Bitcoin Feature Story Hits Front Page of Keene Sentinel!

Bitcoin Hits Front Page, Above-the-Fold, Twice!

Front Page, Above-the-Fold, Twice!

What’s that? You say Bitcoin has not been the front page feature story your local newspaper where you live? You must not live in Keene, New Hampshire – the capitol of real-life business acceptance of the world’s first cryptocurrency!

About one month ago, the Monadnock Shopper News featured Bitcoin and the regional businesses that accept it on their front page, above-the-fold! Not to be outdone, the Keene Sentinel’s business section had a massive article in today’s paper that was not only the front page feature but was also promoted above-the-fold in the headline of the front page of the century-plus old newspaper. You can read it online here at the Keene Sentinel’s site. (Here’s a PDF of the piece.)

Reporter Paul Cuno-Booth did a thorough job interviewing various owners of the local bitcoin-accepting businesses about their reasons for backing the amazing decentralized currency, including Monadnock Makerspace founder Johnny Bolster, area computer tech Michael Gordon, Bob Maibusch of Pine Springs Golf Course, Ken Urbanski of Kirby’s Q, and Steve Wilder of Wilder Automotive. Cuno-Booth also focuses on the Shire Free Church’s media outreach along with our local meetup group for Bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency users and newbies, the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network.

Keene Bitcoin Network Meetup at Rick's Ice Cream

Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network Meetup at Rick’s Ice Cream

As we have reported here at Free Keene, according to CoinMap, Keene is the number one city in the world for bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita. Obviously not all businesses have the same results, of course. Though the golf course has yet to have a customer with bitcoin, Wilder Auto reports approximately a dozen customers regularly using bitcoin. Bolster, who also is the creator of the Portal Map, reported that he was able to sell ads to some new customers on his yearly map of area businesses, because he is accepting bitcoin as payment! That’s money that otherwise would have been left on the table had Bolster decided against accepting the cryptocurrency.

Bolster’s story really exemplifies one of Bitcoin’s strongest aspects. Even though it’s an international currency, it has a strong local feel. Unlike other attempts at local currencies that are based on the US Dollar and therefore subject to the whims of politicians, Bitcoin cannot be manipulated by politicians and banks. It’s truly a money for the people. Plus, Bitcoin accomplishes what a local currency is supposed to do – it keeps more money in the community – unlike credit card providers, who take approximately 3% out of every transaction away from the Keene area and into major bank coffers. It’s really exciting to see downtown businesses doing business with each other in bitcoin, and not just accepting it from customers and converting it to cash (which they could do if they wanted).

Keene-area Bitcoiners Visit Little Zoe's Pizza!

Keene-area Bitcoiners Visit Little Zoe’s to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day!

What you’re seeing here in Keene is what’s possible with only a dozen or so dedicated activists. Keene’s already the top in business bitcoin-acceptance and that’s now getting acknowledgement in mainstream media. Combine our success here in Keene with Derrick J’s new bitcoin-only store out in Portsmouth, this year’s major political win with the NH “Bitcoin protection bill“, and NH’s overall dominance in the Bitcoin universe, and its no wonder that libertarian and voluntarist cryptocurrency fans are moving here in large numbers. In case you needed more reasons to come, here are 101 of them.

In a time when governments are trying to crack down on cryptocurrency, we need a haven now more than ever. Please come join us in real life and make the move to the Shire as part of the ongoing NH Freedom Migration and get active with us. In addition to the local meetup group, we also have NH Bitcoin forums that you’re welcome to join and connect with other cryptocurrency users across the Shire.

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  1. Great story- it’s amazing how far crypto currencies have come. It took 40 years for credit cards to see widespread adoptions and yet it’s only been a handful of years and we’re already seeing local businesses picking up the acceptance of crypto.

  2. Well done. I’ve put in the footwork and tried to get many businesses to accept crypto. It is hard to find activist and hard to find willing businesses. My success was 1 bar, for 1 night of liberty on the rocks.

  3. It is a great story but seriously I am skeptical that a Bitcoin only store such as the one in Portsmouth is going to succeed. The purpose of being in business is to succeed. Turning down money is counterproductive to succeeding in business.

  4. Another about face on bitcoin. Your last article on bitcoin was grim. Now all of a sudden it’s bright and shiny again. Got news for you, bitcoin has been in a lot of news papers. Isn’t this the weekend bitcoin is shut down in NH? You are as wishy washy as Charlie Brown.

  5. Alls i know is the Sentinel will be remiss slackers if they haven’t spoke to the correct plural of Bitcoins

  6. It’s frustrating that the authorities still haven’t come up with a regulation to force everyone to stop using bitcoins, isn’t it Jacks? You know, perhaps you could take your own advice and tell your congressman what’s bothering you instead? I’m sure he’d be very eager to help you once you explain how volatile and easily manipulated bitcoins are.

  7. Turning down $ is counterproductive and so is not answering the phone at your botcoin only bizness. You don ‘t even bother returning calls.

    I’m gonna give you an order and you gonna obey it: Return those calls honey!

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