New Hampshire Mosque Reaches $11,000 Matching Goal, Shifts Focus to Bitcoin Donations

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Two weeks ago, the Shire Free Church offered to match contributions to Will Coley’s ongoing fundraiser to launch the MALIC Center, New Hampshire’s soon to be first full-time mosque. It was announced that donations would be matched up to the goal at the time, which was $11,000.

I’m happy to announce that in the last two weeks not only did we exceed the goal, but also the total number of contributors increased over 40% to over 130. The repairs and upgrades of the house in question that will become the Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community Center are ongoing and being covered by both the Shire Free Church and the MALIC Center together. Due to the additional work required, Will has bumped up the goal of his fundraiser to $15,000. While he’ll certainly accept donations in US Dollars, he’s hoping to finish out the fundraiser with cryptocurrencies and become the first mosque in the world to open with half their budget consisting of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Based on our research, it may be the first publicly known bitcoin-accepting mosque in the world. If you know of another, please post in the comments.

Bitcoin Hits Front Page, Above-the-Fold, Twice!

Keene’s Bitcoin Community is Front Page News!

“We don’t want to feed the war machine in any way” – Will Coley

Will explained in an interview for Free Keene, that as a peace-oriented religion, using bitcoin is a great way to avoid feeding the violent federal government, since cryptocurrencies decentralize the power of money into the people’s hands. Current bitcoin donations to the fundraiser have gone towards electronics purchases for running live video from the mosque. Soon, bitcoin will be spent on contractors for upcoming improvements to the property. Will describes Keene as a “bitcoin community” and says that he loves how easy it is to spend bitcoin in Keene. (Keene is the as-yet-undisputed number one city in the world for bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita.)

Thus far in the fundraiser Will has received over one bitcoin and some DASH and ether, totaling around $5,000 in cryptocurrencies. Should you wish to give, the bitcoin donation address is 14eFNWDcAhNeT4HPwd7ps2CcAAz7u68ABP

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for more on the MALIC Center’s upcoming launch. There’s no date set at the moment.

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  1. Uh oh, Jacks! It looks like Will is set upon risking his fledgling organization’s financial well-being by accepting bitcoin donations! Quick! You need to explain to him why this is a really, really bad idea! But please remember that it’s crucial to provide more meat to your argument this time around! All this “it’s volatile, hackable, and easy to manipulate” jazz really doesn’t inspire the sort of fear you seem to think it does!

  2. Again, Ian has to ride the coattails of someone else’s success. With freekeene behind it, I tend to believe success will not be the end result. Ian has to match donations so there will be enough money. Why aren’t other muslims donating money? According to Ian and his buddy, there should be lots of muslims around the area.

  3. Actually local muslims have raised over $10k to go toward our 2nd phase of remodel. We are trying very hard to make the opening/first phase to be a gift presented to local muslims.

  4. I really don’t understand what you’re whinging about here, Jacks. You do understand that the purpose of these donations is to renovate Will’s property into an interfaith community center, now don’t you? You know Jacks. it’s very troubling that you lack the courage and initiative to take a little time to acquaint yourself with these matters before you decide to criticize them. It’s quite a bad habit you have.

  5. Since you use launch good, you have to pay 8% of money taken in, pay for the “coach” who helps you get started, and you have to pay taxes unless you have a tax ID code for nonprofit.

  6. Jacks honey, why do you keep insisting upon giving out all of this unsolicited financial advice to your rivals here? You’re being quite the obnoxious little busybody, you know. I’m quite sure that Ian and Will have everything under control here with this LaunchGood project of theirs and they’ll be just fine without you constantly butting in. Perhaps you should consider minding your own business for once and leaving these matters the ones involved? It’s the decent thing to do, you know.

    Oh, and Jacks? I see that you haven’t introduced yourself to our dear friends over at “Stop Fee Keene” yet, In case you didn’t know, they have quite the little scandal going on with JP these days. And if you don’t mind my saying, I think that this sort of thing is right up your alley. You should consider going over there and offering your services. They certainly could use some extra talent. What do you say, Jacks? Are you game for that?

  7. Tax scam

  8. So in your mind, DD darling, obeying the tax laws is proof positive that Ian’s donation is an attempt at tax evasion? Well that’s a peculiar way of looking at things, now isn’t my dear?

    You know, DD, a serious allegation like this really should be accompanied with some sort of evidence to support it. Do you have any, my boy, or do you intend to remain content with the fact that your post leads your readers to the conclusion that you have absolutely no idea what a tax scam actually is?

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