I’m no longer a Free Stater, but you should go to Porcfest and definitely move to NH, if you love liberty.

Porcfest Sunrise

The Sun Rises over Porcfest 2012

I tendered my resignation from the Free State Project today after being informed that they have decided to prohibit me from their events, the Porcupine Freedom Festival and Liberty Forum.  My name was still on the membership rolls after their announcement, so I removed it, wishing the FSP the best.

With the banning, I became the latest inducted in the elite club of people like Christopher Cantwell and Zack Bass who have been similarly politically excised from the FSP organization.

It was a good run, but all things come to an end.  I’m grateful for my more than a decade of helping to promote the Free State Project, and look forward to 20,000+ liberty-loving people coming here to New Hampshire and working toward freedom.

I know people have said they won’t be attending Porcfest this year due to the FSP’s decision, and I appreciate their sentiment, but to anyone who doesn’t feel as strongly, you should still attend the Porcupine Freedom Festival this June.  

Shire Society

If you love liberty, join the Shire Society and move to NH.

Porcfest will be a great event with or without Free Talk Live, and other LRN.FM shows that are not attending in protest of the FSP’s decision.  I will always have fond memories of the event that I broadcast from for nearly a decade.

For anyone who is interested in moving to get active with more libertarians per capita than anywhere in the world, and are looking for alternatives to the Free State Project and their yearly events Porcfest and Liberty Forum (which are great events), here are some to consider:

Since the FSP cited my beliefs about age of consent in their notice posted to their blog today as the reason for my banning, it should be known that I’ve been public about my views on age of consent for a long time.  Despite some vicious rumors, I don’t support sex with children and call that reprehensible twice in the video being propagated by my haters featuring excerpts from my radio show.  I do support young people being able to decide to emancipate themselves, including sexually.  I don’t come from the position that sex is dirty or bad, but there are plenty of people who do – and some of them call themselves libertarians.

This week, five local liberty activists met at the Sanctuary for Love And Peace to record the second episode of “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” which featured five different libertarian perspectives on age of consent for more than an hour, including mine.  Here’s a full video of that conversation:

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