VIDEO: State Trooper Fails to Intimidate 4/20 in Concord

Here’s the final video from the series of videos from this year’s 4/20 Rally in Concord, NH at the state house steps where a lone state trooper walks up and attempts to intimidate the peaceful cannabis users into leaving a place where they have a right to be by bellowing, “If you’re smoking marijuana here you need to leave… move out now!”

A few inexperienced attendees begin to make an exit but most of the crowd stays in defiance. After being greeted by state representatives who were attending the event including Dan Hynes, the lone trooper tries again with a much more timid, “If you’re smoking marijuana, please move off the property.”

No one leaves. While he could have written tickets for anyone smoking the now-slightly-decriminalized cannabis, he instead exits the scene, never to return.

For those keeping track, this is the first time in nearly a decade of 4/20 rallies at the state house steps where any such intimidation was tried. At previous rallies, all participants were risking misdemeanor possession charges, yet no one was ever arrested. This year was the first where decrim for under 3/4 oz has been in effect.

Thanks to Garret Ean of Free Concord for capturing this on video.

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  1. Awww… Peaceful people wouldn’t obey the piggy state trooper’s unlawful orders. Oink oink oink… Bahahaha… Civil disobedience at its finest. More of this please.

  2. Poor cop looks so sad.

  3. Onward and forward we move ever so closer to legalization of cannabis in NH! Looking forward tot he day we can honestly say we have experienced Liberty in our Lifetime! 🙂 <3

  4. The officer just told you to leave. there were no threats of arrest. If they were to enforce this, there would be more police officers. If you call this liberty, you are really grasping for straws.

  5. Now, now Jacks. We all know how dismayed you get when people who know their rights say NO to your heroes, But you’re looking at this all wrong. You see Jacks, no more police came out to help their fellow hero because his demands were improper in the first place. Nice try attempting to diminish this victory, though. Maybe next time you could try to discredit your rivals by raising the alarm of racism – you know, like our dear friend Susan always does?

  6. The police fear us. Particularly when we outnumber them, but even when we don’t I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had police literally *RUN* from us. One of these days I need to find one of the videos where it’s obvious what they are doing (fleeing). Not all cops hate the cameras, but some cops really hate the cameras. One time when I was filming near the New Hampshire Vermont boarder they kept trying to run and hide while we were trying to film them. We kept finding them but they weren’t at all happy about it. Not all cops are afraid of the cameras though or us in general. Some haven’t learned to be afraid. Very very afraid. There have been a number of officers who have lost there job over the intimidation of free starers or people some of us associate with that also actively defy or “police the police” so to speak.

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