Garret Ean Speaks to Concord 4/20 Rally About Arrests and Decriminalization

Free Concord‘s Garret Ean spoke about arrests and decriminalization to this year’s Concord 4/20 rally on the state house steps:

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  1. Is Garret still living in his van? He really needs a haircut. Does he still work at McDonald’s as a “professional” cook? What he said in this video is everything that gets freekeene drug addicts arrested. Go Garret.

  2. My goodness, Jacks! I didn’t know that it was a person’s social position that established the rightness or wrongness of his opinion on government policy! That’s so eye-opening! So would you care to tell us exactly what it is you do for a living, Jacks? I’ll bet it’s very important!

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