Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 Celebrated in Keene at Little Zoe’s Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 at Little Zoe's Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018 at Little Zoe’s Pizza

As we did in 2017, Keene cryptocurrency fans got together yesterday, May 22nd, to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day. What is Bitcoin Pizza Day? On May 22nd of 2010, a computer programmer made the first recorded real-life bitcoin purchase – two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. Today, that 10,000 BTC is worth over $80 Million dollars. A year ago, it was worth $25 Million.

We gathered at Little Zoe’s Take and Bake and ordered several pizzas. However instead of paying with BTC, as we did last year, this time we paid with DASH. Why DASH? Last year during the dramatic spike in fees on the Bitcoin Core network, several local businesses began accepting DASH as an alternative to BTC, to give their customers a choice.

In order to spend cryptocurrency, it’s the buyer who pays the network fee for processing the transaction (this is the opposite of the credit card system, where the merchant takes the fee out of their profit). Given that today fees to send BTC are typically about $0.40 and to send DASH about $0.01, it’s a no-brainer. No one would choose to spend BTC when a better option is available.

That better option is DASH, aka “Digital Cash”, a cryptocurrency that confirms four times faster than BTC and has really taken off at retail locations across southern New Hampshire. It proliferated because NH-based crypto point-of-sale merchant processor Anypay introduced DASH first with its release of their POS software in 2017. In fact, in an interview with Albert, the operator of, a website that shows the physical locations of DASH-accepting businesses across the world, he told me that Keene is number three in the world for real-life DASH acceptance, behind Caracas, Venezuela at number one and Portsmouth, NH at number two!

So, happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

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  1. Thanks all for making Bitcoin pizza day a blast!

  2. Wow- little old Keene is #3? And how did Venezuela become number one? I’ll answer my own question I just realized its so obvious. Venezuela = socialist hell hole with hyper inflation. Currency is such crap people were forced to look into better options. Awwww governments. They do everything they can to steal from the people via whatever means are available at there disposal. Fortunately crypto currencies are different. They aren’t controlled by government and the value in them is determined based on a truly free market rather than government dictates.

  3. Bitcoin is going through another transition and failing in the market. It has lost over half it’s value and is predicted not to do very well.

  4. Troubled forecasts are being predicted for the equity markets as well, Jacks. My goodness, you don’t suppose there might be a connection here, now do you?

  5. @jacks

    Crypto-currencies are a growing reality so get over yourself

    One reason they’re a growing monetary reality is due to support from across the political divide, I know both ancaps/libertarians & peeps on the radical left who support crypto-currencies

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