Bitcoin Capital of the World: New Hampshire

When most people think of New Hampshire, a few images come to mind: colorful trees, maple syrup, covered bridges, people with guns, and the great outdoors. They probably don’t think of high-tech cryptocurrency. But that’s changing, thanks to the great libertarian migration of the 21st century.

Anarchists and libertarians are moving en masse to escape oppressive political masters in their homelands to find peace and prosperity in tax-free, freedom-loving New Hampshire. With them, they are bringing their favorite freedom-enhancing technology: blockchain-based money. reported that the day they started accepting bitcoin for payment, a third of all their orders came from New Hampshire. New Hampshire is only state that explicitly exempts crypto-currency businesses from requirements to register as money transmitters, attracting job-creating startups like Lamassu, LBRY, AnyPay, and more. No longer does Silicon Valley hold a monopoly on tech: the Swarm.City team could have launched from anywhere in the world, and they chose Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This week the Monadnock Shopper, a New Hamphire newspaper with 40,000 readers, published a front-page above-the-fold article about bitcoin and all the businesses in the area that accept it.

It can be hard to keep track of all the cryptocoin development happening in New Hampshire. That’s why David Jurist started Shire Cryptocoin, a website that tells you the closest businesses where you can buy and spend your cryptocoins, which ones they take, and when there are meetup groups in your area where you can learn and get your questions answered.

Shire Cryptocoin recently appeared at SomaliaFest 2017, and they were the best vendor there in my opinion, because they helped people get better money than what they had in their pockets. I used their service to trade bitcoin for litecoin, dash, and ethereum. I had a great experience, and I wanted to spread the word. Here’s a video I made about them:

Shire Cryptocoin Facebook

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  1. Derrick, you’re article is a work of fiction and then some. No, New Hampshire is not the bitcoin capital of the world. The market cap of digital currencies has only 91 billion around the world. I wouldn’t jump up and down to much yet. You seem to grasp at straws and over exaggerate this article.

  2. Bit-coin is very unstable. It seems to be used by individuals that hide out in the dark web. In the last Malware incident wasn’t people’s computers held at ransom by these thieves, and the only way to get their lives back to normal was to pay the thieves using Bit-coin? That’s not a free way to live now is Free Keene?

  3. Great article thought it was good news and shows the potential cryptocurrency in general has. Overstock accepting bitcoins wait til walmart or amazon does this will be game changing and put market cap in the trillions.
    Anyone stating negative information like these two characters above me are trust trying to buy your coins cheaper. From FUD.
    Jumping jacks only 91 billion? LoL do you know the percentage crypto is growing at ? Astronomically. It’s the new age money You will never stop it. Even with posts like what you wrote.
    It’s simple the math. The easier people can buy bitcoin the faster it can grow. Facts and evidence back this. Mainstream bitcoin = more stable.
    And Koncerned Citizen you remind me of the people that say “someone was shot and we need to hold the gun manufacturers responsible”………….

  4. A fool and his gol…errhm, pixie dust are soon parted

  5. I’m all for “change”, but until crypto-currency can get itself out from behind the shroud of unregulated shenanigans and volatility, it’s essentially useless. A few sketchy lawyers, a few cabbies and some pizza places in my immediate area think they are ahead of the curve by accepting it, but until my bills can be paid with it, it has zero use in a reality. It’s a quasi-anarchist approach to banking. It’s self driven without the security of responsibility and protection and an interest rate/backing for securities to make their piece… Savers cannot reliably save in fiat so having fiat is a liability. “Garbage in, garbage out”

  6. KC darling, did you know that bitcoins also have positive uses? I’ll bet you could name one or two of them if you really tried your best. I believe in you, you know.

  7. i hope people can help me carry a particular sector of the bitcoins tourch, and that is ……..MAKING THE PLURAL OF BITCOIS< BITCOINS!!!… and quit sayin "bitcoin" like itsa plural without the S…the S is super important and . potent SO stop saying "bitcoin" as a plural its very wrong…i dont even wanna say bitcoin as a singular because of it…. so obvio i have to have a FK or UL article to keep this tourch and quest alive and perpetuated!!!

  8. there. whew i feel better now…so QUIT IT!

  9. I see another freekeene flunky David Jurist aka David Strahan made the paper for being arrested on a bench warrant. Those checkpoints work great.

  10. To the haters:

    “The market cap of digital currencies has only 91 billion around the world. ”

    Yea- and it took 40 years to see widespread acceptance of credit cards. There are still places that don’t take credit cards. Crypto has taken off and your just a control freak who likes to steal other peoples money thief.

    “Bit-coin is very unstable”

    Sure- and so are “risky” stocks. Yet and business advisor is going to tell you that when your young that’s where your money should go. As you get older you move from risky stocks to less risky stocks. Risk results in reward. If you don’t risk anything you’ll end up poorer. I’ve yet to meet anybody whose been using Bitcoin over the long haul whose not benefited financially over time in spite of some loss (at least to those who have bought/received on the high side and spent on the low). I have a policy of ignoring the price because I’m not into crypto. I think it makes a terrible investment (unless your an average individual whose got no understanding investment wise- at which point plough your money into it cause it’s much better than putting that money into a bank account), but I do think it works really well as a currency. Over time it’s done nothing but increase in value. Just ignore the downswing’s and spend it like you would cash and you’ll still end up financially better off over the long haul.

  11. “It seems to be used by individuals that hide out in the dark web”

    Yea- coming from a nut job who know little to nothing about anything. I’ve never bought anything off the dark web. In fact I’m doubtful in a fraction of the people around me have. Certainly it has value here- but cash works just as well- at the local level. Are you going to push a ban on cash?

    “In the last Malware incident wasn’t people’s computers held at ransom by these thieves”

    Sure- but ransomeware pre-dates crypto and before bitcoin there was this thing called western union, prepaid debit cards, money gram, and a bunch of others that were also used in these scams.

  12. “and the only way to get their lives back to normal was to pay the thieves using Bit-coin?”

    If $300 is going to ruin you then you’ve got much much much bigger problems. Maybe you should focus on getting a job? The reality is the people who have something of financial value on their computer are also those whom are going to least impacted by ransomeware because guess what- they’ve got positions where $300 or even $3000 isn’t going to make em sweat.

  13. I’m glad to see I struck a nerve Libretea. The truth hurts, doesn’t it.

  14. KC darling, your argument continues to ignore the fact that bitcoins have positive uses as well. A courageous person would have admitted this and moved on. But then, your principles aren’t based upon courage, now are they sweetums? Have you stopped to think that this might be why your side is losing so much ground?

  15. there is no “dark webs” quit your fear mongerinng fantasy…i not ascared of my fellow human being especially on the “dark webs” which to you is just some hypothetical theory..that u never seen but r scared of..
    bc of whatever

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