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Isabelle Rose, owner Bon Vivant - Gourmet Street Food

Isabelle Rose, owner Bon Vivant – Gourmet Street Food

In the summer of 2016, Isabelle Rose launched her Keene, NH food truck, “Bon Vivant Gourmet Street Foods”, serving delicious Vietnamese food. From the beginning she was accepting Bitcoin! Though she’s closed for the winter and planning to open a sit-down restaurant next, Food Truck Operator, a food truck industry website, has published a piece featuring Isabelle.

It’s great publicity for her and for Keene, which the article calls, “one of the most pro-bitcoin communities in the U.S., if not the world.”

The article also focuses on Keene-based beverage truck operator Doug Hildreth, who says he’ll be accepting cryptocurrency at his truck, “320Nitro”, when he reopens in 2018. You can read the full story here at

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  1. Is there an actual total count of Bit-coin that she has made from her business in comparison to cash? Do they also accept Visa or Mastercard, because not everyone has cash on hand anymore, and almost no one has Bit-coin?

  2. “one of the most pro-bitcoin communities in the U.S., if not the world.” Now that is amusing. 5% of their customers pay with bitcoin. That doesn’t sound like a major number. The article said San Francisco has 120 trucks that accept bitcoin. That is quite a bit more then Keene. The article is misleading in a few statements. Bitcoin lost a lot of it’s worth last week not to mention there were a few hackers that managed to steal a large amount of bitcoin. Since you don’t have many straws to grasp, I guess this article is your only saving grace.

  3. Honestly Jacks, I just don’t understand why you can’t seem to get it into your thick skull that in order to make money from your investments you need to buy low and sell high. How do you expect to retire by 50, Jacks?

  4. I’m not surprised that Ian supports this food truck, after all it sits on his property and he also likes Vietnamese food that being young underaged Vietnamese girls. Just ask him he has plenty of underaged girls downloaded in a folder on his computer.

  5. What is it that has you hating freedom so much jacks? These anti-crypto comments are more or less just arrogance and/or intentional deceit depending on whose doing the commenting. Bitcoin went up 40% and dropped 24%? That is STILL a rise of 16%. Now I was paid about $3000 USD worth of Bitcoin near Bitcoins height from 3-4 of my customers. That $3000 USD wroth of Bitcoin was partially converted ($1800 USD or so) to Bitcoin Cash which proceeded to rise in value as Bitcoin fell. Pure accident on my part as I meant to convert only $400 USD to Bitcoin Cash. I then lost about 15% when Bitcoin fell 24%. That didn’t really matter at all though because I just went out and spent my Bitcoin on where you can buy goods off Amazon and get up to a 33% discount. You pick what discount you want and then it takes anywhere between a few minutes to a month and a half depending on how big of a discount you demand and what the market will allow at any given time. This past two weeks I’ve been getting 33% on most purchases and within days too. So ultimately I’m making money off accepting and spending Bitcoin in spite of its loss in value since the receipt of said Bitcoin.

    Yes- there are stupid people who think that taking out a mortgage to buy Bitcoin is a good idea. Or investing 75% of there savings in Bitcoin. It’s not. Bitcoin is a risky investment, but if you want to succeed in life you have to take risks, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stupid about the risks you take. Young people *SHOULD* take more risks in investing then those hitting retirement. You shouldn’t be stupid and risk everything regardless of age. That’s just stupid. You should diversify your portfolio to reduce risk and increase profits. I have never held for any length of time more than 10% or so of my wealth in crypto. However those times that I did hold 10% I gained handsomely from those investments. I typically have about 2-3% of my financial worth held in crypto. Most of the rest of it is split between my house and business. Technically I might have some small quasi investments in some other smaller ventures that might or might not pan out also. If they do my $2,500 USD “investment” could potentially net me $60,000-250,000 USD. I say quasi because my objective wasn’t to invest, but the net effect of something which happened to me cost me money and now I’m just trying to recoup it. But that recoup could turn into a windfall. To recoup and possibly then some does require a bit of cash though and it could end up turning up nothing. I could have just said screw it- low chance of success- not worth my time or money to pursue. Though in reality the chance of winning is actually favoring me from the looks of things right now and the investment was low. Ultimately though winning will have another benefit-joy- paybacks a bitch.

  6. Joe, Those are my opinions. They have nothing to do with freedom. Those are your words. Bitcoin is unstable and will continue to be that way. Governments are now wising up to keep an eye on those who buy and sell large volumes of bitcoin. Your statements make it seem like you are trying to convince yourself about bitcoins. How I feel about bitcoin really has no bearing on anything. I posted direct links to stories from the media. You call them fake yet, they are true and that scares you.

  7. You know Jacks, the rest of us have been talking amongst ourselves and we all agree with Joe. You’ve made it abundantly clear that your negative disposition towards anything discussed here stems entirely from your prejudices against libertarians and their notions of self-rule. Why bother to deny this? Be assertive, Jacks! There’s power in that!

    Oh and Jacks? I know that your powers of introspection are still too underdeveloped for you to have figured this out yet, but the rest of us have observed that your tendency to post links derives from the fact that you lack an informed opinion of your own. You’re really going to have to do something about that bad habit of yours if you want to start being more persuasive. I know you won’t, though. You’re funny that way aren’t you Jacks?

  8. Jacks: “You call them fake yet”

    No I didn’t. They’re misleading, but I didn’t even say deliberately so. I didn’t say they lied about anything or were just making stuff up. If they were making stuff up then maybe you can say it’s “fake”.

    “Those are your words”

    No, you put words into my mouth I didn’t say.

    “they are true and that scares you”

    Why would it scare me? That’s silly. I’m making money off it and even if Bitcoin hits $0 I’ll still have benefited greatly. All I ever said was to be cautious in making investments and don’t be stupid. I never said don’t throw money at Bitcoin or crypto in general. I have begun using other crypto currencies as Bitcoin doesn’t work as well as once did because its failed to adapt. But that is one reason I like crypto currencies is because the sources are available and that means it can be forked and so even if one group of people decide to take it in a different direction there are still going to be options out there because others can fork the code.

    “Bitcoin is unstable and will continue to be that way.”

    High fees were the problem, not instability. Crazy outsiders destabilized things a bit- but its not like I lost anything. To have lost something I’d actually have had to have seen the price from where it was when I received or bought Bitcoin drop and then have spent the Bitcoin at a lower point. The problem is that even while I technically did that the value I got when I spent those Bitcoin for which I couldn’t have received any other way was greater than the loss I incurred and therefore I still did better and profited.

    Well, you can choose to live in denial that Bitcoin and crypto has serious value because I’m going to continue accepting it and spending it as I have been for years and profiting handsomely in the process.

    “Governments are now wising up to keep an eye on those who buy and sell large volumes of bitcoin.”

    So what. You don’t have to go through a government approved exchange. I’ve only ever bought on an exchange a few times insignificant amounts of crypto. They’ve got nothing on me. Not to mention I’m reporting my interactions. I’m not a very good libertarian in that respect, but it’s under duress and coercion that I do it.

    “How I feel about bitcoin really has no bearing on anything. ”

    I really don’t care how you feel about Bitcoin. In fact I’d rather you leave. Go find people somewhere else to lie to and be an annoying twat. Your comments do little more than make it seem like there are nothing other than haters reading Free Keene. While I know that isn’t true- someone new here might get the wrong idea.

  9. What’s the matter, Jacks? Aren’t you going to double down with some more Jacksisms? You better get back on top of your game here, Jacks. If you let Joe hold the controlling position for too long you’re going to end up losing this thing!

  10. Jackism’s= Truth. What else is true is all the girls that Ian has on his newer computers. I wonder when the FBI will get their grubby little hands on them?

  11. It’s “Jacksisms,” OS darling. You know, with an “s” after the “k?” You’re not one to come in here fully prepared, now are you puddin’?

    Oh and OS my love? None of us is saying that Jacks never tells the truth. I’m sure he would never tell a lie to his mother. But some of us just wish he could carry a measure of honesty elsewhere – you know, like when he posts here. He never does, though. You see OS, Jacks doesn’t possess the emotional maturity to acknowledge credit where credit is due – especially when it comes to his rivals. You two have that nasty habit in common, now don’t you?

  12. Yes to hell with Jacksisms! But what about those tantalizing young girls on Ian’s computers? Ian will go to hell for that, won’t he Mr. Drac Vermell?

  13. OS my love, shouldn’t you be more concerned about the judgment that is surely awaiting you for your own sins?

  14. No judgment is awaiting me, perhaps it’s awaiting Ian because of what he has on his naughty new computers. By the way that book you are directing me to is pure fiction my dear, it means nothing to me and to the general population. You should really try and reach out to Ian’s last cleaning lady, she has seen things on his computer that she did not want to see, sinful things dear.

  15. The bible is “pure fiction,” OS my love? Oh how delightful! I know how hard it is for you types to keep your negative opinions on religion secret for any length of time. That must have taken an enormous amount of effort on your part! I hope you realize just how remarkable it is that you managed to restrain yourself for as long as you did!

    Anyway, plum pudding, I’m curious as to why you still haven’t reported what you know about Ian to the police. You’ve been bragging about this dirt you have on him for over a week now, you know. Your refusal to follow through is giving the rest of us the impression that you’re making all of this stuff up. Care to make us eat our words, my dear?

  16. Have you called the ex-cleaning lady for the truth yet?

  17. I’ll do that, OS my love. Just as soon as you file that criminal complaint with the KPD. Here’s their address:

    Keene Police Department
    400 Marlboro St, Keene, NH 03431

    Oh, and don’t forget to dress warm for the trip! I wouldn’t want you to catch cold, you know!

  18. So have you gone to the police with what you know yet, OS my love? Can you imagine how excited they will be when they find out that this cleaning of yours has found more dirt on Ian than a dedicated FBI team with a mountain of taxpayer money at their disposal?

  19. So have you gone to the police with what you know yet, OS my love? Can you imagine how excited they will be when they find out that this cleaning lady of yours has found more dirt on Ian than a dedicated FBI team with a mountain of taxpayer money at their disposal?

  20. So have you gone to the police with what you know yet, OS my love? Can you imagine how excited they will be when they find out that this cleaning lady of yours has found more dirt on Ian than a dedicated FBI team with a mountain of taxpayer money at their disposal ever could?

  21. Nope I did not go to the local cops, the FBI will take care of that, you did however say that you would get ahold of Ian’s last cleaning lady. Well how did it go? I would imagine that you didn’t put forth the time and effort. I’ll make it easy for you, she used to be a tenant of Ian’s. She has see too much, you should give her a call.

  22. Our arrangement was pretty cut-and-dried, OS my love. I don’t understand what’s confusing you so much about it. If you want me to follow through with that phone call, then you’ll need to do your part first and file that criminal complaint at the KPD. Why are you so hesitant about doing this, pudding pop? I thought you wanted to be a hero?

  23. Ok, and done made the call. You can check the police log if you want. So you said I’ll do that, as in make a call to Ian’s last cleaning lady, so have you? You would learn alot about Ian’s surprising behavior. He’s a naughty boy you know.

  24. Finally someone steps up to drac’s bluff!

  25. Don’t bother him, it is not worth the time.

  26. So let me see if I have this straight here, OS my love. You finally had something on Ian that could get him put away forever, and you couldn’t summon even the thimbleful of courage needed to do this itty bitty little thing on your own? I’m starting to think that you don’t have what it takes to stop Free Keene, dear. At least our dear friend Ernesto here had the gumption to take action himself, instead of just resting on his laurels like you and DD have. Now you guys can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to wait for our dear friends at the FBI to mess this thing up again. You should thank Ernesto for his heroism.

    Oh, by the way Ernesto darling, I took the time to peruse the KPD’s police logs. You know, just like you suggested? Now I don’t mean to be a noodge here, Ernesto, but could you perhaps post the time and the date that you made this daring little phone call so that I can more easily verify your story?

  27. I don’t mean to question the depth of your commitment here, Ernesto my love, but I see that you still haven’t provided me with the information I need to verify your story. Come now, pudding pop, it’s just a teensy weensy little time and date stamp I’m asking for here! It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with that, now should it? You’re not suffering from the same sort of memory loss issues that our dear friend Jacks does, now are you? So what’s problem? You don’t want to force me to the conclude that you lied about all of this, now do you?

  28. Fuck this running around the bush bullshit, I think what OS has been trying to tell you is to give Jessica Phillips, you know JP’S ex a call. She was a cleaning lady for Ian and must have seen or found something at his house. Who knows maybe she knows too much, after all Ian did boot her out of his rental so that he could build a mosque.

  29. My goodness, DD darling, you’re not saying that all of these horrible allegations against Ian were fabricated and are entirely the result of our dear friend OS’s overactive imagination, now are you? Well that’s a kick in the nose, isn’t it? I imagine this all of this must be very frustrating to you, as none of it will ever hold up in a court of law.

    Oh well, since it seems that this story concerning Ms.Phillips appears to be entirely a rumor, I hope you understand that any further investigation into this, at least on my part, would be entirely pointless. After all DD, fanciful rumors are not useful as proof of another person’s bad character – or his misconduct.

  30. I wonder how Ms. Rose’s food truck will fare this upcoming season because of her racist remarks?

  31. Yet another lie, OS my love? You know sweetums, it’s this bad habit of yours that’s convinced the rest of us that you just don’t have what it takes to become a credible threat.

  32. Good luck Ms.Rose, you’re going to need it.

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