Libertarian Activists Enforce Headlight Law

Checkpoint7:20:17Manchester PD was one of 7 gangs to receive a share of $1,304,118 (pages 63 and 124) in grants to conduct “sobriety” checkpoints. One of the checkpoints was conducted this past Thursday, July 20th 10pm through July 21st 2:30am. The checkpoint was located on the westbound lane of Bridge St. Manchester PD records indicate that there were 3 stops on Bridge Street during those hours. There were no arrests, and no citations are listed. No DWI arrests occurred during those hours anywhere in Manchester, according to the gang’s website.

As always, a group of libertarians showed up to warn drivers of the presence of the gang members. Though it seems that the MPD gang did not remove any unsafe activity from the roadways, the libertarians warned several drivers, both those who drove through the checkpoint and those who did not, that their headlights were off. One car was pulled over in the right turning lane turning onto Elm St. This was promptly filmed by several libertarians and the driver seemed to me to be let go without any further violations of their rights beyond the initial kidnapping/death threat.

A “Utility Work Ahead” sign was on the sidewalk next to the right turn lane turning onto Bridge St (towards the checkpoint). There was no visible utility work in the area. The sign was facing away from any traffic that would have seen it. Due to the design of the sign, it was easy to walk behind to walk down the sidewalk with a sign to warn drivers. (These drivers would have seen the blank metal back of the utility work sign.) The only drivers who this sign would realistically been visible to would be a driver driving east on the westbound side of Bridge St.

If you want to be warned of checkpoints in the geographical area occupied by New Hampshire before they happen, you can follow Checkpoint Free New Hampshire on Twitter, Facebook, or send an SMS saying “follow @NoCheckpointsNH” to 40404 to get SMS alerts.

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  1. so u r saying libertarians r the tip of the spear. n copblock should get them

  2. Ridiculous. Whether you like it or not, these checkpoints work and they will be around for a very very long time. How do you think you are such heroes for telling people to turn their lights on? The biggest question is most of the freekeener community don’t have drivers licenses or insurance and registration. Attacking DUI checkpoints makes you hypocrites.



  5. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, you really need to start raising the bar for yourself. It’s becoming very tiresome having to call attention to all of these Jacksisms of yours. I mean really, Jacks, if one were to follow your line of reasoning, then mutes challenging free-speech zones would also be hypocrites, now wouldn’t they?

  6. Meanwhile the live free or die state sold about $680 million worth of alcohol thru its forcibly held monopoly / state alcohol stores. That’s a heaping plate of cognitive dissonance. Bottoms up !

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