Speaking to the Concord 4/20 About Refusing Plea Deals and Jury Nullification

There are more videos coming of the speeches from last week’s 420 rally on 4/20 at the Concord state house steps. Here are my two speeches from 2018 and 2017. In 2018 I talked to the crowd about not taking the plea deal on marijuana violations and in 2017 I discussed jury nullification.

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  1. You are a hypocrite Ian. There have been a lot of your minions who took plea deals because they were arrested with illegal drugs among other things. Look at Ademo. The biggest hypocrite on the face of the Earth. He preaches not taking a plea deals but that is what he does when he is charged with a crime. Ian, you have taken plea deals in the past. I suggest you examine how far your moral compass is off line.

  2. Ademo is one of Ian’s minions, Jacks? Well I didn’t know that! So you’re saying that Ian’s reach extends all the way out into Ohio now? How scandalous! It’s a good thing we have a busybody like you to stay on top of these thing! Say Jacks, just between you and me, what do you plan on doing about all of this? You’re not going to just sit back and watch some more, now are you?

  3. Actually, I’ve never taken a plea and also refuse to pay fines when convicted. 😉

    That doesn’t mean it’s wrong for someone to take a plea to save their skin.

  4. Uh oh! It looks like Ian’s called you out for being a liar again, Jacks! Maybe you should double down and respond back in kind – you know, like you usually do?

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