My Pullover, Trial, and Sentencing for “Misuse of Plates”

In April of 2017 Darryl and I were traveling back to Keene from Taco Beyondo in Hillsborough (they accept Bitcoin Core and DASH, by the way) and were waylaid by four armed, uniformed men. They surrounded the car and issued a written threat over what they call “misuse of plates” due to the Shire Society plate on the back of the car at the time.

This video contains the original pullover from April 2017, the full trial at Hillsborough District Court in New Hampshire in January 2018 and then the sentencing hearing from February 2018.

I was found guilty and sentenced to twelve hours of community service – but I had fun asking the cop some interesting questions in court. Enjoy the video:

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  1. To bad you didn’t have any volume when the PD pulled you over. The rest of this video just showed how ignorant and childish you truly are. You whine and complain how the government is “wasting” money yet you try to fight this ticket in court. I find it very difficult to believe you thought you were not guilty. That would make you a hypocrite and two faced. You made a fool out of yourself.

  2. What an exciting notion, Jacks! Saving the taxpayers’ money by refusing the right to due process? Why then the state could take whatever it wants from its victims without any resistance whatsoever! You know Jacks, I really think this idea of yours has a chance of taking off! You should let the rest of the world know about this before someone else steals your idea!

  3. Hilarious. Between the cops, the clerks, the judge, the bailiffs, the prosecutor, and etc… it certainly took more than 12 hours of their time to extract 12hrs of community service from you. For a victimless crime. So in that sense, the “victim” is the COMMUNITY that would have been better served if they simply spent their own time doing actual service. Thank you, state bureaucracy, for robbing us of tax dollars and neglecting to benefit the community. Thank you for taking a stand on this Ian, it illustrates the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the state.

  4. Say Jacks, do you think these dire predictions mean much to the bitcoin traders who became millionaires last year? Trading stocks isn’t anywhere near as lucrative, you know. That’s probably why they’re not paying attention to your harbingers of doom. They wouldn’t be millionaires if they had.

  5. That was riveting.

  6. Say Jacks, since you’ve just been itching to bring up the spectre of market volatility again, did you know that the equity markets have been experiencing a roller coaster ride of sorts for the last few months as well? My goodness, Jacks, if this doesn’t cause you to lose confidence in the silly notion that there is a benefit to having government busybodies regulate the markets, than I wonder what will?

  7. it sounds like big pain:Two court dates!? One for sentencing?

  8. i wonder what judge it is.. I know the corrupt cop in keene,Tenney, has some relation that is a judge in hillsborough

  9. One cop asking another cop ,both in uniform : “are you employed”… Imo thatsa stacked deck

  10. there’s editing…. why?

  11. The Dunning-Kruger effect in full view!

  12. i just looked up “The Dunning-Kruger” lmao…it sounds like the people who invented it were suffering from it

  13. Maybe teentoucher Ian Freeloader Bernard should move back to the Florida swamps if he thinks he is such a victim of NH laws

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