NBC Boston’s Report on NH’s Future First-Ever Full-Time Mosque

Major media continues to pick up the inspiring story of NH’s future first full-time mosque, slated to open in Keene. Here’s the excellent piece by Katherine Underwood that aired today on NBC in Boston.

NBC Boston's Katherine Underwood Reports from NH's Future First Full-Time Mosque

NBC Boston’s Katherine Underwood Reports from NH’s Future First Full-Time Mosque

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  1. so now the CIA will have new grounds to recruit outcaste youth for fake bomb plots from in boston now…FACT

  2. no…it will be a place to dispell bullcrap…FACT lol

  3. @David Crawford “no…it will be a place to dispell bullcrap…FACT lol”

    when someone is on the edge of society, they will do anything to “fit in” to be apart of something, sometimes if it means going out in a martyrdom/glory as an attempt to be remembered to heal their lonely heart. FACT

    outcasted youth try to find another tradition that can make their life worth living wheter its buddism, islam, white nationalism, etc to fill the void they fill in their heart…sometimes they just fall into drugs and beer…FACT

    depends on the person tho…FACT

  4. Ian must have called the news again to gain some limelight. He never does anything without a catch.

  5. You know Jacks, you really need to ease your grip on those pearls of yours every time Ian’s name is mentioned. There are no ulterior motives here. Keene is simply a small town. Local news programs have segments to fill just like everyone else. They can’t be feeding their viewers canned news every day, sweetums.

    Oh, and Jacks? Some of the gallant folks at “Stop Free Keene” are very anxious to meet with you. You really should pay them a visit. Ask for Mark Wolf.

  6. i dont know how long the “shire free church” has been sitting there(metaphorically) with BUPKISS that anyone would call a church.. years im sure… so id guess that this is also going be used as “exibit A” he defense in when the inevitable court day comes….but who knows … maybe it isnt worth it to the city or whoever takes such matters to court… and the SFC will get to just skate, Its been years since the “church” has paid taxes on the cities terms. Im sure it will be a expensive on taking to adjudicate, with all the goofyness defining what a church is. But id say the city could win because there has been so little that anyone could call a church … I dont know why it is taking so long to come to a head..I’m not saying i want it to come to a head ..Maybe the city is gathering evidence. It will probably be a very expensive battle.. maybe the city is trying to “ignore it and it will go away”

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