Liberty Lobby – Week 4 – Videos

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and his fellow libertarian activists once again drop in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full and partial hearings and some clips:

HB 613 would reform the solitary confinement system in jails and prisons in New Hampshire. There’s some incredibly moving testimony during this full-length hearing video:

HB 562 – NH liberty legislators propose exempting internet gambling from gambling prohibitions. This video is a partial hearing:

HB 550 would create a controlled drug review board putting experts in charge of scheduling drugs in New Hampshire rather than a single bureaucrat. It also creates an NH drug schedule separate distinct from the federal one. This video is not the full hearing, but is most of it:

HB 215 would create a study committee to look at legalization of cannabis in New Hampshire. This video is the full hearing:

HCR 9 is a House Resolution that proposes to affirm New Hampshire’s state sovereignty and right to nullify the federal government. It’s not secession, but it’s a step in the right direction. This video is the supermajority of the hearing, starting only a few minutes in.

HB 598 by Representative Dick Marple would make car registration voluntary for non-commercial purposes and also make drivers licenses optional. This is the full hearing video:

Finally, a couple of clips of Darryl’s testimony in front of the elections committee on:
HB 320 – would have an algorithm determine electoral districts
HB 459 – would adjust the challenged voter affidavit

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  1. So Darryl and his minions are looking for someone to toss them a bone. I like these little videos. They are hilarious. Darryl and his bunch think they are so important and they act like fools.

  2. Now now Jacks, you know that they are not minions, but they sure are fools. I should know, I’m one of them darling.

  3. DRACdouble DD darling, I see that you forgot to “like” your own comment with one of your adorable alter egos again. How can you ever hope to get even with me when you can’t even remember such a simple task?

  4. now now darlings you know I was hanging out with Apatosaurus in schoolyards before your primordial goos even decided to hang out together to bring about the existence of the precursor of single celled organisms that is your ancestors.   Yes, I’m channeling everyone in Keene NH and especially Zsa Zsa Gabor darling.   God bless her soul.

    Over now sockets and wrench, socker and wrench poppet

  5. triplejumpjac My goodness, DD darling, such a display! I’ve just been all inside of your head these last few days, haven’t I dear? How do you get anything else done, I wonder?

  6. Jumping Jacks yes….  real effectiveness happens right here in the FreeKeene comments section… what fools …  dont they know that… right JJ

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