NH Blogger Rails Against Border Patrol Checkpoints, Calls Out Libertarians

Border Patrol Agents

Border Patrol Agents Bothering Innocent Motorists

NH blogger Susan the Bruce has written an excellent post excoriating the police state and its invasive internal Border Patrol checkpoints, one of which was set up this weekend just south, curiously, of the NH Cannabis Freedom Festival. Sure enough, more people were arrested for drug possession at the checkpoint than were arrested for immigration, according to the article at the Union Leader.

In her blog, Susan writes:

NH was one of the states that fought hard against REAL ID. That opposition was in character with the “live free or die” philosophy we’re supposed to be famous for embracing. It was in character with our reputation as a libertarian leaning state.

Somewhere along the way we stopped fighting REAL ID and meekly submitted. Sixteen years of indoctrination – a combination of fear based agitprop and training to submit to authority, changed our tune from Just Say No to We Have to do this for National Security. REAL ID means that the state maintains a database of information on people, including Social Security numbers and photos.

She’s right. This year in the state house the supposed privacy nut state rep, Neil Kurk, capitulated after years of holding firm against REAL ID, and endorsed the state’s partial embracing of the federal ID standards. One who wishes to acquire a non-REAL ID-compliant card can still get one, but according to someone I know who visited the DMV this week, the DMV bureaucrats are pushing the new REAL ID version.

NH Internal Border Patrol Checkpoint

NH Internal Border Patrol Checkpoint

I recommend reading Susan’s whole post, it’s well-done and there’s very little she says that I can disagree with. Until the end, that is. She says in the final paragraph:

There hasn’t been a peep out of the liberty and freedumb crowd about this. Not a word from the allegedly liberty loving Free Staters. The folks who do the wailin’ about gummint encroachment on our lives are strangely silent when it comes to “show us your papers” stops. Their interest in gummint interference extends to deregulation and tax cuts. Actual violations of privacy and civil liberties don’t interest them in the slightest.

I may not be a “Free Stater”, but I love liberty and am friends with many of them. I have seen plenty of liberty people upset about these checkpoints and they have posted their outrage online… on facebook. Which means no one hears it except those connected to the person on facebook – such posts only hit the libertarian echo chamber. Sadly, most of the people who are here are not bloggers like Susan and me. They are just as outraged as she, but fail to communicate it effectively to a wider audience.

Carla Gericke Keenevention 2014

Free State Project President Carla Gericke Keynoting Keenevention 2014

Some areas have made efforts in the past to blog, but all have failed, some multiple times. There was Free Grafton, Free Manch, and the most recent effort, Shire Liberty News. Of those three, the Grafton and Manch blogs are long-gone and Shire Liberty News hasn’t had a new post since early summer, though they are still online and could make a comeback. Former FSP president Carla Gericke had taken a main blogger role at Shire Liberty News this year and it looked as though new life was being breathed into the site, however its posts have died off since Porcfest. Carla DID post about her feelings regarding the checkpoint, but unfortunately it was only to her friends on facebook. For the record, she gave me permission to share it here. After linking the Union Leader story she says:

This is not cool, NH, not cool at all. So much wrong with this I don’t really know where to start. First, a reminder that once you allow rights to be eroded, it’s mighty hard to put them back in the can… which is why so many liberty activists push so hard on issues. Second, during this I-93 roadblock–ROADBLOCKS, WHAT ARE WE, A BANANA REPUBLIC?–more people were arrested for drugs than for their immigration status, and since Border Patrol apparently doesn’t have to comply with the Constitution, that means they get to search everyone without probable cause. Think about that: You are no longer free to travel on the roads of New Hampshire without the threat of being stopped and searched FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN TRAVELING ON THAT ROAD. I, for one, will record everything if caught up in this, and will sue, sue, sue!

Border Patrol in Derby Line, VT

Border Patrol Agents Hassle Us Over Recording Video of their Checkpoint

So, Susan is wrong claiming libertarians aren’t concerned with this issue. It’s libertarians from NH who FOUNDED Cop Block. Libertarians are the reason the Manchester checkpoints have basically been neutered over the last few years. Carla Gericke has even won a court precedent-setting case against the police for oppressing her right to record a police encounter. My co-host on my talk show, Free Talk Live, Mark Edge even made a video of his refusal to consent to a Border Patrol checkpoint during a visit to Texas. I made a short documentary about five liberty-lovers attempting to cross the border with various forms of ID at Derby Line, VT that includes an encounter with US Border Patrol where we assert our right to record and back them down.

That said, Susan is at least right that the libertarians who are complaining are not being heard – because they’re shouting into the echo chamber of facebook. Facebook is hurting our movement and needs to be disused. Also, we need more people blogging and making other media. We’ve got some great radio shows here still like Darryl Perry’s shows and Rodger Paxton’s, but total liberty media content from NH is down from its heyday, despite having more liberty migrants than ever. I’ve tried my best to gather as many bloggers as I can here, but you can see the posts for yourself. Most of Free Keene’s bloggers barely post a few times a year. It’s mostly me posting here, and I can’t cover everything alone, as much as I might like to. So, thank you Susan, for beating me to the punch and for writing what is 90% an awesome article about the recent NH Border Patrol checkpoint.

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  1. susan bruce sucks… and In is kissin her butt… gag-o-ramma pretty sure shes said ian sucks in a zillion ways..

  2. im just sayin facts thas all

  3. Boarder patrol checkpoints are not going to go away. With the current situation with illegals, drugs, and potential terrorism, they will be there for a long long time. A bunch of libertarians are not going to get them shut down.

  4. susan bruce is a gross idiot…this is Ian’s passive aggressive attack on her.. which…..of course ,being passive aggressive is being dishonest.. it is a attack piece that pretends it is not… 🙂 . Again,Ian tries to play both sides but it really doesnt work 🙂

  5. My question is,is why wouldnt Ian just get the Info and do a write up about it, why make the piece all about Susan Bruce? Here’s my answer:it is a passive aggressive(aka dishonest) attack on STB(susan the bruce)… why not just caall her a fucking cunt(which she is)…

  6. thats it :do a whole FK piece on “this is how much of a cunt stb and cantwells are..then make it a long piece wherein it goes into details..without all your nausiating equivocation and qualifying yadda yaddda yadda.. horse crap

  7. @JumpingJacks

    Why wouldn’t the border patrols go away, Jacks? I mean really, sweetums, haven’t you heard? Our dear friend Donald Trump is going to build a wall! Wouldn’t that rid ourselves of any need for a 60,000-man border patrol operation, Jacks?

  8. Considering we have a group that goes out almost every weekend with a half dozen people on average all over southern NH I think this is a weak argument. There are lots of people who go out and protest these checkpoints both in Manchester and out. In Manchester there are more people doing it. Outside of New Hampshire we have had a half dozen or so for many of the checkpoints. Unfortunately the police are paid to do the checkpoints and so outnumber us. It’s not however futile and there are so many checkpoints now that we just can’t keep up. There are checkpoints this Friday, Saturday, and one in two weeks from now. I wasn’t even aware of this boarder checkpoint. There have been firewood checkpoints as well that we have missed.

  9. This has nothing to do with immigration and EVERYTHING to do with DRUGS and MONEY. Notice how they just HAPPENED to have a DRUG DOG and they USED IT. Which is supposed to be illegal at these checkpoints – but hey when you break the law you go to jail when GOVERNMENT breaks the law they get paid.

  10. susan bruce is like devil women …she make exorcist girl look like sweet poly purebreads sister.. i know this…also she is Arnie Arnisens side kick on her radio show…which i dont think arnie knows the depths of evil that she sits next to… est-wise shed fire her and leave … to find a exorcist … to exorcise Bruce… THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS THEE….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDNCkcC47eQ

  11. How many protective orders have been taken out against David Crawford?

  12. put your name to what you say punk

  13. how many falshoods has “powertool” told on the internet behind a fake name?

  14. Maybe he isnt aware that it’s possible to answer …people without involving the state…such is the “state” of things

  15. I notice you didn’t answer, David Crawford. Still stalking teenaged girls?

  16. Never did….. .You are a fake name saying fake things on the internet… fuck off troll/punk… you already made your fake answer up…get a real name punk/coward

  17. Matt schmidt and His Wife jenn schmidt absolutly have protective orders… because of stalking retarded people with knives…i belive there is a link to the order right on FK

  18. that must be what you aare thinking of toolman..lol or maybe you are making things up like you did with your name

  19. Typical of Susan Bruce, it doesn’t matter how bald faced the lie if it’s about FSPersons.

  20. Speaking of bald faced lies – nice to see you Curt!

  21. You really must admit that your article’s closing paragraph was quite dishonest, Susan. But we all know you won’t. You’re funny that way, aren’t you dear?

  22. Susan, how nice to see you. I’m always glad to have inspired a woman’s sexual thoughts. I hope you are well.

  23. Oh, Curt/Bob/Alan – I doubt very much that you’ve inspired sexual thoughts in any woman, no matter what identity you were using – but you keep on pretending if if makes you feel better.

  24. Susan, I was protesting at the checkpoint in Manchester last night, and I did see you. Seems to reinforce that your last paragraph above was, to put it politely, fabricated.

    As to your sexual thoughts, you are the one that announced it. I had to look up your reference to John Holmes, since I didn’t know who that was. Remember?

  25. Did you get your picture in the paper again, Curt Howland? Why do you use the Bob Robertson alias? Did you really think no one would ever connect the dots? It’s a small state, Curt Bobertson.

    You didn’t see me in Manchester. I haven’t been to Manchester for months. Apparently your identity isn’t the only thing you lie about.

  26. What lie, Susan? Please, be specific. What dots, Susan? Please, again, be specific. You’re making vague accusations, and I would prefer you be clear about what it is you are trying to say. That’s why I had to ask you who “John Holmes” was when you referred to him after seeing me at the Bloomberg Bus event. I’m sorry you didn’t introduce yourself, rather than just flipping me the finger and walking away.

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