74% of NH Senate Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis & Governor Promises to Sign!


NH Senate Votes 17-6 for Decrim!

This time, it wasn’t even close. The senate of New Hampshire finally did the right thing after years of debate and failed votes. Yesterday, they voted overwhelmingly, 17-6 to decriminalize possession of up to 3/4ths of an ounce of cannabis and up to five grams of hashish! That’s 74% of the NH senate voting in favor, after nearly 90% of the state house did the same.

On the same day as the senate passing this bill, (HB 640) NH’s new governor issued a press release promising to sign the bill! (Something the last governor refused to do.)

The bill is certainly not perfect, as it still has civil fines for cannabis possession but it’s no longer an arrestable offense and is no longer going to be charged as a misdemeanor, unless the person is caught three times in three years. In that case, the fourth ticketing would be a class B misdemeanor, but the person still cannot be arrested. The first offense is fined at $100 and subsequent offenses within that three year period would be $300 each. The floor discussion today made it clear this bill was a compromise from both the law enforcement side and those who want to end prohibition.

Besides the continuing fines and the fact that law enforcement will continue to confiscate people’s weed, the worst part of the bill carves out an exemption where 18-21 year olds are treated more harshly than those 21 and up. Possession of cannabis-infused products remains a misdemeanor for those 18-21, sadly. Hopefully this will be rolled back in the future.

The bill is however a step in the right direction. That said, when will we have a state rep with the courage to put forward a total end to cannabis prohibition? New Hampshire needs to stop there and stop trying to do what other states have done and legalize with a regulatory and tax scheme. Let’s just try freedom and watch the cannabis industry boom in the Shire.

Add this great news to the 101 Reasons Lives in New Hampshire!

UPDATE: 5/12 6:20pm – possession of cannabis-infused products is still a misdemeanor for those 18-21, I misread the bill earlier when I reported wrongly that all possession for those ages is still a misdemeanor.

Here’s partial video of the senate floor hearing and vote:

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  1. NH should legalize Cannabis
    We’d all be better off if the police focused on crimes that have actual victims

  2. FINALLY! New England will be a marijuana sanctuary when this goes into effect.

  3. it is beyond me why they keep young peoplr getting criminal records…meaning the misdemeanor …grr.. that is like a main reason for decrim or whatever its called..”oh heres a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down poluce chief lobbyists:you still get to fuck up young peoples lives “… grr fuck you police chiefs..and your fuckin law lobbies..all yall should fucking die

  4. and the reps that are sucking their dicks should fie too

  5. NH is really lagging behind the rest of new england. ME & MA are already full legal, and VT will likely go full legal well before NH. At the rate you guys are going, RI & CT will have fully legal cannabis before NH.

    F.S.P. must REALLY be helping out a lot there guys, keeping NH in the dark ages.

    Decrim, what a joke.

  6. fucking 3/4 a ounce…how fucking stupid a amendment is that… oh that other 1/4 ounce wss…its just a stupid game to those idiots …”i need to chop off a quarter ounce to exercise my power :because ..yada yada yada” you should be fired. you shouldnt have any job :you are s fucking idiot

  7. If this goes into effect, it will be great to watch the freekeeners push it and still get arrested. I’m sure there will be a number of rules of where it can be used. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  8. Bless your heart for always finding refuge in the darker sides of things, Jacks. Still, I have to wonder what you’re going to do now that an era is coming to a close and NH won’t be able to teach recreational pot smokers a powerful lesson anymore. I know how fond you are of such things, so the reality of this must be really tearing you up inside.

  9. Have you found the historical PUBLISHED NH Controlled drug schedules yet Mr. Jacks ? How will people even know those substances Massa don’ be lettin’ the slaves have?

    According to NH’s laws (rsa 318-B… look under definitions of a “controlled drug” in that section and rsa 21:32 ) for a substance to even be a “controlled drug” it was supposed to have been published periodically in a statewide newspaper. (It wasn’t)

    Of course that never happened, because NH bureaucrats, prosecutors and other assorted overreaching government scum bags don’t even know how to implement or read their own silly laws. Instead in 2011 to cover their error , “they” clandestinely changed the laws on publication (rsa 21:32) so that they could say they use the federal controlled drug schedule. They, did that because they knew the State of NH could suffer great financial harm if the people who were arrested under a nonexistent (never fully enacted) law ever caught wind of their fuckup and sued the “Live Free or Die” State. (smirk).

    That clandestine change to the laws on publication (rsa21:32) in 2011 is especially ironic, seeing how the State of NH now breaks the same federal law/ rule (federal controlled substance schedule) they still use as the rational to continue arresting people when they aid and abet “medical marijuana”,

    Can you say legal clusterfuck? Can you say “void for vagueness” ? I know you can.

    One would think some high falutin’ lawyer would have figured this shit out by now…but…lawyers…yeah.

  10. Congratulations. Make sure you are smoking all the pot when you are driving. That will show em’!

  11. What’s with all the losers’ scorn here, sweetums? After all, your side lost fair and square now didn’t they? Don’t you think you should be taking your own advice and focus on changing the minds of our dear friends in the legislature instead of grumbling about the unfairness of things to your rivals here?

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