Ron Paul Signs the Shire Society Declaration! Yes, THAT Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Signs the Shire Society Declaration

Ron Paul Signs the Shire Society Declaration

In 2010, dozens of libertarians, voluntaryists, and anarchists attending the Porcupine Freedom Festival put their signatures on the original Shire Society Declaration. The Declaration, since signed thousands of times online and in real life by people from across the globe, is a personal declaration of independence from the horrible idea of “the state”. You can read and sign the Shire Society Declaration here and for more history on its creation, see here.

Since the original two hemp paper Declarations quickly filled up with signatures, the artist who did the calligraphy, the Muslim Agorist aka Davi Barker created a bunch of smaller hemp paper replicas. Former Keene activist El Stone brought one of them to the Nexus conference in Colorado in late September 2017, where libertarian presidential candidate and all-around-hero to liberty Ron Paul was slated to speak.

Derrick Slopey and Ron Paul at the Nexus Conference

Derrick Slopey and Ron Paul at the Nexus Conference

According to witness and photographer Derrick Slopey, it all happened fast as Ron exited the stage. Stone was able to get his attention, unfurled the Declaration and asked if he’d sign it. Ron said, “Sure, I agree with all of this” and added his signature.

The copy of the Declaration was the same Declaration that others at the conference had been signing, including Roger Ver aka “Bitcoin Jesus”. However, you can’t see any other signatures in the photos below besides Ron Paul’s as Stone is super-protective of the privacy of the signers on his declaration.

Kudos to Ron Paul for the amazing endorsement! Also thanks to Stone for being the one to ask him and Derrick for the photos. When we created it, I don’t think anyone imagined Ron Paul would join the Shire Society. What an awesome surprise and amazing validation for the Shire Society Declaration!

Many Shire Society members are moving to New Hampshire to concentrate libertarian action in one spot. You can connect with others already here and those planning to move on the Shire Forum.

Here are pics of Ron’s signature on the document:

Ron Paul's Signature on Shire Declaration

Ron Paul’s Signature on Shire Declaration

Ron Paul's Signature on Shire Declaration (Close up)

Ron Paul’s Signature on Shire Declaration (Close up)

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  1. And this means what? Ron Paul is considered to be a joke on capitol hill. During his political career, he only passed one bill and it meant nothing to anyone. His paranoia rants are always good for a few laughs.

  2. My goodness, you certainly do burn a lot of calories bellyaching, now don’t you Jacks? Dr. Paul only wants busybodies like yourself to respect the rights of others and leave the peaceful elements of society alone. More and more people are putting their confidence in these sorts of notions. The tables are turning, Jacks. We’re not going away. Get used to it.

  3. Oh, and by the way Jacks, while Dr. Paul was voting “NAY” against every sort of unconstitutional legislation that came up throughout his tenure in congress, our dear friend Maggie Hassan was doing precisely the opposite. It’s pretty clear by this who the better person is, eh pookums?

  4. Libertarians sure do love their racists

  5. This just in, State Rep looney liberal Katherine Rogers is guilty of assault. It’s not looking so good for the libertarian community.

  6. FTFY: Ron Paul signs silly paper in front of him for photo op.

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