would have simply pointed out that WEEDA’s comment was vulgar and unnecessary. It really makes me wonder why you didn’t have the courage to point that out instead?

  9. Drac Vermell Is the fauxhomo routine here intended to make Weeda Claus sound more manly? 


  10. powertool Drac Vermell I could ask a similar question of you, sweetie. Do you think that the odious slouch you usually present yourself as here will in any way enhance your social standing amongst your dear little friends? They must not be particularly charismatic if it does.

  11. Drac Vermell Oh, you find me odious? How sad.

  12. powertool Drac Vermell It is at that, pookums.
    Oh, by the way, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been making much headway lately with our dear friend David. I can’t say I’m surprised. I mean really, asking him about whether he frequents prostitutes or not? My goodness that’s pedestrian! Come now, powertool, you’ll never put an end to Elm Street extremism with this sort of slothfulness! If you want to win this you’re really going to have to start buckling down and focusing on what’s at stake here! Otherwise your side’s going to lose this! You don’t want that to happen, now do you?

  13. Drac Vermell I didn’t ask your buddy Crawford if he frequents prostitutes. He is your buddy, right? It must depress him that none of his fellow Free Keeners ever defend him, yet he keeps on appearing here, trying desperately to get the attention of his tribe. Sad.

  14. powertool Drac Vermell Now, now powertool, you really shouldn’t lie to me. How on earth do you expect to win this if you can’t even stand by your own aspersions? It isn’t very manly of you to be suddenly revealing that you’re too afraid to take ownership of them, now is it pookums? Our dear friends Jacks and Matthew would certainly never have done that. If anything they would have doubled down on them. Don’t you want to be more manly like them?

  15. powertool WEEDA CLAUS

    I’m afraid I’ve never been psychoanalyzed by a powertool before, so please forgive me if I fail to meet your expectations for a clever retort. 

    I know,  I know, I’ve failed again.  Dammit, I feel so so unmanly…admonished by a powertool.  Sob.

  16. WEEDA CLAUS powertool I believe that powertool would describe this particular retort of yours magnanimously as an epic fail. He’s such a sucker for the melodramatic, isn’t he WEEDA?

  17. Drac Vermell A fauxhomo with poor reading skills shouldn’t be schooling anyone about manliness.

  18. powertool Drac Vermell And yet it happened just the same, now didn’t it powertool? Perhaps if you and your dear little friends could learn to swallow your collective pride for once, maybe then you could learn a thing or two about how to construct and win argument?

  19. Drac Vermell How adorable that you think you’re winning. Your mommy must still tell you you’re the best boy ever. 

    Tell me Dork, who are my “little friends?” Who am I?

  20. powertool Drac Vermell Now powertool! How can you not know who you are, silly? Why you’re the guy who childishly posts temper tantrums here because he’s incapable of tolerating the fact that there are people in his neighborhood with different opinions from his. Tell me snookums, do you find this cathartic? I know that you’re furious about losing all of your arguments here, but don’t you think you could find a more grown-up form of release?

  21. Drac Vermell In Dork world, calmly asking questions and making fun of FK is “childishly posting temper tantrums.” Mocking you for your dull witted posting style is “losing an argument.” And you think I live in your neighborhood. You live in an alternative universe. 

    As for grown up forms of release, is that what you call the close relationship you have with your tube socks?

  22. powertool Drac Vermell Gracious me, you don’t actually believe that your endless name-calling could in any way be construed as adult behavior now do you snookums? If so, then perhaps we’re neighbors in the same universe after all! Howdy neighbor!
    Oh and by the way powertool, I know that you’re very distressed about losing this argument and all, but don’t you think you could come up with something more menacing than these temper tantrums of yours? They’re not going to be very effective in getting even with me you know. Just ask our dear little friend Matthew. Why he’s even recently started a campaign were he vents his frustrations with me using multiple aliases. It’s quite heart-rending to watch. You’re not going to be following him down that road, now are you dearie?

  23. Drac Vermell This clears some things up for me, Drec, thanks. You have a tantrum, then you accuse ME of having one. It’s projection! Now I understand. 

    I don’t have a dear little friend Matthew, but it’s adorable that you do. Is he the reason for your reliance on tube socks?

  24. powertool Drac Vermell No, no, powertool! I don’t think you understand at all! Now snookums, why do you keep failing to notice that it’s obvious that you prefer to rely on name-calling every time you try to defend your opinions? Is it so difficult for you to comprehend that most people would associate such acts of desperation with that of a temper tantrum? It’s awfully funny that you keep failing to notice that!

  25. Drac Vermell You’re still bitter about the break up with your little friend, aren’t you?

  26. powertool Drac Vermell Gracious me, powertool! Are you still trying to attribute a motive for all this just because you’ve been losing the argument? How heartwrenching! Perhaps you should go back to trying to get even with me by calling me another name? That is what makes you feel safest, now isn’t it snookums?

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