Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day + Makerspace, Golf Course, Jiu Jitsu Businesses Now Accepting Bitcoin in Keene!

On May 22nd of 2010, a computer programmer made the first recorded real-life bitcoin purchase – two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. Now, seven years later, 10,000 bitcoin is now worth about 25 million US dollars! To celebrate “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, eight Keene-area bitcoiners met up Monday afternoon at Little Zoe’s Take and Bake Pizza (Keene’s bitcoin-accepting pizzeria!) and ordered up several pizzas. We chatted with owner Ed Forster while he prepared the pizzas that we would later take to the Think Penguin headquarters, bake, and enjoy. Conversation included discussion of the recent meteoric rise in bitcoin price (over $2,200 per BTC on “Bitcoin Pizza Day” to now over $2,600 three days later as I write this) and the frustrations many of us have over the internal strife on the programming side of the bitcoin world.

Keene-area Bitcoiners Visit Little Zoe's Pizza!

Keene-area Bitcoiners Visit Little Zoe’s to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day!

This week’s news about the possible resolution to bitcoin’s internal strife via a large consensus of major players in the bitcoin world is heartening. It’s been getting more difficult to justify pitching Bitcoin to businesses in the area. Due to the high fees, it becomes less-and-less likely that customers will want to actually spend it. However, because it was the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has a big lead on the competition – most importantly its large acceptance infrastructure for business by merchant services providers like Bitpay. Bitpay is great, but they only allow for business to accept bitcoin, not any of the competing alternatives like DASH, or Ether. Sadly, there’s not much serious competition at this time to what Bitpay is doing to help real-life mom n’ pop businesses accept bitcoin like we have in Keene.

Make It So: The Monadnock Makerspace

Make It So: The Monadnock Makerspace – Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Because of the great crypto activists who’ve moved here as part of the active libertarian migrations to New Hampshire, Keene’s number of bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita continues to increase. Per capita, Keene is trouncing San Francisco by multiple factors, even if you factor out the internet-based businesses in Keene that are listed on the Coin Map.

This Spring, several new businesses began accepting bitcoin in Keene thanks to the help of the Keene Bitcoin Network:

  • Make It So: The Monadnock Makerspace – Downtown Keene’s makerspace is now accepting bitcoin for memberships.
  • Pine Grove Springs Golf Course – Since 1900, nine holes of golf in Spofford, now with bitcoin.
  • Flow Jiu Jitsu – Learn self-defense and pay with bitcoin.
  • The Portal Map – Yearly map of the Monadnock region featuring local businesses prints 80,000 copies per year and is accepting bitcoin for advertising.
  • LocaCopia – Wild harvest reclamation service teaches you how to care for your fruit trees – for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Accepting Since 2017!

Accepting BTC Since 2017!

If you’re in the area, you’re invited to join us for our Keene Bitcoin Network meetups at various area establishments. They happen every eight days. Join our Meetup.com group to find out when and where our next meetup is being held.

Whether or not you live in the area, you can check out NH’s only bitcoin forums here and connect with crytpo fans across the Shire.

If you’re not in the area and you love liberty (and cryptocurrency) – you need to start planning your move to New Hampshire! Here are 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire and even more reasons to consider a move to Keene.

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  1. Can you describe the fee problem? My guess is that the fee needs to be expressed in bitcoin, and that causes an inflated fee somehow, with the rise in bitcoin price. If the fee were instead a small fraction of the transaction, bitcoin would be better off. Bitcoin needs a sliding scale, based on it’s price. I don’t yet have a bitcoin account, sad to say. Of course, a transaction fee is a sales tax, which NH otherwise thankfully avoids. Worse than a sales tax, it is a transactions tax.

  2. For a sliding scale of value, bitcoin would have to be tied to something else. Gold?

  3. Bitcoin is still an unpredictable and unstable currency. There are still a lot of problems using it. The seller still has to charge a fee to recoup the cost of using bitcoin. That means higher prices.

  4. How’s that any different from using a Visa or MC? I don’t get a discount for cash at Walmart. The fee is built into the price of the product and if the customer pays cash, it becomes profit. The customer doesn’t see any of it or even need to be aware that it happens.

    It seems like this problem has already been solved but you’re blinded by ignorance and hatred for people that harbor ideas that differ from yours fundamentally.

  5. There is something to be said about the instability of Bitcoin, especially as of late with the giant cyber attack where innocent people’s computers were held at ransom and would only be freed if they payed in Bitcoin. I would think Free Keene would be opposed to such invasion of one’s privacy, but at the same time I’m not surprised that they are involved with such sinister activities.

  6. You should have linked some snazzy pie charts with your post, runningwolfkenpo. It might have prevented you from failing to preserve the pretense that you understand anything useful about money markets.

  7. Not on your watch, right detective?

  8. People rob banks, convenience stores and steal cars, too.

  9. As if the problem of extortion didn’t exist prior to crypto currencies. Don’t want to be infected stop doing stupid shit. Take responsibility for your own security and maybe you wouldn’t have such problems.

  10. People also rob banks for cash… should we get rid of cash and sinister ATM machines?

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