Demonstrating Real-Life Cryptocurrency Purchase and Use in Keene, NH

Sadly, the very exciting DASH-Back promotion that had been mostly going strong for nearly two months in Keene and Portsmouth has become sporadic in recent days. I’m not sure if it’s technical difficulties or a planned change. I hope it’s the former and that it will return, but for the moment, DASH-Back is effectively over and is no longer providing consistent rebates, as it was over the past couple of months.

As a result of the loss of DASH-Back, I’ve re-edited and combined my recent how-to videos featuring Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV’s NIGHTSVP visiting Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH armed with a cryptocurrency wallet called Coinomi on his phone and a $20 bill. Here’s the new video featuring both parts:

First, in under two minutes, Route 101’s proprietor Chris Rietmann showed Thomas how to buy crypto at the Cryptocurrency Vending Machine. Then, Thomas spends some of his newly-purchased DASH at the register, showing how easy it is to spend crypto at the point-of-sale, thanks to the NH-based Anypay merchant crypto payments processor. Anypay is the POS merchant system in use at nearly all cryptocurrency-accepting businesses in the Monadnock region.

You can also see a longer interview with Route 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann here on Thomas’ latest episode of his show, NightSVP.

You can see a map of local businesses that are accepting crypto and learn a lot more about why they are accepting it at In the area? Please join our local Meetup group, now with over 100 members!

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  1. It’s use has gone sporadic because bitcoin is failing terribly. The truly desperate are trying convince themselves that bitcoin is some magical get rich currency that the government cannot touch. Bitcoin isn’t even worth half of what it was 6 months ago and it shows no sign of recovering. Those who literally lost their shirts with crypotocurrency scams and decrease in value because it’s unstable are thinking twice about buying into such an unstable market.

  2. Hmmm. Bye bye dash, hmmm?

  3. Jacks: I know you are mentally challenged, but come on. How many times do we have to tell you Bitcoins value fluctuates, but has steadily gone up over the years. It’s still worth more this year than it was last year at this time. The people who lost money don’t understand crypto currencies. The people who have been using it for years are still using it. The vast majority of businesses that were accepting it last year are still accepting it today. The ones that aren’t are mostly the result of there not being sufficient adoption in a given area. It’s widely used online around the world and in certain regions of the world. It took credit cards 40 years to see widespread adoption so crypto is doing pretty well all things considered. It’s not being exclusively used at hotels and restaurants like early credit cards were. It’s used by all sorts in different businesses.

    Dash is still doing relatively well.

  4. Bit Catcher – Again, your childish rants and raves fall on deaf ears. Obviously you need to demean someone to convince yourself bitcoin is magically stronger then it is. You still refuse to acknowledge the fact that bitcoin was once worth $20,000 only a few months ago and now it is worth barley $6,000. A lot of people have lost their shirts with these wild swings and those who have lost it to scams and out right stealing, have no recourse because it is a cyber currency. You keep living that fantasy life. Obviously Disneyland would be right for you.

  5. Say Jacks, a lot of us have noticed that Bitcoin is a particular sore spot with you. It’s really taken off though, hasn’t it? Remember when you could buy them for 5¢? Boy, those were good times weren’t they? Now they’re worth over $6K apiece! For some reason that leaves a very bad taste in your mouth. I wonder why?

  6. Oh, and Jacks? Remember when I was telling you all about that fine young man Bernie Madoff? Did you know that he used CASH to fund his operations? He’s in prison now, but it took our heroes over twenty years to catch him! Very scary, isn’t it pookums?

  7. Jumping Jacks: You do realize that just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Bitcoin wasn’t at $20,000 or near that a few months ago. It has been over eight months since it got to that level. There is no reason for anybody to acknowledge something that isn’t even true.

  8. Jumping Jacks: Crypto currencies are a lot like cash. If you want to get in on it great, but like fiat currencies they also can drop in value vs other currencies too. So don’t be surprised if you lose money because you aren’t paying attention or because your just plain stupid and get robbed due to sticking your fiat currency under a mattress and then going around telling everybody about just how stupid you are.

    Your are taking a risk with crypto currency just like you are taking a risk by holding any fiat currency. Rich people don’t hold a lot of cash, they invest it. I have crypto currencies, but I don’t “invest” in crypto currencies. It’s just one small part of a larger financial picture. Crypto currencies save me money and a lot of it so it makes sense.

    Fiat currencies fluctuate. They can drop too. Canada’s dollar lost 30% of its value vs the US dollar in 4 years between 2011 and 2015. Don’t even get me started with what has happened to Venezuela’s fiat currency. All of this has happened to numerous other countries currencies and in the US’s past as well.

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