Cheshire Sheriff Heroically Nullifies Immigration Enforcers, Creating NH’s Only Sanctuary County!

Sheriff Eli Rivera

Sheriff Eli Rivera

Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera has been making headlines this week for his compassionate stance against working with federal immigration enforcers. Rivera, a longtime fixture in the community and multi-term sheriff, announced via his website last week:

After taking some time to reflect on this current issue, as Sheriff, I’ve decided that the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office will not seek to enter into an agreement with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) to enforce federal immigrations laws. Furthermore, we will not participate in raids, stings or operations that are solely intended at locating an undocumented person or persons. Any representative of ICE requesting our assistance must have an active criminal warrant issued by a judge or must be actively pursuing a criminal investigation that relates to public safety for us to participate.

It’s a welcome policy in a place where being brown or black makes one stick out like a sore thumb, given the population here in Cheshire County is about 96% white.

According to the Sentinel’s report on Rivera’s announcement Keene Police’s acting chief, Steve Russo has yet to comment on the issue, but his late predecessor Brian Costa‘s position was similar to Rivera’s, saying, “We have no interest going forward, nor do we have the resources for deputizing our officers as part of ICE to go out and seek illegal or undocumented immigrants…We govern ourselves by our mission statement”, which says KPD is “to protect life and property and to maintain order within the City while assuring fair and respectful treatment of everyone.”

Costa said of that mission statement in his interview with the Sentinel earlier this month, prior to his untimely passing, “It’s not just a group of words…It’s how we do business.”

Brian Costa

KPD’s Late Chief Brian Costa

It sounds like Sheriff Rivera is on the same page as Costa. In his excellent statement, Rivera continues:

In addition, we will not ask a person their immigration status or detain a person based on an administrative civil detainer that is not issued by a judge. As Sheriff, I do not want undocumented immigrants to fear the Sheriff’s Office, instead I want them to be able to approach and speak to any of my deputies without the fear that they will be turned over to ICE. If in the course of our duties we happen to come across an undocumented person we will handle each encounter in a way we deem appropriate for each situation…


If you are an undocumented person in Cheshire County and feel uncertain about approaching law enforcement for fear they will turned you over to ICE, feel free to call me, Sheriff Eli Rivera, at the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the WMUR report on Rivera’s policy, some control-freak politicians are butthurt over this. Good. Unlike those cowardly politicians, kudos to Rivera for having the courage to do the right thing and truly protect the people of Cheshire county from the evil hands of the federal government. It would be better of course if Rivera would also stop cooperating with the feds on other victimless crime enforcement, like the insane War on Drugs, but this is a BIG step in the right direction.

I’m glad to live in a place where law enforcement acts more human, more often, than anywhere else I’ve ever been. You’ve got Rick Van Wickler, Cheshire County’s jail superintendent who is also a longtime speaker at Law Enforcement Action Partnership, a compassionate group of mostly former police which you may remember as being previously called, “Law Enforcement Against Prohibition” until they expanded their mission to include other issues where police reform is badly needed,  Van Wickler has been a constant presence in Concord at state house hearings about drug legalization, speaking strongly in favor of any efforts to end prohibition in New Hampshire.  He also runs his jail much more compassionately than the supermajority of the others in the United States.  Add to that, a relatively calm and approachable group of Keene police, and now this excellent news from Sheriff Rivera.

Thank you, Eli. You’ve earned my vote in the next election. The land known as Cheshire county in the Shire should be a sanctuary for all peaceful people. Your immigration policy helps us get closer to that ideal. Next step, NH seceding from the United States! Viva New Hampshire!

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  1. yea this is good… i remember he was a cop prosecutor …i guess he has done some stuff to offset that bad hes done….so i too will give him credit…but still got reservations…he did volunteer at the music fest too

  2. Good sentiment. Unfortunately the law says differently. He will either do an about face or lose his job.

  3. Democratic Beaner scum helping illegal beaner scum vote democrat to keep his position. Who could guess?

  4. If I didn’t live here, I’d fuckin hope lots of illegal immigrants flooded Keene so you could learn your lesson already. If this city turned brown, you would sell your house at a loss and find yourself a white neighborhood to live in. You’re such a fuckin idiot, dude.

  5. Wow. Engage in civil public discourse much?

    Keep practicing.

  6. The departments mission statement sounds nice. I would like to hear more about when each public servant took their oath of office to uphold law. Their oath of office to the Constitution. Do we uphold all law? Obviously not. Oaths are not taken to uphold our personal convictions and opinions regardless of how noble they may be. If you don’t follow the law and your oath, then you break the law and your oath. You become the criminal.

  7. Idiotic. I’m legal and white. Any chance I can break the law in your county, and get away with it? Or is it that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others?”

  8. This is where the Free Staters show their naivety… Because they don’t believe in “conspiracies” they fail to recognize that immigration has been weaponized worldwide to break western cultures. While they’re all super nerdy and can recite all the nuances of bitcoin they fail to see the deadly consequences of unchecked, unfettered immigration. I was called “paranoid” by the Free Keeners when I pointed out everything on Facebook, cell phones, etc. was being swept up by the NSA. Recent revelations have proven me correct. In the game of life one learns through experience, but when it comes to this they’ll learn once it’s too late…..

  9. Now will we be a true sanctuary city? Trump said something about withholding federal funds… and I’m all for intentionally causing our cities heroin supply to get cut off so we can begin to clean things up and take responsibility and control of our city/state back.

  10. WTF are you talking about. I’ve been going on for years about NSA backdoors in all sorts of devices. The very cell phone I like to refer as ‘your tracker’ as it relies on tracking to get its communications to and from a tower. It’s not like a satellite where communications are broadcast over a huge area. I’m not saying you can’t be tracked with a satellite phone, but rather your cell phone is dependant on the provider knowing almost exactly where you are. That is not paranoia, but reality. Now if you start talking about flat earth and chem trails I’m going to write you off. Not quite sure that’s paranoia, but you’re certainly delusional/crazy/or trolling.

  11. This only applies to legal status ******. Any other law you break you’ll liable to be arrested for regardless of if you’ve harmed someone or not.

  12. WTF are you talking about. That isn’t how the system works. He’s paid by the city- not the state or federal government and states/cities are under no obligation to help the federal government.

  13. Indeed, AP. I also wonder if Mr. Rivera’s indulgences towards these “undocumented” persons will extend to those who are say – driving without licenses or with expired registrations? I suspect that he’d be more than willing to cite or arrest those undocumented persons without any hesitation.

  14. Why stop at a single letter k in your handle? Go for a threesome!

  15. Your perception of reality is so warped. The reason for ‘white flight’ is down to crime and poverty- it’s only a minority such as yourself that blame foreigners and black people for it. The reality is people of other nationalities and people of color live in wealthy areas too. There just aren’t a substantial number of them in most areas because the majority who move here are doing so for reasons of poverty back home- or because they’re moving up the ladder. The later are not a concern and the former doesn’t happen in wealthy areas because poor people don’t have the money to buy into wealthy areas. Keene ain’t exactly rich, but I’m doubtful even in Keene we’d see ‘illegal’ immigrants move into housing outside of the downtown areas. Crime tends to stay local so what would happen if you saw an increase in ‘illegal’ immigration is that well to do people would simply move further out. West Keene, etc. We already have this happening now. People’s fears are overblown or just plane racist.

  16. It’s full of crap ! So the law isn’t the law ? I know guys in this little liberal swamp who have been ticketed for pot pipes ! But coming into our country illegal is ok ? Drain the swamp ! You see an officer letting go an illegal get his car number /badge. I got some family who will make sure he gets prosecuted! Or maybe we should get a vigilante group to do checks ourselves ? Pedrazzo,the Stage all ready have illegals working there . While guys getting off heroin and drug felony people can’t get a job ! Let’s do it ? Email me if interested . Joeymarino77@yahoo.

  17. New Hampshire has maintained a standard of living and appreciation for freedom seen quite rarely throughout the rest of the world. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, that is largely because our population is roughly 96% white as of the last census. Sheriff Rivera isn’t trying to advance liberty or protect human dignity by inviting illegal immigrants into Cheshire County, he’s trying to destroy our way of life

  18. And I sound tough on immigration but ? My father came thru Ellis island from a poor Sicily. 1) Was told he needed to learn the language in a year or he probably wouldn’t make it . 2) there was no chain migration each member he brought here (1 at a time ) he had to show proof they could make it financially. 3) there was classes he had to attend to learn how America works ! Today ? We incorporated their language in all our systems . They get to bring family , wives friends just because their here . And no classes on America and how we do business. What has it created? Gang mentality ( try to get a job in a Mexican dominated place ) all their friends our there and you can’t communicate or break into the crew. You are offered crap wages . But ? I don’t totally blame them ? It’s the scum liberals who used them for low wages ! Its the Unfortionatly ? It’s time to end it . By any means necessary! In fact until we fix this broken country I think all immigration should end for couple years !

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