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New Hampshire Public Radio Posts Feature on NH Freedom Migration

Thanks to New Hampshire Public Radio reporter Taylor Quimby (originally from the Keene area) for his detailed and well-researched report on the Free State Project, which delves into the history of the project, the diversity of opinions of its movers, their effectiveness and impact in New Hampshire, including plenty of focus on Free Keene – one of the top blogs in NH that chronicles the NH Freedom Migration, focusing on Keene.

The audio version of the report is excellent, with audio that doesn’t appear in the printed version. Both editions are lengthy, so settle in for a good long read or listen.

Besides a few minor quibbles, Taylor’s reporting is fair and the audio version is quite entertaining. I laughed out loud a few times.

In case you were curious, I’ve uploaded the full hourlong interview Taylor did with me where we discussed the Keene 420s, how I found the Free State Project and its early history, the start of Free Talk Live, my early discovery of libertarianism, Robin Hooding, the NH freedom migration, Shire Society, Forkfest and schisms in the movement, the Shire Free Church, Porcfest, cryptocurrency in NH, the FSP-FTL breakup, decentralization, and the (in my opinion) success of the Free State Project:

One of the quibbles I have with the NHPR report is the audio used as evidence of the Robin Hooders‘ supposed bad behavior is actually audio of hater Rev. David Berman when he was haranguing Robin Hooder Graham Colson. To my knowledge no Robin Hooder ever behaved like Berman and purposefully invaded the Parking Enforcers’ personal space (and the Enforcers under oath in the case never said the Hooders ever did such a thing).

The other audio in the piece that deserves some perspective is that of pre-racist-days Chris Cantwell giving a Parking Enforcer a piece of his mind. Cantwell was never “officially” a Robin Hooder – the video of him was a one-time outing for him (he fashioned himself a libertarian comedian at the time). Though, as the NHPR piece points out, in a decentralized movement, you can’t control who shows up and claims to be something. The city in their laughable legal case, also played those Cantwell vids, but of course didn’t include him in the suit. (He wasn’t even in Keene during the prime Robin Hooding over which the suit was filed anyway.)

Some might complain that the NHPR piece focuses too much on secession, but that’s one of the schisms within our movement. Some libertarians think it’s a bad idea, but there are lots of us libertarian-types, including both FSP board member Carla Gericke and me (two of the featured interviewees in the NHPR piece) who are open advocates for New Hampshire declaring independence. It’s a real aspect of the NH Freedom Migration and deserves media attention.

I’m grateful to Taylor Quimby for the pretty excellent reporting.

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  1. personally I think they got the marching the orders “Keene and Ian are to be mocked”. So they went with that,with requisite falsehoods

  2. Why do falsehoods always have to be pointed out when someone gets those marching orders?
    At this point i guess it is common knowledge the keene section of the FSP is to be told they are wrong, but can’t they find the truth to do that

  3. except of the FTL radio snippet … that was sort of fucked …

  4. You must not be getting enough attention Ian. The “robin hooders” did invade personal spaces of the meter readers. Apparently you selectively forgot those instances. You don’t even hear about the “robin hooders” anymore. With the future being parking kiosks, it would appear you lost the battle. The rest of this ‘interview” is just complete nonsense.

  5. Now, now Jacks, leaving out important details as you’ve done here only further lays bare your reputation as the liar we’ve always known you to be. Remember Jacks, a parking enforcer was caught red-handed invading the personal spaces of liberated vehicles by stealing Robin Hood cards off of their windshields and throwing them in the trash. Stealing is wrong Jacks, even when a government employee does it.

    And as for for the City of Keene’s allegations of harassment Jacks, as it turns out the courts didn’t see things the same way at all. In fact, they ruled that dropping quarters into parking meters before the parking enforcers could issue their citations was not harassment at all, and was instead a category of speech protected by the 1st Amendment. Boy, I’ll bet that ruling just tore you up inside, eh Jacks?

    Oh and Jacks? Considering the price tag of this debacle that our dear friend Mayor Lane admitted to paying, it doesn’t look like the city won any battles at all. I wonder how the taxpayers reacted to this when they heard about this? Do you think any of them were happy?

  6. “robin hooders” did invade personal spaces: Non-sense. Even the courts disagree with your assertion Jumping Jacks.

    You don’t even hear about the “robin hooders” anymore: Maybe because the usefulness and objective of those partaking made there point? And obviously it was significant enough because people are still talking about it. The objective of individual activism isn’t necessarily to effect change- frequently it’s just to send a message that we’re here and make people aware that they should come and join us. And to that effect a lot of people have. As Ian said that action got the migration movement millions of dollars of free publicity. It’s irrelevant whether or not the city got rid of the parking meters. But Jacks- even though the city is testing new meters there has been a huge amount of rejection by downtown businesses and the meters are very unpopular amongst locals. In fact some study was done and the vast majority of people wanted them removed. The city however does a shit job of representing the people and so the meters remain. There was an article by a hater even that got published just this week about how the new meters they are testing are hurting her downtown business and others. People don’t want to provide there license plate to the meters and would rather not shop down town if they have to supply this information.

    It would appear you lost the battle: If the battle was lost there wouldn’t still be people moving to New Hampshire. The battle hasn’t even really begun and the haters have largely given up. Outside your trolling anyway.

  7. Jacks knows full well that the City of Keene lost big on this one, fff. It’s just that his antagonistic nature simply makes it impossible for him to give credit wherever and whenever it’s due. There’s an upside to all of Jacks’s antics, though. I for one am just quivering in anticipation for all the Jacksisms he’s sure to treat us with should he decide to respond in kind to your scathing rebuttal.

  8. Uh oh, Jacks! You’re really risking missing out on the ride to easy street here!. You’d better hurry up and buy some crypto before things really start picking up speed!

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